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April 12, 2011



Happy Birthday puppies!...and Diane too! And that ice cream cake looks SO good...yum!


Happy Bday to Diane and to two very special pups from Sissy and Rosie in TX!

As I always say, I wanna come back in my next life as your dog, Karla!!!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents


This post is so funny. I have never been to a doggy birthday party before. The cake looks wonderful. Thanks for sharing.


Too Cute ! Happy Birthday everyone! :o) Sue

Beth Leintz

I imagine I'm smelling fish just looking at that picture of Rosie's yogurt covered face.

Zita - Mlle Magpie

I don't know anyone else who knows how to entertain better than you, Karla! Can't wait to show the doggy party photos to my girls after school today - they are going to go crazy about them! p.s. hey, maybe that would be a wonderful book idea for you, Karla - Karla's Crafty Party Book (stylish and crafty party ideas)!!!


Happy Birthday to everyone! I love the yorkies hats and cakes! Too cute! karen....

Saucy Chick Sherry

Happy Birthdays all around. Looks like a wonderful party. Love all the attention and details you provided to make it a special occasion.


I'm so glad Diane didn't have to eat the trout cupcakes!I have to try your ice cream cake recipe, sounds yummy. Ice cream is like crack for me. (that sounds real nice). Love it tho. The tussie is darling & Button & Aggie are precious.
I'm getting excited & nervous!

Charlotte Smothers

ADORABLE. Thank you for sharing this special day with us. I'll try the b-day hat tutorial, too. I always have trouble getting the edges to hold and look good. Practice, practice.

Diana Connell

Happy birthday puppies and people! Yup, Agnes and Button probably would have been just as happy with that lucious strawberry confection, but Diane might not have felt quite as enthusiastic about the trout cakes, so glad you didn't mix 'em up. I loved the beautiful tussie mussie hat--that really turned out quite wonderful. (And you even shared the recipe for the cake and instructions for the hat!) Homemade organic yogurt? Seriously? You and M. Stewart should go ahead and collaborate, or maybe you just need your own blog. --Wait, you already HAVE one... And you have this marvelous ability to make every day an excuse for a spectacular celebration! Love it!


Wonderful pictures!!! Wheeee just love them!

Elaine L.

Karla, I love how you celebrate life. You do a lot of living.



OK, I am laughing so hard at the dorkie hats I can hardly contain myself. Pretty soon someone is going to poke their head in my office and ask. Cutest thing EVER! I don't think Gypsy would be so tolerant. But you know, I might have to try...!

Happy Dorkie Day!

Dawn @ The Feathered Nest

Hi sweet Karla!!! Happy Birthday sweet Dorkies!!! They are so precious...and it looks like they had a great time ~ I'm having such "pulling-out-of-teaching" remorse right now :( I will be thinking of you all though ~ please let me know when your package arrives, maybe the end of the week? I hope I sent enough :) hugs and love, Dawn

Katsui Jewelry

Those are some silly Dorkies, Karla. They are so cute in their little hats and they look like they are enjoying their yogurt and fish cakes a whole lot!


Oh, what a sweet party! Lovely cakes for all to enjoy, and darling party hats too! Button looks quite a bit bigger in one photo, but maybe it's just the angle.
Happy Spring!

mercedes scott

Karla, what a wonderful doggie b-day party! They looked soo adorable with their little hats, licking their chops! Thank you so much for the ice cream cake recipe... i've been meaning to try making one! :)

Madison Mitchell

Good Morning Karla! I have started many of my mornings with my coffee in hand and a read of your blog post. Your style and enery is amazing and inspiring. Thank you for all of your sharing and inspiration.


I always wanted a doggie B-day party or wedding! Thanks for the glorious photos n' fun~


Oh sweet! I'm not surprised that you pamper even the smallest of your babies!


I love the cone hats. Yours are beautiful. I actually work for a party supply manufacturer where we make most of what sell and one thing is cone party hats. I form hats , staple them and finish 'em up, but mine are basic not fancy like yours.
Happy Dorky day!

Sherry Williams

Too cute and sweet for words!!


Oh Karla, you and me girl. I always celebrate my fur babies birthdays too. Did you get a chance to see them all on my side bar. It says RUN WITH THEM. I have 7, yes 7. We mostly adopt senior dogs. I also rescue cats in need oh and birds. Mrs. Doolittle for sure.
I'm about to make easy PB dog cookies for all of them. Treat time.
Love Claudette

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