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February 14, 2011



you have had some hard dayes, dear--
Poor little girl, -and poor you, it is so painfull for us grandparents to see our little ones in pain, ...
But they are so sweet both-two -the baby cute as a button-so sweet--I can imagine how hard it was ,not being able to hold her..
I wish you to very soon be well- so you can kiss that sweet dear, again.

Jane Palmer

Oh, my goodness, in spite of everything you keep your sense of humor! Your grandchilren are lucky to have you as a grandmother! Glad Sugarwings is okay now. That baby is sooo beautiful!
Happy Valentine's Day!


OH wow, the elbow sounds so painful!
Glad it was still a day of loveliness!

Christa from Chloe Rose


I'm sorry to hear about you being so sick. I work in the local school and this has been a bad year for the flu and colds. It seems like it takes 4-5 weeks for someone to completely recover. A lot of bronchitis in this area.
I'm also sorry to hear about Sugarwings.....I've cried quietly while they've had to do some necessary things to my boys too. I would have gladly gone through it for them than had them suffer. It always amazes me how quickly they recover though....like someone shot them out of a slingshot....lol

Your new beautiful baby granddaughter is so sweet. What gorgeous big eyes!

I hope you and your family have a blessed Valentines Day.


Suzanne Duda

Happy Valentine's Day...
get well soon!!


...when shannon was 4 her cousins tried to show her how to do gymnastics...(they had their own set of uneven parallel bars in their vast living room...(don't ask) and they had hung shannon up on the bottom bar...and just left her hanging...she let go and fell straight down...she said her leg hurt...then she stopped crying...she wouldnt walk on it...just sat and played...no swelling no bruise...so we thought she just banged it a good one...(we werent there...) next morning se still complaned..s we took her in...yep small fracture...but since she didnt walk on it it never misaligned...we felt HORRIBLE!!!


Feel better soon Karla ! Happy Valentines Day to you. The baby is sooooooooooooooooo pretty ! And so glad Sugarwings is better . I almost had tears in my eyes while reading your post. Your deep love for her and your entire family really comes across in your writing. Plus you've posted so much about Sugarwings that I feel like I know her. Valentines wishes to all of you :o) Sue

LiLi M.

Hope you are on the mend soon as well. Ooh quite a story about Sugarwings, I am so happy she is better now. And that baby really is too cute!!! I admire you that you hold yourself on the background with her! Thanks for those beautiful Valentines, have a great day!

Debra Ganas

Well bless your and Sugarwings heart. The flu AND a cold are just no fun.
My oldest ,now 22, dislocated his shoulder when he was
about Sugarwings age. His Opa was holding his hand when my son started to fall. A trip to the ER took care of it.

The pictures of Sugarwings and the baby are adorable. You can just see the love she has for her little sister.
Hope you had a good day today and are feeling much better.
Happy Valentines Day.



Happy Valentine's Day, love the photos and Valentine's!

Sorry to here you sick! Love the photos of the childrens...so sweet~


Karla, Thanks for stopping by and your sweet comment~ I do know what you mean about being the grandparent it is new to me but I sure do love to spoil my sweet sugar lumps.
And when our little Amelie swallowed a disc battery I was worried sick. All came out in the end LOL but now our little baby Knox is teething and ouch he gets so fussy It just breaks my heart. I hope you get to feeling better soon, being sick just sucks! Hugs, From Diane in California


Dear Karla, sorry to hear that this cold had laid you so low..Sugarwings is amazing and so glad she bounced back so fast, wish we all could do so..yes Valentine's day is special because you have much love in your family..thank you for sharing your story..I was able to skype with my precious ganddaughter "lil bug" today, and received a lovely text from my DIL and a lovely card from DH..take care and feel better soon..


Someone told me recently, that we're just getting all of the challenging times out of the way early this year, and that the rest of the year will be a wonderful one. I sure hope so. For you and for yours, as well as for my family.

Your dinner sounds really nice. Surrounded by family that loves you...you can't ask for much more than that, on any day of the year.

Thank you for the lovely valentines.

Take good care, I hope you feel better soon.


Hope you are feeling better soon!!! Having a cold is just awful since all the food just doesn't taste right :)
I am glad to hear SugarWings is feeling better she is adorable and so is the baby.
Happy Valentines Day
Suzann xoxo


I am sorry you have been in the grips of this monster cold... You have a gift for making the best of things, though/ My son had that nurse's elbow or nanny's elbow they called it. Painful. It didn't happen again, and I was so glad. Take care. Thanks for the images, elbows, and snot!


So sad to hear about her dislocated elbow....very painful stuff. I hope she is better today! Hope you are better as well.


I'm sorry you're so sick but I'm glad you were still able to spend time with your family! Ouch, poor Sugarwings but isn't it fabulous how quickly she recovered! Ah, youth! Beautiful baby cheeks!!


PS - Thank you for the lovely Valentines! Have a lovely day!


Oh you poor thing! And poor sugarwings! I broke my elbow as a kid and had to wait till the next day and I still remember that sleepless night!
We see nursemaids elbow often in our orthopedic office. I can not imagine watching them twist that little arm back into place!
I hope you are feeling better soon!


Awwww...poor Sugarwings...I'm glad she's all better now. And you...hope you're feeling better soon too!
Baby M looks like a porcelain doll in that close up photo.
Love the honeycomb wallpaper background of your tags...super pretty.
Happy Valentine's Day!!!


Not sure if I feel more sorry for Sugarwings, or you, or both of you .... glad you got to feel the love anyway!

Katsui Jewelry

What a great, but mixed, post. I love, love, love those vintage cards! I like this era much better than Victorian. Poor, dear Sugarwings. That just breaks my heart and I can tell you were all just so sad at her hurting. The baby...oh my! What a darling baby. And Sugarwings with the baby...a double treat!
Happy V. Day!


Sorry to hear about Sugarwings elbow injury. She must be very brave. Glad you figured it out before she had to go any longer. I can sooooo relate to your cold as I have a doozy of one myself. My nose is so sore from blowing and wiping, I can't talk without coughing, just plain miserable. I have gone all Fall unti now with nothing. Hope I feel more human tomorrow. I told my hubby I would catch him later in the week, but he did remember me with a sweet card and some of my fav chocolates. What a guy!! Hope we both have a better day tomorrow, my friend.

Jenny Sellars

Oh poor Sugarwings. I broke my elbow about 12 years ago now, and because you ahve to move it so it does not grow back permantly bent, they could not cast it. I have broken, wrists, ankles, had a baby and an apendectamy (sp)and NOTHING hurt as bad as that elbow. Your Sugarwings is my hero!!

Kerryanne English

Oh you poor thing - you sound so miserable Karla. I hope your cold is getting better every day. It breaks my heart to think of sweet little Sugarwings in such pain. Isn't it amazing how quickly they bounce back though.
Get well hugs ~ Kerryanne

debbie york

Kids are amazing with their resiliency. I dislocated my knee several years ago and I promise you up and down...I didn't want to do anything but bawl! Don't laugh...snot funny! I was told also that it would have a tendency to pop out again, but I ended up having to have knee surgery (age has a way of doing that).
I'm glad she's on the mend and can I just say the photo of them all is precious.
I look at it this way...the 14th is just the day the card makers got together and picked. Sounds like there is enough love for every day to be Valentine's at your home.


Sounds like your valentine and my valentine were in cohoots together....I am so sorry to hear of your little sugarwings! That is really tough!!! I hope you feel better soon! I declared today that I was having a Valentines day do-over this weekend!


Karla, Sorry to hear that you have been so sick. What a bummer!
The baby is beauiful and looks like she has a lovely temperment!
Hope you get well real soon!!


Poor Karla, and poor Sugarwings! I sure get you about abiding by the parents wishes, but I'm so loud I guess that's why I get in trouble with them!LOL Hope you all perk up soon, me it's been on again and of again tummy stuff since the holidays! o us girls better get better! I was wondering did your sister in Indi get alot of snow? I'm north of her near the IN. and Michigan stateline and we had tons! And yes, I could just love that sweet little grand-daughter of yours, such a precious baby! Now get well! Love,Lori


Oh my, I don't know where to start! I'm so sorry you little dumpling hurt her elbow, that is painful, I've seen it before and the transformation after it's put in place is amazing! Sorry granny is feeling so snotty! but, Valentines Day is about love, family and tradition which you managed to celebrate despite all the trauma.

Come by and see what I got for Valentine's Day...yup, my first Grandbaby!! take care and feel better soon..;j

Elaine L.


I can imagine how horrible it must have been for all of you when the doctor had to fix Sugarwings elbow. I'm so glad that she is back to her old self. She reminds me so much of my daughter at that age. She was always so sweet when she didn't feel well and never had a bad disposition. I always thought it was so amazing.

The baby sure looks like her momma and she has such beautiful eyes.


Judi Storm

As I read about your girl I knew right away what was wrong.(Paging Dr. Storm) My Grandson had the same thing. It happened so often that the Dr. showed us how to fix it on our own. Sweet Sugarwings really must be a tough girl, because I've seen how much pain a kid can be in.
In addition my free Doctors addvice..."Blow it, don't stow it" Judi in Wahoo


Oh I am so glad they fixed Sugarwings elbow...little sweetpea! I work with kids her age and they can be wiggly squiggly so I can see how it can happen easily!
The baby is soooooo gorgeous! Her little eyes have a sparkle to them, she may have been slow in coming out but I can tell she is worth the wait!
And for you! I hope you are feeling better soon! We have had so many virus's going around our school and it looks like there is another wave of cold type flu going around so I have been sucking down vitamin c... take care of yourself my friend! I am glad you enjoyed your family in spite of being sick, it sounds like alot of fun!


Well, first of all, belated Valentine's Day! Sounds like it was happy, if snotty (much like mine!)

And glad to hear that Sugarwings "wing" is OK now -- that had to be scary for both of you. I'd never heard of Nursemaid arm.

Well, I hope with every day you're feeling better. Being surrounded by love is pretty good medicine! Thanks for the downloads!


I hope your little fairy baby is fluttering around soon and that you are better too!

Lynn Ballard

Oh My "Sugarwings", the new "FaIrY BaBy" & the new "FaIrY GiRlS" are just absolutely "FaBuLoUs"! You are so blessed to have such a "bEaUtIfUl FAMILY"!

Just like all of us, your family has had ups and downs, but I am always impressed how you all seem to blend happily together. Just look at your son, all of the grandfairies, and their moms. You are truly the best example of "OPEN ARMS & OPEN HEART" I have seen. Thank you for sharing your life and being so honest in it all.

With loving thoughts & best wishes to all of you! Lynn

Charlotte Smothers

I'm just gonna say it, and I bet I'm not the first: You need LOTS MORE REST! I marvel at your break-neck pace (really...I am in awe of your energy level), but, your body has had the final say so. Poor you and your darling Sugarwings. Please feel better soon.


'Snots so bad...could be worse...sorry to hear about Sugarwings' elbow! OUCH! I'm glad you have a good sense of humor though. Hugs and mends to you and all.


Oh my gosh, what sweet photos of your babies. Wishing you a beautiful Wednesday.


poor sugarwings. The thing is though, I'm with your son, quite often something does sort itself out if left for a little bit of time. A while back my little rascal fell on her ankle and couldn't stand on it, I was panicking 'do I take her to the doctors', so I did what most girls do .. phoned my mum! She suggested I sit Humbug down, and put ice on her ankle and then see after half an hour or so how she was. Sure enough, all was well, no damamge done, and putting a packet of frozen peas on her ankle gave her such a good laugh that her tumble was forgotten.
It's just unfortunate that this time Sugarwings really had done something that needed sorting out by the dr. But these things happen. I'd never heard of nursemaids elbow, but can see how it can be done.

I agree that seeing a tot in pain is more painful for those around. whenever my little sweetpea has her jabs, I want to wallop the nurse for hurting her!

sounds like you had a wonderful Valentine's Day, even if it was blighted by snot!

hope you are feeling better now, and Sugarwings arm is better too.


Sea Witch

You had me at snot. LOL. Lovely photos, you are a talented photographer. Sea Witch


I hope you are getting better Karla. And so glad to hear SW is back to normal. That happened to our now 27 year old daughter when she was three, and I felt so bad for her.
As usual, everything is beautiful here at your place.

Mitzi Curi

What a cute collection of valentines! That's the era I like best for graphic arts. It sounds like you had a love-filled non-traditional Valentine's Day. Hope you are feeling better soon.

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