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May 20, 2011



Oh Karla how awful for your friend Julie! I'm so sorry for her. Yes, it's fine to have a pity party for yourself but then when you put it in perspective you feel quite silly about the whole thing. You are so right that nothing is better than doing something nice for someone else!
If I'd have found that mole you'd have heard the scream all the way to Kansas!
Have a great weekend!


Wishes sent your way for a lovely day.... Some days are just like that.... We all have them...



Wow, sorry to hear about your bummer day! How can so many things go wrong in one day, I often wonder, or is it just my perspective on that given day? Nevertheless, we all have them and they make the really great days shine even more. I find myself missing all the fun we had at Bird Song so much. I am back in the grind with work and have not yet had the chance to finish my projects, but it will come soon, I hope. I hear you with the moles, we have them here too and they cause much grief to our gardening efforts. Sorry you had to find him like that though!! Sounds so exciting about you new I-pad! Hope today is so much better for you and so sorry to hear about Julie!! We all have so much that we take for granted, don't we? Have a great day, Karla.


You are the only girl I know who could actually carry off poop on the leg, heck you could have brushed it off as some kind of distresses burlap gone bad!! I'm bummed about the cancellations too, Cindy had a good idea about signing girls up after the meet & greet. Mary's book is amazing, I'm so jealous I missed it. I want to come sometime when there is nothing going on but a craft day & the flea! Lisa


I truly believe that life is what you make of it, and choosing to see the positive is much nicer than dwelling on the negative. P.S. thanks for the "heads up" on the ipad thing. I have some gift cards to Best Buy and was thinking of puchasing an ipad as well, guess it is good I'm not in a hurry!


Hope today is a much better day for you Karla. Sometimes it does just seem like one thing after another, doesn't it? But you are absolutely right about doing something nice for someone else and how it will automatically brighten your day.
When I heard about Julie's loss my heart absolutely broke for her. When I think about how devastating a fire is and losing my precious "stuff" in my craft room it doesn't even begin to compare to the feeling the loss of our beloved pets.
I *love* Mary's book! So cute!

Janet Ghio

Great advice! When I was a little girl I had a cat named Twinkle Tommy Toes. It was a male cat and my brother said it couldn't be named Twinkle, but since it was my cat I insisted, but to appease him I added Tommy Toes!

San Diego Mobile Notary

Too stinkin' cute!!! You are so right that nothing is better than doing something nice for someone else!

Susan Reaney

Thank you so much for your sweet note. It meant a lot. We are "onward and upward" today, looking for new options.
You will love your IPad. We had ordered two online...takes about ten days to two weeks. A long wait but it comes to your door! Kat, me and Jud's family gave Jud one for his birthday.
We may give Kat one for graduation (she thinks she might rather have the money for "something serious" but really wants one).
They are a blast!!!
Hugs to you, dear Karla. Hope today is better!!!


There's nothing like a real tragedy to help put life in perspective. I'm so sorry to hear about your friends fire. Losing mementos and beloved pets is a horror. Julie is blessed to have you for a friend.

Celeste Hude

I forget we all have "droopy" days, especially here, 2 weeks of rain, now have water in my basement, (I live in a flood zone),
low sales this month, etc., etc. Your right, do things for others makes you feel better, count your blessings, as I do, often, things could be much worse, thanks for the reminder and inspiration, Blessings, Celeste, victoriantailor.com

Laraine Atherton

We all have days like that....some bad....some not so bad. Every day is an adventure.
I usually just remove the bloody present and say thanks to either the cat or the dogs. however, I have never found a present in my bed..thank God. Most of my presents are just dropped outside the back door.
The time the cat brought a live squirrel into the house by the scruff of it's neck was a moment forever seared in my memory. The squirrel wasen't the only one screaming.
Have a better day today!

Sharon, Morrison Mercantile

I hate bad days. I think it is wise to make this statement; When 2 things go wrong at the beginning of your day...just go to the studio and create. Don't talk or see anyone and be sure and take plenty of chocolate. Tomorrow will be better!!!


So sorry to hear about your friend's home. I'm sure she will love the box of goodies that you are sending her.
I went through the same thing with wanting an iPad for my birthday in March and no place had any in stock. We ended up ordering it from Apple and it took about a month to get it.
Your little furry ones are so adorable...they look so much like my little Chloe.
Hope you are having a better day today.

Tami Hacker


Heartfelt thoughts & prayers to Julie - losing her beloved pets has to be heart wrenching.

Sometimes we just need to have a pouty day, they help us to be grateful for all the other days of blessings.

Twinkle was proud of the kill and wanted to share it with mom, BUT the dead mole buried in the sheets would have put me over the edge. I use to have a cat that brought me snakes dead & alive.

Hope today is a better day!

Mitzi Hargis

Karla, the day the ad came out in Best Buy that they had IPad2's I ran over. Of course they did not have any. However they said I could order one, put $100 down and they would call when they got one. It has taken 6 weeks but they called today and I will pick it up tonight. Yea!! I am really excited.Just wanted to let you know..Mitzi

Karla Nathan

I went directly to the apple store and picked one up there!! Its in my greedy little paws right now

Sent from my iPhone


Being with friends helps make everything better. Thank goodness for our friends! That was a heckuva day for you! Have fun with your iPad. I can't wait to get an iPhone myself...it will be this Fall...

Holly R. Moore

Oh so true, to step back from things and put it all into perspective. Thank you for the encouraging words despite the icky day you may have had. My prayers go out to your friend Julie.
Yours, Holly

lori oles

Hang in there....Sorry but I laughed out loud when I read about your poo on your leg. did you hear me laugh all the way from Arkansas?


I love the sincerity of your post....sharing the good and the bad of one's day makes us human. Congrats on getting an Ipad, I want one BADLY!!!

Happy weekend,


Karla Nathan

Id gone to a few stores like that!!

Sent from my iPad

Laurie in TN

Perhaps that explains why, when we were in Waikiki last week, there was a line of people sitting in front of the Apple store right across from the beach EVERY MORNING! We thought that was soooo odd. I still think it is odd . . .

I bought my low-end iPad at Target as soon as the iPad2 came out, right after they marked the originals down $100. I like it a lot but it is not as pleasant to type on as a regular keepboard.

Good for you for looking at the bright side when possible. It does make a difference, I think, and is something I have been working on for a few years now.

Hope tomorrow is a better day.

Laurie S.


What a bummer day! yeah, we all have them but that does sound like a dosey! Hope today is a better one!

Kim Caldwell

I think we all have days like that ~ nothing in particular that is horribly bad but just somethings that put us over the edge. I know when I have been on a "high" roll for awhile one of those days are inevitable. Glad you found your new toy and am hoping there aren't any surprises in your sheets anytime soon. Reminded me of The Godfather! Sheesh. .




What a tough day, Karla!

And, you are a smart lady to take the time to help someone else. That always lifts me up, too!

Have a wonderful day today!

faithful reader,

Charlotte Smothers

Got a chuckle reading your account of a somewhat bad day. Because of course nothing really BAD happened, just a stick stuck in your bike spokes. What made me chuckle was the image of you jauntily (HA!) sauntering into BestBuy, big wad of cash in hand. And they WHAT?! Didn't have what you wanted. I could just see myself, with the same attitude, stopped in my tracks. As for the, ah hem, dirty sheets. Now, really, that is just too much for a body to bear. But, Karla, as usual, your sunny disposition was soon back on the scene.

Elaine L.

Nothing will perk up your spirits faster than a visit with a baby.

I empathize with you about the moles, but my plague is gophers. Oh and rattlesnakes. I was deadheading my roses, last week, and found one at the base of one of my bushes. I think it had just come out of hybernation. Lucky for me that it was sluggish and didn't try to coil or get away. I killed it with a shovel. I am TERRIFIED of snakes and that pretty much
ruined my beautiful day.


Heidi Meyer

I am sorry you were having one of those days - egad, moles in the bed - I would be completely grossed out with the heebee geebees. You are right, doing something nice for someone (so sorry to hear about your friend's loss) can make all the diff in one of those days. BIG HUGS to you xxoo H


First, good wishes to Julie -- rough day. The mole -- well, the other night Gypsy was playing with something he brought to bed, batting and shaking it. Turned out to be just one of his stuffed toys, which he has recently started hauling into bed. Made me think that this summer at the lake, one of the "toys" he decides to share with me will be one of his mousie friends -- wanted dead or alive. I'm going to have visions...

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