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April 17, 2011



What special memories that you both will have of crafting with Grammy! Isn't it great to see their imaginations soar?

Have a wonderful week!


She is so beautiful, especially when she's concentrating at her work. She is full of joy! (And, that was the perfect Mr. Potato head!)


Priceless paintings.

debbie york

Who dares to paint? Why the royal princess...that's who!
She is precious and definitely my kinda painter. I tend to add a little color to myself too when absorbed in a project!

kelli hansen

I LOVE to see kids get into their imaginations and create such one of a kind beauty. Way to go sweet girl!

Katsui Jewelry

You are the best Gramma, Karla. Well, I guess I would say you are both the best. I would take a little Sugarwings any day (but then I have one...she's just thirty and still the same!).

Brooke Shields. I have been trying to think forever what movie star she looks like. In brook's younger days, of course. SW is just a beauty...getting prettier every day.

The preparations for your weekend look WONDERFUL. I drooled all over Beth's blog and see bits and pieces all around!



What a hoot!! That girl is one of a kind! that's what it takes to be an artist!! She's definitely got it in her genes!! And lots of exposure to all the greatest supplies and the world's most talented Grandma to lead the way.!!!


What a fun day!!! She is too adorable...and definitely has the imagination of an artist! Love that Mr. Potato Head. :)


Aaww!! She's absolutely adorable!!! I love when the kids make their own art using their own fantasy. Tuli begged and begged me of one of my plastic tart covers (I was supposed to use them as mini green houses). At last I gave him one. After a while he came and ask for blue paper, and then some tape and scissor. He cut a hole on the top and taped the blue paper on the bottom. He had made an aquarium to place his seashells in.
Have a wonderful week /Therese


Sugar Wings is so adorable, what a beauty she is growing up to be! Looks like she had a blast, creating in the garden! Oh to be a child again! (Bird Song is getting nearer and the anticipation is getting to me, I can't wait to come see what you have done to your studio!)


Oh, but what a cute rainbow pup she would be! This reminds me of how my cousin Patty and I used to pass the time during our youthful summers at the lake -- painting rocks like crazy ladies. OK, crazy girls. I still have a few that end up being used as door stops and they always make me smile!


You guys just crack me up!LOL...And the little dog's face is priceless while he watches!



Compadezco, pero de nada no es posible hacer.

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