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April 15, 2011



So Pretty Karla! I love the character that built in's give a house and you would not know that these didn't come with the bathroom! karen....


I think that is such a fabulous idea for a bathroom and it looks so beautiful.

Cami @ Creating Myself

Oh Karla...I can't wait to see it in person! I've drooled over it for so long in magazines that I can hardly believe that I'll be there soon!

Can't believe that Agnes is a year already...she's tiny!


Karla, your wonderful cabinet, is filled with beautiful little pieces -very --nature or man-craftet, but together a fantastic lovely still-life picture.
Hope your week-end will be a happy one.

Ruth Flowers

Karla , so beautiful all of it .


I get lost in your beautiful things. And like everyone else like the closeups of everything, because I scrutinize the large photos for details.


Dawn @ The Feathered Nest

OK. I'm SO in love with that bathroom!!!! The gun cabinets transformed into such a lovely giant piece! I love all of the goodies you've stashed inside too....xxoo, Dawn (There's always a precious pooch camera ready, isn't there? :)

Sherry Williams

So beautiful, Karla & the plate with the things that make no sense at all, makes perfect sense to me. Surrounding yourself with all the things you love, is the best way to be.

See ya soon!
hugs, Sherry

Katsui Jewelry

It works, Karla. It is just incredibly beautiful! Have a wonderful time at your Birds Nest and save a place for me. I was sorry to hear Silver Bella is cancelled for the year, even though I wouldn't be going.

debbie york

Built-ins built with love. Gorgeous and I love seeing the snippets of what makes your heart sing...and your mind tick!

Suzie Q

It's a definite testament to your skills that you were able to take a gun cabinet that hadn't tasted paint since its birth, (and used to hide toys, records, guns and who knows what else) and turn it into something that looks so beautiful and right, like it belongs just like it is now, and its past life as a gun/storage cabinet was just a phase. I love it in your bathroom with all your treasures.


Gun cases huh? Who woulda thought. This bathroom is beautiful such a great example of getting an amazing high end look for not a lot of money. In a couple of weeks I might be soaking in that bathtub! LOL Lisa
PS I don't remember ever seeing this room in a mag? Could it be???

Tiffany Steers

Love all of your display treasures...you have a "knack" for vignettes. thanx for sharing, Tiff

Elaine L.

I covet that cabinet for my pantry! LOL You have put together the coolest things.



A GUN CABINET!!! LOL Oh, I love it! I had a friend who had a beautiful small chippy white sign done in a delicate script that said, "I don't have time to put on makeup. I use that time to clean my gun." I think you need that sign in your gun cabinet!! I would've never guessed that was what it was. I just love your bathroom Karla. You've inspired me.
Cheers - Kathy

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