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April 28, 2011



Karla, I love how you love your home. It is a special place. And it is so beautiful. I'm so glad for you. I love your tiny little bathroom with the little iron gate on the entry wall. So cute!
And I love your armoire and the 2 matching chairs. Well..... I really love it all. It's all so beautiful!!!
Have a good day. hugs, Jen

Judy B.

Have fun this weekend!! Enjoy the moments!! Your home looks wonderful! Lucky ladies who are attending your Birdsong event. They are going to have a wonderful time!


i love your home no matter....have a lovely time!!! (the house looks divine!!!!)


Your home always inspires me to want to work on mine!!! And having it clean all at one time is such a joy!!! I never understand why I can't keep it all clean, but when I start creating, it just seems to come undone around me. Enjoy it, and I know the Birdsong girlies will love it!!! It is beautiful and makes me want to be there!!!!

Jennifer Hayslip

Gorgeous Karla! You home is like a B&B. I told Sherry that yesterday! I will be thinking of you girls! Have a wonderful time!! XO,Jenn


What a wonderful feeling it is to have the WHOLE house clean at the same time..my never-ending goal that rarely gets met. :-/
And we NEVER tire of your home photos! Keep 'em coming!!
Have a wonderful time at Birdsong!


wow, its gorgeous!!!
you know, I have NeVer had my whole house clean!!! ok, I am going to go be sad...haha, not motivated...have lots of fun!


lovely. it looks perfect. I always take photos of rooms when I've given them a good tidy, just to remind myself of how nice the house can look and to try and encourage me to stay on top of things.



so fresh and so clean ! Now you can come do that to my house!


Looks great, have fun and be sure to take loads of pictures! oxox, Diane

Michele Askeroth

I feel the same way, My whole house is rarely all clean at the same time. Yours looks so lovely! I just announced a new scrapbooking supply swap. Come say hi and check it out!

Michele Askeroth

I forgot to leave my blog address. askmichelespecialpaperprojects for the Scrap Stash Swap.

Zita - Mlle Magpie

Your house looks amazing, Karla! You must feel on top of the world for being ahead of schedule and so prepared - I'm sure it's going to be one amazing event!!!


Karla, your home looks wonderfully inviting and I never tire of seeing photos of it. You are truly an inspiration! It is Gorgeous!! ^.^ And, the feeling of having one's nest all clean and sparkling at the same time...sigh...absolute bliss! ;o} I know your Bird Song May Day Weekend is going to be a magical experience for all, filled with beauty and inspiration and fun. So wish I could be there, too! Enjoy! ^.^


Your home is gorgeous, Karla. I have never seen photos of it before. It is nice to have everything clean and tidy at once. I don't have enough hours in a day to do my whole house...just one room at a time!! Enjoy your weekend and thanks for stopping by!



Your home looks beautiful Karla, its so nice when everything is clean as well as pretty. Its my constant struggle, so I can totally relate.I hope you have a wonderful event, looking forward to all of the beautiful pics.


Beautiful! Relax and and enjoy!

A tiny question when you return...what are your guest towels haning on? It is lovely!


My house has NEVER been tidy everywhere at once. Maybe I need to host a workshop!

Theresa Smith

My house is still torn all to pieces from remodeling update! Next thing on the work list is new windows! I be glad to get it all done! Your house looks great!


We always say there's nothing like "company coming" to motivate house cleaning! Your house always looks fantastic - in the photos - but I'm sure it's looking especially beautiful now with everything clean at the same time and all spiffed up. Have a wonderful weekend! Looking forward to lots of photos!

Randy Nathan

Your home is absolutley beautiful clean and picked up. But what makes it home for me to come to is they way you and Rich fill it with love and creativity. You are so full of Joy when you create that I hope it does not stay this clean for long! Your essence is all about love, creativity, laughter and most importantly YOU! Thanks for being such a special part of my life! I love ya sis!
Your baby Bro misses you!


Karla your home is beautiful! I hope I can visit you one day and play in your studio. I like what Randy said.......you've made your home YOURS and I'm sure everyone feels right at home when they visit. (especially with that yummy treat cabinet!)
I really wish I could have made it to Bird Song but I couldn't make it work this time. One day I WILL get there to see you and Beth!

Saucy Chick Sherry

Karla I never tire of seeing your beautiful home with all of your personal touches. I completely understand how great it feels to have all of it clean and fresh at the same time. Usually Mr. C asks me if we need to have a dinner party since that it pretty much when the house get a total cleaning. Hahaha. Wonderful weekend to you...

Annabelle Vandorn

You have a very lovely house! Very beguiling! Victorian interior makes a dramatic atmosphere which gives tranquility to everyone. It may be Vintage but it's classy and still marked as superior in design.

Celeste Hude

You go girl!!!! Have fun! Your house looks great!
Celeste, victoriantailor.com


It all looks wonderful! I love all the birdies too! Have fun! karen....

Cathy Kizerian

Karla, your home is gorgeous and I never tire of seeing pictures of it! Even your pictures are artful. Love all your little details - perfection to the nth degree!! Good luck with Birdsong (it will be fantastic!) - and I can’t wait to see pictures of THAT! Hugs, Cathy K

Susan Reaney

Hope you are having a wonderful time. Love the letter from your brother. My baby brother is here with me! He's a special guy, too!

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