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April 30, 2011



I have visions of Tippi Hedron in the telephone booth at the gas station as all your birds come out at once! But I don't seen them as pecking ravens but beautiful, song-filled birds! What a treat it will be -- and thanks for the cake pops idea -- this is pretty clever, and it goes so well with your theme!

Have a marvelous Bird Song -- I know it will be spectacular!


OMG....so cute...they sell them at our farmer's market and they are just blobs of cake with frosting....not nearly as cute and they are pricie!! Can't wait to see all the great thing your doing at bird song.

thanks for sharing

Tammie Moore

Oh my the bird pops look sooo yummy and rather simple, I too must immediately try them, Have a blast at Bird Song... You truly creative gal you
Tammie Moore

Diana Connell

Oh how cute and tasty!!! Thanks for sharing your recipe...
Well, I know you are all going to have a SPECTACULAR time. I'll just stay home and eat worms (like ahem, a bird...)and jealously wait for exciting pics. Have fun!!! and Karla, I know you always do this, but just a reminder, relax and have fun!!!

Lisette aka Liszha

oh my god, how adorable they are!


Those are so cute! I've seen the cake pops & thought about trying them, but now will for sure! Hadn't thought about shaping them before, but the birds are just perfect for your event.

Grace P

ooooh those birdies are too stinkin cute!! Enjoy Birdsong! I am sure it is a wonderful success! Grace xoox


Your cake pops are yummy looking and the bird tags are so sweet! You should visit Jan at the Polka Dot Barn because she is trying to recruit us to help make tags for a trip she is taking with her daughter to help at a battered womens shelter. She wants to make tags for each woman and child there. I think she has a big heart so stop by if you please. Thanks Anne


These are amazing... I will definitely try these this summer for something... I am thinking of you all at your event and knowing they are having a wonderful, beautiful time... Maybe someday... ( for me, I mean! haha)



I have a friend who's crazy about these, I'll have to send her your post, she'll love it!

Saucy Chick Sherry

Super Tweet. Love all the details for your Bird Song event. Happy creating...

LiLi M.

I am so inspired by seeing all preparations! Thanks!


How I wish I was going to your Bird Song Event. Have lots of fun.


Those bird pops and name tags are darling! Have fun! karen..


I have made them, but mine didn't look that good!

mercedes scott

Karla.. as always, your version of anything is so much cuter! How lucky your attendees are to have such a great hostess! Hope your event is going well and y'all are having fun! :)


Your little flock of pops are adorable!...and the nametags too! Hope you had a great weekend!!!

Susan Reaney

oh, Gosh. So cute, Karla. You do a great job.

Karla Nathan

Suz, it was such a wonderful weekend. I wish you could have been here. You were mentioned and missed.

Sent from my iPhone


What a cute idea. Bet they were fun to make. Can't wait to see the pics of your Bird Song weekend.


Hey Karla!

I miss you! I was away for a week and just spent the entire following week trying to catch up. Still not there yet either.

These are adorable, but look way beyond my abilities. You certainly are a Jack of all trades!

shawn street

Karla, it looks like your event was dreamy! Those cake pops look delicious too. I've got the munchies tonight and your little birdies were a treat for the eyes! Thanks.

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