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February 17, 2011



Your hats are so beautiful Karla. You always find the prettiest ones. I am glad Sugarwings' arm is better. I would love to come to your event. I really need to move to Texas instead of sitting here dying from envy :)


Texas or wherever you live :)


Love that jacket, it's yummy! Love the hat too, they are hard to pass up.

Glad you enjoyed your retail therapy.


Diana Connell

Hi Karla!
I'm so glad you are finally feeling better. You have to feel fairly good even to enjoy retail therapy. I've been sending little prayers your way because I know how much you have to do. I've been doing that even though in my heart I am harboring unforgiveness and pouting because now you have too much to do to do the Spring E-zine... :(
Well, maybe I do forgive you. Your blog is just too wonderful. I was greatly moved by both your Valentine picture (of the grandkids with the heart), and your Valentine dinner with your family even though you were sick. To me, that is what real love is anyway. Anybody can smile and act loving when there are champagne and chocolate to be had. Real love is there even when it doesn't quite look like a kodak moment. Or maybe kodak moments are not quite as glamorous as the advertisements...
I had dinner at a little dive in Louisville,but is was just wonderful. They had cheesy milar valentine balloons everywhere, and gifted me with a long stem rose when I left. But the real blessing was that I was with my husband...and my son, whom I rarely get a chance to see. Perfect!!
Walking that grand fairy-mother line is VERY challenging,
especially when you are around your Sugarwings as much as you are. I am so proud of you for being so careful and considerate of your son even when it's tough... I really can relate to that, because I am ever so wise, but since I do want a couple of friends in the end, I am learning to keep my big fat mouth shut. Sometimes. xxxooo--Diana


AHHHHHH!!! I get so torn.

Simple living. Airy. Light. No clutter. VS Lots of fun! Vintage goodies. Touch. Feel. Create.

I watch "Hoarders" and get rid of stuff. I come to blogs and am inspired to buy stuff!!

What's a woman to do?!



Karla, it's going to be an event that everyone will truly hold close to their heart, for a very long time. More than a workshop, really. It's being so lovingly created.

I love those little violets on that first hat. I rarely see hats like these here. I think the PNW must have had ladies who were a little less "proper" or something in the olden days! LOL!

My friend Liisa is always telling me, that I haven't saved the "good stuff" until I've used it, but I admit, that I'm always timid that way. I keep thinking that maybe one day, "I'll" be good enough to use it. I need to get over that. Maybe a challenge, where we have to use the good stuff is something I should think about!


Hi Karla, I'm so glad your feeling better and Sugarwings as well. I'm in love with that lace jacket and the velvet posies on that hat. You sure did get some great goodies for your class and for yourself. I cant wait to see all of the pretty projects that you guys create.


breathing through ur nose is a good thing
well since u went today to st joe im gonna skip going saturday since I am POSITIVE u bought any great hats that I would have wanted.
U are such a great treasure finder

Elaine L.


The lace jacket is amazing!

How far are you from Ft. Riley? My husband was stationed there during the Vietnam War and has great memories of being there and going to church socials to meet girls.


Lulus Lovlies

I'm glad you are feeling better Karla, nothin like a little retail therapy to make ya feel better, and a girl can't have too many hats! Hugs Marilou

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking

Love the hats ! You have such a beautiful blog and I am so glad to have found it. Look so forward to reading more posts.

Lulus Lovlies

Wish I could attend your event Karla but not in the cards for me, glad to swap buttons with you though, we all can use some networking! Let me know what button to grab, unless this is just for attendees, then I understand! I'm be watching in cyber space! Hugs and did I tell you that every time I come to your page you sweet smile and dimples make me smile! I meant to tell you that along time ago! You are "The Very Best Grandma Ever" there should be a blog award for that!


Gorgeous jacket -- so delighted you are feeling much better. Retail therapy often does that for me -- that hat rocks!


Karla, I used your tutorial today, on painting a bird's nest, and it turned out pretty well for a first go around. Thank you so much for sharing it. I love knowing how to do this! I wish you lived closer.


The lace jacket looks wonderful! Well, all the goodies do. I hope you have a great weekend!


Hi Karla!
One can never spend too much money on anything that one considers a bargain!
Words to live buy... (Wrong spelling intended).
I think all purchases are justifiable if you can see a future, reusable use for them.
Good for you Karla....a little retail therapy never hurt anyone. It might hurt the pocket-book but that's a thing and not a person so it doesn't count. Right?!?
See how I can justify anything? LOL!
Thanks for sharing.
I am glad you’re feeling better.


Oh - the lace jacket! The velvet flower hat! Gorgeous!

Zita - Mlle Magpie

That lace jacket is gorgeous, Karla! Glad you're feeling better. p.s. SO wish I could come to Birdsong - it sounds like it's going to be the best weekend.

Susan Reaney

I love the lace jacket. I saw a similar one on Wrap London, a pricey new site and catalog. So cute! Well worth it!

Great poseys! i love those little ones, too. I think you did well!

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