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February 23, 2011


Janice Rehmeyer

Karla, In December i had a terrible cold that went into my sinus. After going to the doctors two times and put on meds. He said to use a Neti Pot. Did you ever hear of them? CVS sells them. It works great. Oh how i laughed while useing it the first time ever. Did you ever hear of them???? Well, after lots of meds and rest, i did feel better. Hope you feel better, sounds like you are one busy girl.


It looks like a fun class Karla, I'm sure more than 10 will sign up for it.
The laces from Beth are really pretty all piled up like that. And that's part of the reason it's so hard to use the good stuff sometimes. It just looks so gorgeous piled up in a bowl that I don't have the heart to cut into it. :)


Sounds like a lot of fun with your class at Paper Cowgirl Karla. I´m sure lots will sign up for that. Love all the lace you bought from beth. Awesome

Christa from Chloe Rose

Oh Karla, those dress forms are adorable and I would sign up for your class in a minute!!! I'm sure you'll have far more than 10. You have incredible talent.



Cindy (Junque Art)

So excited about your class!!! My daughter and I are all signed up so there's 2 for you!!! And I'm sure you will have a full class before you know it!!! We are looking forward to it and looking forward to seeing you again! It's been a few years. Congrats on Apprentice! I'll have to go grab a copy.

Andrea at Opulent Cottage

I just signed up for your class, Karla!! How fun, and on my birthday :)) I guess if I have to turn 50, I might as well spend it with some really fun people. I can't wait!!


I am ready to take somebody out at the knee's to be one of the ten....lol...actually I think they cut us off at 20....I really want in this class :)And...I am right there with you with the sinus infection...it is part of the changing seasons I think! Hope to see you soon!


just reading the blogger comment of above mine...I was distracted by heather's comment to funny!! lol

The dress forms are so pretty!!

See you soon sweet karla :))


Katsui Jewelry

I love your project. I think it's a great one and love all the little doo-dads you are picking up. The lace from Beth...drool! It is gorgeous. Congratulations on Apprentice. I really like it, especially if I don't know a technique. I will have to pick it up and try it out!


gabrielle messina

Congrats, Karla! I have head of Apprentice, but never seen it out. The moth fairy is so sweet!


The dress forms are terrific -- should be a fun class. Glad to see you in Somerset. I've never seen this particular version of Somerset -- glad to hear you find it more than pretty pix but lots of useful info.


These look fab and the one element looked so familiar to me...We still have knob and tube wiring at The Old Parsonage!! If we ever get around to re-doing the wiring, I'll be sure to save the insulators!

Good luck with getting your ten. I'm sure the class will fill up quickly.


lisa phillippi

I am signed up for your class at Paper Cowgirl...I am looking forward to meeting you and I love the project!


Looky you, all your peeps excited for your class! You are going to love it!! It's such a good time, so relaxed. I think your project is awesome & perfect for the event. Congrats on yet another addition to the Karla Nathan Library of Fine Living. BTW, Apprentice is one of my faves. I've been looking for this one but they don't have it here yet. Get better!

Zita - Mlle Magpie

Karla, just love your mini dress form project. I'd be lining right up there to sign up with cowboy boots on, but I'm just too far away :( Guess I'll just have to content myself with "The Apprentice" (btw, it's a great publication in my books). p.s. that Beth sure finds great stuff, doesn't she, especially in the lace department :)


Your dress forms are lovely! I hope you are feeling better. Sinus infections are the worst. Get some rest! Congratulations on another appearance in Somerset! That magazine sounds wonderful - I had never seen that particular one, either!


You are going to have so much fun at Paper Cowgirl. I mean, we Texans (even displaced ones) know how to party. :-)


Heidi Meyer

I love Somerset Apprentice - congrats on having your beautiful project featured! I can't wait to go scoop it up. Your dress forms look like such fun to play with {and use the "good stuff" on, lol} Have a great trip!


Oh gosh, I wish I could go. I am in love with those dress forms, wow! Heavy sigh, one day! haha! :o)

Have a great day!


Those dress forms are just WONDERFUL!

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