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May 13, 2011



If it's anything like your other tag book swaps, count me in sista! Sparks looks wonderful, were you the only 2 there? I was picturing a mob scene.

Love the new "fascinator" - fit for the royal wedding I'd say!


I would love to join in one of your tag book swaps. They are always fabulous! Please add me to the list! LOVE the look of the flea market. Looks like a grand place to spend a day or two.

Lisa Johnson

Oh Karla, I'm drooling over those adorable lamp shades. I never find cute one's like that. If I do, they are in terrible shape. Are you keeping or selling them? If selling, I would be very interested in buy them. Have a great weekend!

Thespoena McLaughlin

So wish I could post but my blogger isn't working. Love all the pics you shared. Hugs!

Sharon, Morrison Mercantile

Are you kidding. I would love a swap.
Count me in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Christie Pennington

Karla, loved the quip about "raising the dead" Have to tell ya, that some 11 hr. work days I'm feeling kinda down but each and every time I come here it always cheers me up. Sometimes I just pretend I'm there with you at one of your crafting days or on an outing, I know a little looney, but whatever gets you through sometimes, ya know.

Karen Hess

What a delightful place to explore!! I just love all the colorful little footstools! Please count me in for your tag book swap...I would be over the moon to participate!

Deborah Woodrow

Karla, you're a riot ! I love the funny comments ! You crack me up ! What awesome finds ! Take Care.


Hi Karla! Looks like your cart is filled with delightful goodies, love the soft colors, and those lampshades so perfect! Treasures found and awaiting discovery! Looks like you and Beth had a great time! Through the wandering, discovering, and laughter ^.^ Love Elsie the Cow! LOL Sparks and White Cloud look intriguing. Me?, I adore an old town with a ghostly feel to it. ;o} A haunting town and stuff to love all in one day! Can't beat that!

Hugs to you,


I would LOVE to be included in your tag book swap :-)

Susan Reaney

That looks like a lot of fun! I wonder if I would start looking, I would find more places like this in Minnesota.

I loved the pictures of Birdsong. You could have gone on forever! I love looking at different people's sites, too, so I really feel like I have gotten a great taste of it. you put on wonderful retreat, Karla. I could come in my "regular" clothes and feel comfortable! I told Beth I thought you should have a pajama crafting night...or maybe a whole day crafting in your pajamas ;-)


Sounds like fun. i've never done one but I might give it a try. Missing you and all the fun and seeing my "home" again!


Love it! You two have the best fun together! When I saw the title I thought, "Oh, no! Twinkle!!!" Glad it was just a really fun time!

gypsy rose

Oh yes! I want to be in your swap. Missed the Alice one and having e-mailed Lisa a couple of times, she told me to be sure to join one if I ever got the chance. Love your blog and always looking forward to new posts!


Um, would I seem like a total glutton if I wanted to be in your tag book swap...since I was at Birdsong? I can't help it, I wanna!! I love your photos of Sparks! It was a fun, fun experience to be there. I'll have to post my Sparks goodies...soon! Oh, and I took a picture with the cow, too!!


Looks like you all had a great time...I love flea markets and those looked like fun..... love the photo of you and Miss Bossy.....hehehe have a great weekend,


Stephanie O.

Tag swap sounds like a wonderful idea...Count me in!!


Those lamp shades are beautiful -- even as a hat! ~Lindy


Looks like you two had a wonderful time!! I love the lampshade on your head!! hahaha

Kay Ellen

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