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May 04, 2011


Cami @ Creating Myself

Oh Karla, you think you enjoyed it? We had so much fun & for many of us, it was a dream come true to visit you. I'm not your only stalker, you know.....just the most vocal! LOL Your cottage was even more beautiful in person than it is in pics (I wouldn't have thought that possible!) & you are one of the friendliest, most thoughtful women I have ever met...I will always treasure the memories that I brought home from Karla's Cottage!

lisa orme

I loved the weekend, your lovely home, good company, classes, all of it...but I loved the way you made each and every detail so special which in turn made me feel special....Thank You!


What a beautiful, poignant post, Karla! From the friendliness you exude thru your blog, it is no wonder to me why those fabulous ladies would flock (pun intended) to your home. ;-) I pray that some day I could be one of them..


And what a blessing you are in all of our lives, Karla. Thank you for sharing you event and heart with us here in the blogsphere, too!

Julie B.

Oh Karla, I so wished I could have been at your intimate gathering! You are the best, and there are not enough words to describe what a wonderful, kind and great soul you have! Please put me on your list of invites for your next gathering as I would love to spend time laughing with you on your turf! Blessings to you my dear and funny friend!


as happy as you were to have your friends there, they were happier that you opened up your home to them and let them mingle and create in such a wonderful setting! It goes both ways Karla! Silver Bella felt too " BIG" for me and I didn't feel like i really got to talk and meet people for more than a few passing minutes. This atmosphere you created is MUCH MORE fun i'm sure!


Karla it sounds like a wonderful event, I'm so glad all went well. There's nothing better than girlfriends and creating at the same time.


Please don't feel down, friend Karla!

This past year our 31 year old son was diagnosed with a sarcoma, cancer in his calf at 10 cm across. Then two months later I was diagnosed with breast cancer. We both have been through surgery, chemo and radiation, he in Texas and me in Az. We are both now doing well with a clean bill of health! My husband and I are going through bankruptcy (oy vey! such paperwork!) but all in all we are content and even joyful that we are alive and able and we have discovered the important things in life are not THINGS, as the saying goes.

As you have discovered...friends are delightful and God is available for each of us! love you through your blog!

Dawn @ The Feathered Nest

What a wonderful post Karla!!!! And your studio is absolutely amazing girl!!!! I love that you were able to fit so many students, too ~ Isn't it amazing when you gather together with so many like-minded friends??? Having never met before in real life but knowing you love the same things makes it so easy ~ what I love most is knowing that you are just as wonderful in person as you are on your blog :) hugs and love, Dawn

Natasha Burns

That was beautiful and heartfelt, you had me getting all rudolphy! I know from experience what a magnificent and caring hostess you are - I can imagine these lucky ladies thoroughly enjoyed their time in your gorgeous studio. And they got one of your famous bonfires!
Karla you are one exceptional lady and I'm so glad I got to meet you, and will be able to see you again in 5 months! Xxoo

Vicki Cotnoir

They were drawn to your kindness,and joy of life!

Dede Warren

So well written Karla... I too started with Silver Bella years ago! I met my best friend there the one time I went, and we have traveled far and wide taking classes since then. I've met incredible teachers and a few who are not so incredible, I've made great friends as well as seen a side to some women that makes me shake my head. But I'm with you... I wouldn't trade it for anything, and I too like the more intimate gatherings where you can truly get to know one another and build lasting friendships. It sounds like you have brought into your own life more of what suites you best. Bravo smart girl, bravo!


"Too worked up over a small gathering?"...I don't think it's possible to ever be too grateful or appreciative of the blessings in our lives. I'm sure all of the ladies who attended feel just as blessed as you do. All the love you poured into your event really shows.

Pinkie DeNIse

Oh it looks and sounds like you ladies had a wonderful time. I wished so badly that I could of joined you. I see many familiar faces from Silver Bella and blog land. I think that you touch the ladies hearts and lives forever. It amazing what creativity, friends and living generousity can do to ones soul. I hope you plan another event in the future so I can attend. Thanks for sharing your heart and self! Hugs Pinkie


I am thinking I might have to add 'Karla's Cottage' to my bucket list...Just sayin'
So lovley of you to open up your home and share the love and fellowship with sister's of the heart.


Karla, It was the ultimate!! Wouldn't trade it for all the tea in China. I finally got home tonight and Kansas IS the ulitmate vacation destination for me. Like Dorothy said "There's no place like home!" San Antonio is where I live but Kansas will always be HOME!!!!!


The connection is pure joy when friends want to play with you. Glad it was a good time for everyone.


Before I write anything else - that little girl is a pure beauty!

As for the rest of this post, it's making me tear up just reading about it. Aren't women lucky to have all these emotions to play with? When we're sad - we cry. When we're happy - we cry. When we feel loved - we cry!


It sure sounds and looks like you had a wonderful weekend Karla. It most have been so much fun and all the projects looked so wonderful.
xo Tina


Your house will always be on my top 10 list of places to visit! We all loved being there as much as you loved having us -- that is for sure! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DEAR FRIEND!!!!

Saucy Chick Sherry

What a lovely heartfelt post. You have truly told us how genuinely important this entire world of creativity is. From the photos and the smiles on everyone's faces your event was a huge success. Marvelous May to you...


What a sweet post! It looks like Birdsong was a huge success, and it's because of all the special care you took in making it happen. I hope to be able to attend one of your events, especially since I'm not too far away. But my oh my how the time gets away from me, and the days fill up quickly.

I'm glad Clover is doing well. That must have been frightening for everyone.

Take care and have a wonderful Mother's Day!


What a lovely post! The women who shared your home and creative spirit were so lucky and it sounds as if you received such blessings from your efforts. Thanks for the lesson that although we are in cyberspace, we touch and support each other in special ways. Sometimes, we're fortunate to do that at the home of a friend too! Val


Dear Karla,
I think they all came, because of you being an incredible sweet,and exiting woman to visit---so wonderful you had the most beautiful week-end, too- Karla.
And I`m happy for you and your family that Clover is ok,-must have been frightening.
Hugs, from-Dorthe


Karla, I have rarely read such beautiful and heartfelt words that so clearly show the person you are than that last paragraph. To spend time with people who have honored you with their time is indeed wonderful. But the fact is, over time you have shown us not only how creative you are and what a fine teacher, but how caring, thoughtful and full of love and joy you are as well. Honestly, who wouldn't want to be with you, learning, laughing, sharing time with kindred spirits? I wish I'd been there too.

Amanda Howard

Ohh what a beautiful weekend, I sooooo wish I lived closer as I'd have loved to have attended. Hugs, Mandy x


It sounds like you created an amazing event for the people that were lucky enough to be there. I have LOVED to have been able to be there. Maybe you'll do it again next year, and I'll be able to figure out a way to make it work. It sounds amazing!

Julia - Vintage with Laces

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, dear Karla! Hopefully you had a great day and got spoiled a lot!

Your studio is really amazing and it looks like everybody had so much fun! I'm sure all the girls were excited to attend such a well prepared event in such a wonderful environment. I never had the chance to participate in such kind of event but I would always prefer such a smaller and personal one like yours.


Account Deleted

Karla I'm so glad for your success!


I have to admit it, I am a little envious of the girls who had the good fortune to spend time with you at such a wonderful event. Your studio looks beautiful, really truly inspiring, and the photos I have seen on other blogs as well show what an amazing time everybody had. You sure know how to make people welcome and comfortable. And that smile of yours, it lights up any room. Love the bedroom slippers, btw ;-).

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