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April 09, 2011


Judy B.

I must say that shower curtain blew me away! I love your bathroom makeover! Thanks for sharing!

Sherry Williams

LOL!!I dyed my shower curtain,just like that one,with pink Ritz and it turned out gorgeous!My guest bath is done in pinks & greens.My mother liked the bright white & since I bought 2, I only dyed 1. Your bathroom makeover is gorgeous! I think Spring just makes us want to change and rearrange after looking at the same things all fall and winter. I am that way.
See ya soon!

Jennifer Hayslip

Amazing Karla!! You blow my mind how fast you work and it tickles me when you set your mind to something nothing get's in your way! ;) Looove how the shower curtain looks! Beautiful!! Im like you...I love all white, but I love hints of color too. This weekend Im like you, redoing my whole kitchen, painting new furniture I purchased yesterday. So much fun to transforming a room. Will share pics soon! Have a fab weekend! I miss the pooches and YOU! XO,Jenn


Your photos are beautiful, and you talent is amzaing!! Come give my houe a redo!!! Miss you bunches and bunches!!


I wouldn't change anything, it looks fabulous! I love the cabinet in the back, too. Lots of good storage and display space. Lookng forward to seing it in person real soon!

Wendy from Wonderland

Oh Miss Karla,
That shower curtain is DEVINE. I love the new look of your bathroom. I loved the old as well, but it is absolutely stunning now. What a wonderful makeover. Just beautiful.
Wishes and Whimsy
Wendy from Wonderland


Love your new shower curtain...and the "new" bathroom. I think it came out great! I love the white on white look too...but like you I've just got to throw a little color in there....sometimes alot! Bought some cream paint with high hopes of redoing the bedroom in the white look, but we'll see how that goes! :)
oooh, and I like the little dark table in there too...it IS a nice contrast.

lori oles

I am sitting here with dried paint all ovre my hands an bare feet. I am painting Olivia's room today and I have to say that the shower curtain looks fablous! I should of bought the other one to put in the girls bathroom. I am sitting here in envy! Looks beautiful.


oh, that is one of the most gorgeous bath rooms EVER!!!! I too love the white rooms, start to try it, and like you, need color!!!


That is THE most gorgeous shower curtain I have ever seen. What a great find! I agree, the bathroom is warmer now that it is painted and creamier in color - it's outstanding. The whole bathroom is fabulous - it's so luxurious. I would definitely feel pampered in there - you must love using that room.
Sharon :-)

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

It is gorgeous Karla. That shower curtain is just beautiful!

Diana Connell

Romantic Country needs to book you again--somebody needs to!! This b/r is meant to be seen! As I've said before, I drool over white--at somebody else's place. Some of it could be because here in snow country--I just hate being cold. White is definitely cold in winter. Somehow it's hot in summer too. But it is certainly beautiful. That is the best 19 bucks you've ever spent in your life. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your new rit dyed shower curtain! I just love that wrought iron above the bath,--and that French netting...wow! That whole look is amazing. OK, now I'll be depressed for months--(just kidding!) ;-)


It is gorgeous Karla... I am in love with your bathroom, that shower curtain is so pretty. I can't do an all white room either. I lean more towards ivory cream and tan. Like you I swoon over all white rooms. I may do one room all white in the future, when I'm able to create a studio for myself... I need one bad.


The bathroom is soooooo gorgeous, but then I thought it was gorgeous before too :) You do such an amazing job of just whipping things out. It truly amazes me!! Loved seeing all the pictures and the studio pictures as well. Could you let me know exactly how many are coming to Bird Song? I want to have a little something for everyone. Have a great weekend. I think you need some rest, girlfriend. You have been going nonstop these last few weeks!!

Terri Gordon

Hello Karla, Oh your room is soooo beautiful. I love it. I also love white rooms, but I would do what you did, I am a cream person. Thank you for sharing your beautiful room. It is truly amazing. Love your pups, they are so cute. Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs, Terri

Laraine Atherton

lovely as always. I wish you would tell me the drug you are taking that makes you go like the "elegant enegerizer bunny".


Karla, you hit a home run! I LOVE it! Let's face, it, there are many shades of white. Your taste (and mine) just run towards the darker shades of pale, oui? No girl that is so enamored with old paper and fabrics, etc could be content with snow white for the whole room...just can't be. But it is your take on all white and it is warm, inviting, and WONDERFUL. An original, just like Karla Nathan!


Katsui Jewelry

Great job, Karla. I love how things ended up and I am totally with you on the white. Too much looks stark to me and I love what you did with your faux finishing technique.

My favorite thing is your shower curtain, though. That is so beautiful in its dyed state. I was a dye-ing fool about half of last year and I think I must get into it again because it is such a thrill to me. I especially love dying old damask but I think I better start thinking about the lace curtains!

I would love to go to that outlet. That is one of my favorite catalogues. Droolworthy!!!


Stacy McGinnis

Oh, love how the shower curtain turned out! And the vanity! You know this is my favorite room in your house, I could just live in it. :)


I LOVE how it turned out!!! All that storage in there is divine. The curtain is soooooooo pretty with the different colors. I would love to do my bathroom walls like that. I may have to email you with questions. I have wall paper in mine that needs to GO!!!!!!!!!! Go far away! And I want a look like your walls. But, I've never done much painting & the thought of multiple colors makes my blood run cold in thinking what could happen...

I am finally home after Moulin (a week in California & yes, I was sick as a dog when I went home... antibiotics & steroids for a week afterwards) Then home less than 2 days before the girls started coming to my house for a 2 day visit prior to driving to Round Top... & then 6 days in Round Top with a total of 10 women... CRAZY FUN! But, crazy!!!! HUGS!


Hello Karla...long time no see..I am back in Canada now after our 5 month in Calif...long extended trip home...caught up on all your posts....absolutely love that bathroom....I buy lots of goodies at garage sales & awesome shops....coming home every year is an adventure..unpacking...you are so inspiring ..thank you for your great posts...Lorraine


Just beautiful Karla, and yes I want to see a tutorial on how you painted the cabinet. That shower curtain is to die for beautiful. I would love to have one of those. So romantic and fru fru!! Great job, much better than stark white.


Karla this is an amazing room!! I love that shower curtain! I still have the photo of your bathroom and that fun floor lamp turned towel holder in my folder of things to do. I am going to get to that towel holder- I already have it in the bathroom minus the makeover!

I love the walls and think this is exactly what I am wanting to do in my dining room. When I took the wallpaper off it had that old world crackly feel to it but needs to be done with paint instead of the old bits of wallpaper and glue that keep flaking off! If you could give any tips as to how you did this and share your colors I would be eternally grateful!

I love all white rooms too but like you, cannot seem to make the full transition. I do love what you have accomplished and feel it is the perfect amount of white/off white and color.

bee blessed


Gosh girl!!!! Your bathroom is gorgeous! And so is this makeover.


Oh wow Karla, this is so great. That curtain is great- I love how you dyed it! I may use that tip in the future!

Elaine L.

I LOVE that big cabinet with the glass doors! Everything in the bathroom came together beautifully. I would love to do an all white room, but can't seem to do it either. I do like white with creams and browns. That's the closest I'll ever get. My house is pretty much done in jewel tones. It's a very eclectic mix of things we've picked up on our travels, along with old Native American artifacts.

What color of glaze did you use on the door to your bathroom?


Brenda Kula

You and me both, girl! I love to gaze at white rooms, but it just isn't in me. Seems an empty palette.

Miss Rhea

It looks awesome Karla !! The built in is to die for ! Lucky you with all of that space to put doo-dads in ! The vanity is gorgeous ! I love it :) What a wonderful retreat to sneak away to. Your Dorkies make the perfect accessory, hee hee !! It was like they were made for the room :) Hope you have a Great week !! I have missed you and haven't been able to stop by and say Hay, you are one busy bee as usual !! :) Hugs :) :) :)


Fabulous bathroom!! Omgosh... I loved it before and after! I totally agree about the too-white. I love it on other people's house but I always lean towards the warmth of a french provincial piece.

Enjoy your spa!!

Rose Brier Studio

Karla, the bathroom is perfect. Boy do I understand about wanting to have an all white room. They always look so amazing in magazine photos. And yet, when you have such a vibrant personality, some color just has to be added! You did a lovely job. Thanks for sharing.


that is just beautiful. absolutely perfect. I love all white,but it's not for me. My little girl would have it smeared with crayon/paint/crayon/chocolate within seconds. I need just a hint of colour for that reason alone!

When I was about 19 I painted my bedroom at home totally white. With a chandelier, janet reger bedlinen, laura ashley floral border and sheer fabric at the slanted roof window (I was in the attic). loved it. and didn't realise at the time that it was very 'shabby chic'! I think personal style starts early, and even if you change over the years, you alwasy go back to the look you love in your heart.

lovely to have a catch up with you again. I've been without a computer for a couple of weeks, it's lovely to be able to surf around again.

barbara jean

I LOVE it!! Love how you painted the walls. Soft, but elegant, and love the furniture. yes,I'd leave the little table dark. LOVE those floor to ceiling cabinets too.
Your bath looks as big as our bedroom!!

How did you get the soft look on the walls? I'm getting a new room ready at the store, and you have given me an idea.

thanks and blessings
barbara jean

debbie york

I think I want to live in the playground of your mind. Love it!

Miss Maddie's

Your bathroom is to die for! It is gorgeous.
I think the darling doggies are the finishing touch...
Susan x


Love it Karla -- I think you were wise to beige and cream it up a bit -- could have looked too stark, but this is pretty, fluffy, elegant, and just lovely.


I Love It! I notice that when someone has a beautiful "white" room, they often have greys mixed in. I think by adding those elements of color with the white, you made it perfect! Enjoy! karen...


Big difference for a little price. I'm with you drooling over the all white rooms but I don't think I could live with it either. It's funny, when I first started reading I thought, 'brilliant! a white bathroom! maybe I could do that too'. Ha! Don't know that I'd get as far as you.

Great tip about painting barefooted, don't know that my feet would like that very well though. And I LOVE Behr paint too! Can't beat it's coverage.

Bente Gylterud

Fantastic bathroom. Wow.

Have a nice week.



beautiful Karla..love the graduations of the paint from top to bottom...love the bath curtain...you are so talented...hope I can meet you someday..take care...have a great week..

Kerryanne English

Great and inspiring make-over Karla.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne


Karla,the shower curtain is amazing! I wanted a white kitchen,and to keep it from looking boring,we used 15 shades of white...each area,or bend,or section got a different shade of white,in the cool tones,and gives the room depth. You can not see the difference unless you really look,but I love it! your choices are just beautiful!

Jami Miller

I love the faux on the wall, Karla! I've been wanting to do something similar in my master bedroom...only going from tan below to blue above to make it more beachy. We have green and blue glass mosaic accents in the master bathroom. I love the mix, looks fabulous. Now I have something to show my hubs :)


I don't know which I love MORE... the cabinet, which is outstanding and I want one (did I just say I want a gun cabinet?) or how you hung the showercurtain and the shower curtain... Really terrific - thanks for sharing.

Dee Longmuir

Loved what you have achieved with the painted cabinet, a great effect and yes it would be super to know how you got such a fabulous look. Loved your house and the interesting looks weel done
regards Dee

Elizabeth Jane Sherry

Karla, I simply love your new makeover! Very OuLaLa! I too love white on white rooms. But I am just afraid of the starkness and cold feel of white. I guess it is all in the choices of whites you would use? Any way love the outcome of your beautiful bathroom retreat.
Elizabeth Jane,

Tracy Boswell

please tell me where I can purchase the iron candle holder on the sink below the green chippy mirror, and the chandelier and oh I can't even list all I want, is itfrom a book or where... please let me know.. you did an amazing job it looks perfect, and obviously have the same taste.. thanks for your help

thanks again Tracy Boswell, your biggest fan..lol

Joel Griffith

Such beautiful ideas! Obviously a lot of thought has gone into this :)

Sonya Doss

I have the same shower curtain and I am going to use pink dye. Thanks for the idea. Where did you find the iron work, I love that. I just found your site and you are brilliant.

Karla Nathan

Ha, brilliant? Tell my family that one, they’ll get a chuckle,but thanks.

The iron things are just Hobby Lobby type things I found over the years. They usually have some sort of pieces there. And please make sure that you use a dye that works on that fabric. I liked the way mine dyed different tones because the netting lace, and backing were all different fabrics, and the dye took to each one in its own way.


I like you clever lamp makeover! What did u you use for the gives in the light sockets?

Diane Raymond

I also have these curtains that I bought from the Victorian Trading Company (catalogue) and yes, they are beautiful.

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