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April 01, 2011



Karla I am so with you in being over the cold! I love the Spring and the flowers it brings! Sunshine in Texas and birds chirping!! That staircase is divine!!! Incredible...makes me want to see it in person! Have a great girls weekend and can't wait to see the pictures from it!!! -Sandra


I love the lamp!
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The lamp looks fantastic, Karla! I have to try your painting method. Have a wonderful weekend with your friends!



Your daffodils sure are pretty...but I'm with you, spring just can't come soon enough! We're warm and sunny right now (hot actually) but it's supposed to go back to cool weather after today...boooo.
And nope, no Silver Bella for me...with 2 kiddies in college I just can't justify spending that much. Although one day I really would like to go to a crafty event...I know it won't be that one. The event you're hosting sounds more like what I would be looking for...smaller and a little more relaxed. I would want a chance to chat and giggle with everyone! I'm not knocking SB, something for everyone, right?...I'm just not sure it's me. :)


The lamp looks great! I think your studio looks like the perfect place to lose yourself! I love it, with the creative chaos and all!


Hello Karla,
I have a couple of lamps that I want to transform for my bedroom (my husband says they look from India, with beads hanging, he doesn't like them) and I didn't know what to do with them, now you have inspired me to transform them just like yours! Thank you!

Sheila R

Love your lamp redo... I won't be attending Silver Bella this year either, and I am very sad as I have met some incrediable women and it was the one large thing I treated myself to each year. Sticker shock and definitely trying to save my pennies. (Sure with this economy would get better!)

Have a wonderful weekend.

Janet Ghio

Pretty lamp! I'm leaving Missouri when you leave kansas! I've had it with this prolonged weather!! I want sun and warmth!!


I love the lamp Karla....You studio looks fine to me. I see absolutely no problem with it! :0)

Diane Knott

LOL! Karla, yes, your studio shows a busy person resides there! It should be messy to prove the point! ;-) Love the lamp! And...if you decide to leave, don't come here because the snow you had came this way! I'm thinking of Key West - sounds good, doesn't it! In my dreams!
Hugs, Diane


Your candlestick girl is just loverly, Karla.
Gerry in Jeff City and hoping this nice weather holds.


Come on down to Florida we have been hitting the 80's for weeks!


In the 90's here today. My roses are blooming up a storm! Wish I could put some in a box and send it to you. Hope it warms up before Bird Song or I'll be bringing my woolies!
See you sooner now than later. Hope you are having a good week-end with your buds!

Stephanie O.

No Silver Bella this year for the Indiana Girls. It was a great opportunity to meet all my wonderful blogland/swapping partners like you, but don't feel it is the right fit for me anymore.


Winter, winter go away, we are supposed to get snow here tonight (Michigan)!!! We are all sick of winter, I have tulips on my table as reminder of spring to come! Love your blog!

Mitzi Curi

If you want to get away from the cold, don't come to Michigan, where it's always "20 degrees below comfortable". By the way, that wall treatment you painted is mind-blowing! I wish I could see it in more detail. You are one talented gal! Hopefull today you will be receiving a box of goodies from me, for your Bird Song event. If it's not there by today, I'm going to wonder what happened....

mercedes scott

Karla, I know exactly how you feel about the white crap (I mean, snow! pardon me!). We are sick of it also; here in Minnesota, I still have white patches on my lawn--nothing sprouting through the soil yet! Love your daffodils, though! You were lucky to get those...
I've been reading the SB comments. I had been considering attending since I've always heard amazing things about it and it would be my very first "event" (other than the Creative Connection last fall)... but thought the price was a bit much... wasn't sure if it was worth it. I think I'll pass and look for something else. I feel a bit more "educated" about it now - thanks to everyone.

Lisa H.

I've signed up for Silver Bella! It will be sad that so many of the gals I *just* met last year (since it was my first Silver Bella) will not be there. I was hoping to build on the new relationships....

Saucy Chick Sherry

Your lamp is just gorgeous and now looks so much better than it was before. Love your studio as it just looks like real life. Happy weekend...


Seems like every post I'm reading today from Georgia to Portland (OR) and everywhere in-between is grousing on the snow -- we're getting it today, too. Not much, but with the cold and gloom, enough to make me very snarky indeed! So thanks for the beauty bits!

Procrastination Free Living

The white flower it makes my mind and heart refreshing.. I like your stuff. and the article was so nice i love it..!! good luck!!

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