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March 08, 2011


Terri Gordon

Oh Karla, What a beautiful post, your photo's are always so beautiful and to have all that vintage beautiful wall paper, how wonderful. Congratulations to Clairice, what a lucky girl. Thanks for being such an inspiration, love your blog. Have a wonderful week. Hugs, Terri


Your challenge collage is absolutely gorgeous!!!!


Love how you changed up the challenge, adding wax and wings.


You crack me Up my dear! I love how you played with the project! Sometimes it works,,,,and well,,we all know the other scenario! Looks good! I didn't play with Wax at Silver Bella....what is up with THAT???

Can't wait to see you wallpapers,,,,,I've got birthday hats to make! Used a couple I bought from YOU recently and some from Hidden Treasures .........

Take care, stay healthy and pray for Spring!

Hugs, Love and a Bus!



Karla, I was working on tax paperwork all morning to take to our appt. on Thursday -- UGH! And I got a small taste of wallpaper cutting and ironing on Sunday. I wanted to run screaming in the other direction! I had an old black and white movie on to amuse me while I was doing it, which helped a bit. But, I'm with you -- love it, love touching it, love looking at it, but cutting it is so tedious! I was just making some to use myself and thought I'd do it all at once so I wouldn't have to do it again, but I quickly abandoned that plan!

Mary Green

The pictures just don't do it justice - so glad I got to see it in person!!!


LOL! I know what you mean about the taxes...seriously, you'd think I could muster the mojo...I mean, we're getting money back! But no, anything but that. I do need a boss to crack the whip. Oh well, it isn't April YET! Love the wallpaper. Hope I can score some of your pretties.



What an amazing tag! I love the way your changed the dress. And I can't wait to test the beeswax by myself - that's really startling. I love to experiment with new stuff, too ... and some of the best and most surprising effects are resulting of trivial stuff!
hugs, serafeena


It looks magical from this perspective!

Mrs Kwitty

Wonderful collage..I'm tired of winter too!! Love the effect of the wax on your collage, I have some that a beekeeper friend of ours gifted me with and I really don't know what to do with it. YOu've inspired me to give it a whirl.
Smiles, Karen


The collage turned out beautifully, I love the way you turned the main image from winter to Spring, thats just brilliant.


You sure did put the sunshine in the snow princess!!
Always inspirational, always fun to stop by.
Keep smiling and creating


Karla, I love the Mary- piece, and how you added the wax,- and I can`t wait to see the walpaper packages....
Your BEAUTIFULL collages below, are wonderfull-the frame gorgeus, and every other thing you made ,using special things, are lovely-
Hugs, Dorthe---off to play with Mathilde.


how beautiful!!!!
oh, and all that wallpaper!!! just gorgeous!!


My, doesn't she look grand! The tag looks fabulous. I'm still to pluck up courage to have a go with wax.



Try a little retail therapy as a reward to get thru the paper and the taxes!

Nancy Stone

Hi Karla: I received the two beautiful file cards today, and just wanted to say I love them. Thanks for the great wrapping also, The scrap of old wallpaper with the blue in it, and the seam binding will be used in the project I have in mind. Thanks so much.


I love the tag Karla. I bought a little crock pot at the thrift store for just this reason, but I haven't tried it yet. I know some folks use those little irons to help smooth the wax too. I think my biggest drawback to paper crafting I've decided, is that my printer doesn't print waterproof images. When I craft, it's often at late at night too, so running out to the copy center isn't a good option then. So, then I don't do anything with my ideas. I have to find a good solution to that.

That's an amazing amount of wallpaper! Goodness!

Congratulations to Clarice. I'm going to announce the winner of my giveaway tommorow.


Oh Karla, so pretty, I too have been wanting to play wiht bees wax and your tips help a lot!! OHhh, I won, thank you soooo much. I feel very blessed today. My girls and I will have fun playing xoxo Clarice


I love to see how things are so beautifully altered and you do them so well. Simply lovely.


Congratulations to me dear sweet friend Clarice ♥

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