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February 01, 2011


Wanda @ Just Vintage

Well, that was fun! And I remember seeing the table with the painted lattice type top in the magazine. Probably even saved that picture. How cool to later "know" the owner!

I've been thinking lately about how our tastes and styles change over the years. I never seem to get a look completed before moving on to something else and end up with a complete hodge podge.

Maybe you should do an article on how to submit your home to a magazine. A friend of mine would love to do that and her home is definitely worthy.


I loved looking at the transformation pics Karla! Your home is so pretty and was pretty at all the different style stages.


Well dear Karla,.......maybe lucky,yes--BUT also so very clever, and with a wonderfull eye for what`s great looking, and for presenting it beautifully--yes simply a decorater queen--I love watshing all your photoes, from your lovely home.


Hope Ellington

I would rather share my home evolution....than my hair evolution!!!!


Karla I remember so many of the photos you showed of your home. Your style has always been on my favorite list and I know we will be seeing you in Where Women Create real soon!

bee blessed

LuLu Kellogg

Karla...your home is absolutely beautiful...thank you so much for sharing your lovely rooms!



Oh my goodness girl! I could not imagine even one magazine much less 40+ simply amazing! Warm Blessings!~Amy


My style has drastically changed! Thank goodness I don't have any previous pictures to prove it!


Karla - that was fun!
Waiting for the sign up and details of your event. My friend Rachel may sign up too. You've probably seen her at Silver Bella but you'll meet her at Kim's event in March.
Hope you are staying warm!

Suzie Q

Wow! The "REALLY OLD" version of your dining room is how it looked when I was there - in High School. Brings back memories for sure. And how great to see my old Mantle still in use! -and looking much better than it ever did when I had it. You certainly have a way of bringing out the best in things. I think it originally came out of an old Texas mansion, and has made its way around the country. I LOVE it as your headboard though. I'll have to steal that idea someday. Eventually, I'll have my own house and will be calling you up for painting/decorating advice. Nice looking at the old pics!

Deborah Woodrow

Everything is lovely, as usual. Hope Sugarwings get well soon.
You have a great eye for all the projects you do.
Hope this cold spell, leaves soon, I'm so ready for Spring !
Wish I loved closer to come to the Spring
Crafting Event.
But, our electric bills, have been ENORMOUS, THIS YEAR.

Kerryanne English

Thanks for the mag tour Karla. I hope to see your beautiful studio in 'Where Women Create' very soon.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

Diana Connell

Hi Karla! I have to admit that this is one of my favorite posts. I LOVE seeing pics of your home--at every stage!!! I like the Romantic Country, I think, but when it came right down to it, I couldn't bring myself to paint my walls white. Just too stark for me. I painted them a very pale yellow w/white trim. I still want white slipcovers, although my couch is old, and I don't sew. But it is SO encouraging to see how someone who isn't an interior designer by profession, and someone who counts their pennies just as I do, can create miracles on a budget! Espcially w/a look that can be extremely expensive!! Also, thank you for talking to us...even tho you are a celebrity who has been published in a zillion mags. I need your book or magazine, whatever it is. Keep up the magic! Thanks for your inspiration. We are all ever open to as many tips as you can give us! BTW-LOVE that bedroom. The ceiling tiles, the vintage post w/the cherub statue, the old mirrors, the mantle as a headboard. I agree with you, that's one of the prettiest, most innovative rooms I've seen in a while.

Lulus Lovlies

Great post Karla I love seeing all your old looks but I love the Romantic Country the best , all you do is magic though and isn't it fun to keep evolving. I really enjoyed this post, I'll probably come back for another peep. Hugs to you, give the new baby wit smoochies and hugs to Sugar Wings, Marilou


Oh Karla even though some of the photos are dated, I can still see you shining through in all of them.

I love the border in the LR too.

Are you getting the big storm? We're supposed to get get .75 inches of ice overnight!



Karla, I've always loved your style. The 'thens' and the 'nows'. Always beautiful!

Jennifer Rizzo

Thanks Karla! I love your style. I think what I love best is your pieces are so timeless, even as you change, nothing looks dated. That table with the flowers painted I actually had as an inspiration photo before I started blogging. :) Thanks for joining in on the party and sharing pictures of your beautiful home through the years. Jen

Celeste Hude

Wow Karla!!! Wonderful pictures, I knew you were talented just didn't realize all you have accomplished, and "dumpster diving" oh yea, you are my kind of person!!
I am trying to go white in certain rooms, with your pictures as inspiration, hope to have some things to post soon,

Gloria/Happy To Be

OMG Girl your good your really good..I loved seeing all your great eye candy..Just beautiful..How are your 2 grand girls doing..hope you have a GREAT day my dear friend..when my house grows up it's going to be just like yours ha ha!! Hugs and smiles Gloria


A beautiful evolution! I actually remember the photo from Country Almanac! It stuck out in my mind because I had just had my $5 yard sale sofa recovered in denim (durable enough for my then little ones) and I thought your room was really cute with colors similar to what I liked then. Funny. And fun to see how we all evolve.


I love every thing you do! I especially love the over the top roses, stuff... but I like all of the others, too! Thanks for sharing!


Morning Karla...I have seen most of these pics at one time or another...I love them all ,I love your style in all of them...I still cant believe that i corespond with some one whose style i always admired....thank you for the updated...I think all of your phases are cool....change is good...Lorraine


How fun, Karla! I'm getting withing three colors of painting my living room -- which will mean furniture and rug changing (actually the rug is the thorn; I don't dislike it but can't come up with any paint that will look right with it!) But I'm close! Seeing your changes does indeed inspire me and remind me it can be done!

Jean Eakin

Karla, No matter what you do in your home it is always magical and beautiful. No wonderf you have been in so many magazines. I always look forward to your next redo.Have a great and fun day.
Jean in Virginia

Susan Reaney

What a fun post. I love watching the changes. So many magazine articles! And you wrote a book...wow...good for you! We could probably count as the least done but we worked with a decorator and redid a whole house at one time. It is the colors we love and mostly old family pieces...so we still love it! That was money well spent. I hope I can see your house "live" someday...maybe for one of your workshops!


Christine N

Everything is so beautiful!!! But I do love your home the way it is now best.

It's not that your just lucky, you are VERY talented. It's not just your decorating skills but your creative skills as well. My favorite is your studio. It would be so much fun to create in there. Inspiration is around every corner!!!

Elaine L.

I enjoyed the evolution of your style pictures. Your style has really grown up. I like it more neutral and less flowery.


Hey Karla! I remember all these, even still have most of the magazines. I liked your stuff long before I knew you!

Janice Rehmeyer

Karla, Did you get hit by the huge snow storm??? You have not posted for two days.


Hello Karla, I love all of the evolutions!!! The
seating bench is GORGEOUS!! Did you paint the flowers
on it?? I bet you did! : )
I hope you are weathering the storms alright. So
many states affected by the ice,snow and freezing cold!
Soooooooooo ready for Spring! Please take care and
plenty of Hugs to sweet Sugarwings.

Sheila Correia

Dear Karla - What a beautiful space you have here! I adore it and will definitely be back for more. I love how you've taken us along your decorating journey; so much fun. Thank you for stopping by my little blog. It's a continual work in progress, but it connects me with wonderful, creative individuals like you. Nice to connect and I wish you a wonderful weekend! Regards, Sheila


hi karla,
ur event sounds divine. i hate being allergic to dogs!
u ladies are going to have a blast


Hi Karla,
I love your dining table, your talent is tremendous and i also like your aging the piece.

Now, when you say ~ about the living room staying in the same "room" now and you can easily change out the accessories, you do not mean your cute pups do you??? hehehe

It is VERY strange what those BIG THIN screen T.V.s have done to we women! Turned us into T.V. lovers! huh!

I see your exceptional talent on the walls and pillars also!
Your studio is lovely... definitely book worthy. The right place at he right time... there are no coincidences :)

Those are lucky gals going to your workshops!!!

With Kindness,


Hard to believe your been a reject! I love the oldest look, the really cluttered one that was old. Also love the Country Victorian shot with the couch in the corner with the mantel. Funny, of all the 40+ mags with your house featured I probably have at least half in my closet. Now I'll be seeing Chez Nathan in the flesh, actually sleeping in one of the bedrooms. Kinda surreal! Lisa


Karla, love seeing your evolving style ~ can't imagine why you haven't been in WWC...your studio is dreamy!

nike tn

can't imagine why you haven't been in WWC...

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