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March 30, 2011



Colleen is a sweetie, isn't she? i hope to have her back here in NJ next year!

next time you go on a retreat, pack your roommate a goodie bag with some of those pink, girlie earplugs and you'll get along just fine!

so what did sugar wings think of the eyeballs? kind of a funny story, but glad you finally got your Charlottes!


Brenda Kula

Sometimes I bet the mail lady thinks I'm stalking her! Walking around the front gate, waiting on her to arrive. Love your pretties!

Peggy Jones

Whoo Wee that is all I can say. You lucky girl you. One day my mail lady said you sure get a lot of stamps this way. She is so right. I love to get and send cards all over the world. Ones I make myself, of course. Hey I have your address I will send you one.

My Blessed Serendipity Life

All the little gifts you received are lovely, but those eyeballs sure are creepy though.


Wanda @ Just Vintage

Yikes! Were those eyes life size?? Reminds me of my grandpa. He had a glass eye. It irritated him and he'd just put it in a drawer rather than wear it. My grandma used to get a kick out of telling me to get something out of that drawer.

It's Christmas all the time at your house, isn't it? Those were some great little packages.


Who doesn't LOVE mail! It's always a great day, except for those eyeballs :) Love all the goodies for your party! Darling hearts.

Stephanie O.

Those eyeballs crack me up! So, looking forward to Bird Song and how fun to get a little sneak peek at some of the goodies....

Diane Knott

I'll bet your mail carrier had a very heavy mail sack!
Hugs, Diane

Mrs. Kwitty

Wow...you must have a magical portal in your mailbox with all those wonderful goodies coming from it! Fabulous!
Smiles, Karen

Elaine L.


We'd make perfect room mates, I snore, I like the room cold, and I'm a night owl, too.


Celeste Hude

Hi Karla,
Wow!! You did get a lot of nice things, fun to see everything, what a fun class this will be, I hope to join in one some day, meanwhile I look to your fun blog to be inspired!
Celeste, www.victoriantailor.com


Karla ~
Those are wonderful treasures you got
in the mail!! I can't wait for Bird Song!!
I feel bad for my roomy too because I snore ~
Darn it!!! I didn't know that there is surgery
for snoring ~ I am going to have to check in
to that :)


Katsui Jewelry

Such incredible things. Isn't the wonderful world of blogging fabulous? I love the goodies. Your surprises from the your sponsors look so unique and beautiful. I so wish I could be there! I know it will go wonderfully and everyone will have a comfortable relaxed time out at your house.

Ele  Erickson

The eyes are so funny! All the goodies are wonderful. I will have to read more about Bird Song. If youre involved Im sure it will be fabulou!

Diana Connell

Oh those eyes!! I think this would only happen to you--I see plenty of blogs and view plenty of art supplies. No body ever had eyeballs before--even the more macabre artists!! Those other gifts...beautiful!


Oh I am swooning over all the goodies! Except the eyeballs. Those could cause actual fainting -- the bad kind!

Saucy Chick Sherry

Yes there are the most generous souls here on Planet Blog. Looks like you have a lot of wonderful new treasures. And I agree it is just as much fun to give as it is to receive. Happy Spring and Birds Who Sing...


This is such a fun post. I love all the eye candy - even the eyeballs! Your blog is always a delight to read.


Golly, how fun to get mail that doesn't come in window envelopes that mandate a prompt reply! I'm glad you didn't ask us to pick a favorite, because I simply couldn't. Each and every one is a gem.

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