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April 19, 2011


gypsy rose

How lovely everything looks. And I bet you're not so tired of Easter decor as you are to fluff and decorate for birdsong. Sure wish I were coming. Everything just looks beautiful.


RUN! bunnies RUN!!!! Easter is sooo late this year..that it collides with mother's day as well....and hmmmmm....thinking BIRTHDAY'S will get lumped in there too...

my big question is WHERE THE HELL IS SPRING!!!????? I think that the reason the easter stuff is getting old..is the absence of the warmer (not asking for much here mother nature..just lay off the white stuff on the roofs!) temps!


Debbie Beracha

I love the Easter basket in the chandelier. I especially love the bunny in the chandelier. Are you having company for Easter, lots of guests? Debbie

Rose Brier Studio

Karla, You may be tired of your Easter decor, but thanks for sharing it, cuz it's just beautiful! I haven't even gotten to Easter decorations. I guess with my daughter visiting then I should pull my bunnies out! I didn't realize how trashed my house had become til I thought of how it would look to her eyes! Back to cleaning. Enjoy your prep for Bird Song.
xo, Marilee

Ruth Flowers

Karla , all of it looks lovely , I like the birt in the chinacup.I have alot of victorien decor. I start early
like you.


How can you get tired of so much beauty? Its gorgeous Karla.


No, no Karla! not Cadbury eggs...USE THE GOOD STUFF!! Reeses peanut butter eggs.


Oh I love your decor! I didn't even get mine out this year ;-(

and that picknik photo is to die for. Love it!


You sound like you need candy! But I know what you mean -- I might feel the same, except I'm still bringing mine out. I'm sure I'll tire of it around May 1, which may be right after it all gets out! Don't know what's wrong with this year, but I'm behind on nearly everything. I promised folks I'd put Easter decs on the blog on Friday, so I really need to get to work!

Well, I think yours look lovely. I haven't done it yet, but hauled some of the out-of-service teapots and cups out to foof up (learned that from you!) for my centerpiece. That was before I found out we were having two Easter dinners and now my weekend is askew! Oh, well. Put on my big girl pants and roll with it!


I love all your Easter decorations!!! Love all the pretty plates and teapots you used...so sweet!!!
Suzann ~xoxo~
Happy Easter!!!


I know...it's way too late this year and I'm about over it already from doing decor from InspireCo way back when!

Lulus Lovlies

Yes Easter is way too late but now it is right around the corner and about time! Go get chocolate girl, that will surely do it! Hugs and Happy Easter! Marilou


Karla, did nobody tell you that those Cadbury eggs have been available since Valentine's Day? Sure hasn't helped *my* waistline.... Only 5 more sleeps til Easter!


I think the frustration with the bunnies and all comes from the fact that spring decorations can be pretty (and tolerable) but bunnies can send it to "cute" land. And cute gets old quick. I'm with you on this one.

Terri Gordon

Oh Karla, You really made me laugh this morning, you are just so cute. I am sorry that you are tired of your Easter things being up, but I really loved seeing them, they are just beautiful. I have to tell you that your granddaughter is just the cutest. I love the picture of her and Grandpa. I want to wish you and your family a very Happy Easter. Hugs, Terri

Jennifer Hayslip

Beautiful easter decor Miss Karla! Enjoy your chocolate bunnies and cadbury eggs! Happy Easter!!! XOXO,Jenn


I feel the same way about Easter decor.... When I found out it was going to be that late this year, I delayed putting mine out.... and still haven't done so! Ooops! I do have an egg or two and a few bunnies I made, but didn't unpack a thing this year!


YES we will meet in Oct. I cannot wait. First I have to totally organize my blogging get together this July. I'm in Canada, and my girls are coming from the South. SO SO excited.
I'm only an hour from Montreal, so the girls will be experiencing the "French" culture. As close to Paris as we can get right now, lol.
I'm an Easter girl. My decor has been up for months too. I like it better than Easter cuz it all matches my little pastel cottage. I've posted pics on Jenn's site. I hope it did it properly. I'm new to blogger, I used to be with mobileMe with Apple, but now I'm with the big girls, lol.
LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog.
Let me get this straight. Your the Karla that is teaching the class??? OUI??
Time to catch the bunny, kidding no bunnies here, used to be : )
Thanks for coming by to visit me.
See you soon.
Love Claudette


Thank you for sharing your beautiful Easter decor, I have not had time to even attempt to do any holiday decorating so I am really enjoying your pretties. Blessings on your Bird Song event!


Do NOT rip the ears off the bunnies, I repeat do NOT rip the ears off the bunnies!!! Especially that adorable ceramic one with the flower on her head in the basket, oh my gosh love it : ) I actually didn't put much of my Easter things out this year and I am really missing them. But I have plenty of bunnies in my craft room to keep me company : )

Katsui Jewelry

I have two pink glass bunnies and a blue bunnie that is hiding in the Pit of Utter Despair...that's all!


Heidi Meyer

You are cracking me up with the bunny banter! At least this weekend you will get to bite the ears off of some chocolate bunnies, lol. On that note, I have already pulled out my seashells for summer. Probably means I wish summer would get here faster no matter how hot it gets here. Have a great Easter weekend with the babies! xxoo Heidi

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