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July 15, 2011


Christine N

I alway love seeing photos of your studio!!!! You give me so much inspiration for mine.


OMG can I move in right now? All of your room is a beautiful treasure trove and I love it completely, thank you for sharing.


Your have such a wonderful studio Karla - with so much space. I love how you use the cabinets to make smaller rooms in there. So much pretty stuff and wonderful details.
xo Tina




I just want to come live in your studio forever. I LOVE it!


A Beautiful Crafter's Delight!! I just Love your Glass Cabinets Karla, I bet you made them too!! One of these days I am going to be able to attend one of your events! Thanks for Sharing Karla!!

Huggs, Nancy

BTW I have a Clock in my Progressive Give Away on my BLOG that would look great in your Studio!!


oh my karen...gorgeous gorgeous fantabulous! what a treat...thank you much for the visit with your creativity. blest be :)

Sheila R

I just love your studio and the rock rug is so neat!! I truly "get it". So glad my blogging buddies get me too.

Have a great weekend.

Vicki at Rusty Rooster Vintage

Karla I could look at these pics for hours and I'm a frequent visitor to your blog. Always see something new. I love your studio. xoxo

debbie york

I totally get it. Same thing is true in my business...can't sell outta an empty wagon. Besides...there's hoarding and then there's exceling at gathering. You are a gatherer deluxe!
Seriously...I'm feeling a little dizzy just seeing it all and maybe just a trifle bit jealous.
P.S. 1000 square feet...for real dog?


Karla!!! Your STUDIO is awesome!! Love all the pretties! And you're right...we bloggers get it...our dear husbands...well that can be another story all together...heehee. Loved your commentary too...perfect "mood" music while touring! xo Lovey
oh..and stop by for a visit...if u can...

Hope Ellington

I certainly didn't expect to see my 'gift' so elegantly displayed....Thanks Karla....you always capture everything so beautifully. I like it.....'excelling @ gathering'....way better than hoarding!


Karla I love your studio i think I need to come later to look at the photos again there is so much to see ... beautiful eye candy.....thank you for sharing your stunning haven hugs wendy

pop over


I always love seeing photos of your studio, Karla. I think if I ever had the chance to visit, you might have a hard time getting me out of there!

I can't believe your studio was never photographed. After all, you were a winner in a contest! Hopefully, that lapse will be taken care of and your studio will be photographed for WWC ASAP.



Your studio is a wonderland, and I'd love to spend days there just looking at every little thing. Thanks for sharing!

Thespoena McLaughlin

"Precious, my Precious!" --definitely indicates a plan, LOL. And the tiny metal doll house sized plantstand with the little bluebird setting on it is the most precious thing I've ever seen! Where ever did you find that? LOVE! Thanks for sharing Karla! Hugs!


Oh. My. Goodness.
I could live in this room forever! It's absolutely amazing! I'll be back to examine every detail!! What fun to know that my "bird tags" will soon be on that table! I'll be mailing them this afternoon.

Lori Anderson

Your studio makes mine look horrible. I can't believe how amazingly beautiful it is. And as colorful as mine is, this is also completely my style. I must have split personality. The vintage things I like to collect are the things you have, including the furniture (next weekend my husband and I are on the lookout for a new curio cabinet, in fact).

I'm becoming a follower because I can't imagine forgetting this beauty.

I hope you'll have time to visit my spaces...


Sharon, Morrison Mercantile

Always inspiring to see your studio.
Sending my tags today....right on the dead line!! hahah


What an amazing place to create! And such a great big space. You have a beautiful place. I am sure you must enjoy it. TFS. I would also love to be entered to win a dress form tutorial!

Beth Leintz

The reason your studio hasn't been in WWC is because one magazine article isn't big enough- you have so many cute shelves, storage areas, cabinets and vignettes that your studio should be its own BOOK. Everyone can get ideas from your studio.

Dawn @ The Feathered Nest

Karla, there is so much goodness in your studio, I don't know where to look first!!!! I can sit and stare at one photo for a long time just taking all of the treasures in! And no, you are not an "H" at all...just a wonderful artist who needs wonderful supplies!! I love all the pics, the more the better!!! hugs and love, Dawn


I always love seeing photos of your studio. I think this is the first time I have noticed that you have a little office hideaway.......I love it all!!!


Your studio is such an inspiring place! I love it!


What an inspiring, romantic place, Karla! I'd spend hours peeping here and there ;)
Thank you for sharing, and for your contagious cheerfulness!
Monica x

Debbie burkey

I think you should have tours in your studio!! People would come! Isn't fun to say where you got things from or who made something for you! That's the fun of decorating/collecting/hoarding!!!!? Everything is WONDERFUL! And if you decide to start tours, count me in! Big fan!



I love your studio, it's inviting, inspiring and beautiful! You are SO NOT A H------! They don't have pretty things! Everything in your studio is beautiful! Can't wait to see the new kitchen, how exciting! (And can't wait to come to another creative event at your home!!)


Whee! It's good to see the studio in all its glory! I'm excited for you about your kitchen remodel -- I know it's a huge pain to be under construction but it will be so worth it when it's all done!

Amanda Howard

A truly beautiful workspace, just stunning! Thank you so much for sharing it. Mandy x


What a pretty, feminine space! I can see why it was chosen. Thanks for sharing.

earthypaws creatures

Your studio looks so cozy! I love everything about it, beautiful! Thank you for sharing :)



I want to come over and play with you, in your special place. So much fun we could have. I am in awe of all the tags. I can't wait to receive my book. I would be in tag heaven just looking at all the talent and creativeness that you have on your table.
Your space is fun and very organized. You have given me some wonderful ideas to use some of my treasures. Thanks so much Karla for a wonderful visit, Char


Oh Karla! I am just green over all that space so you can display as well as store. It is so beautiful and inspiring. You really caught my attention with that tutorial. I had a plastic office mat under the rolling chair at my desk and it wore out. I am rolling on the berber right now and know that is going to ruin it but just really didn't want to bring back another ugly office mat. Your painted linoleum sounds like just the solution i have looking for. Thank you for sharing!

My Blessed Serendipity Life

You have a dream space for creating and dreaming. I just am in LOVE with it. You also have some wonderful old wall paper storage pieces. I love the drawers especially. I always search for these and they are very scarce. Thank you for sharing all the pictures. Your studio is one of my favorites.



Pretty! Pretty! Certainly a place to create magic and whinsy.Warm Blessings!~Amy


goodness so much loveliness to take in!! What an amazing environment you have created

gypsy rose

What a treat! Gorgeous! Everything is a delight! tfs


Hi Karla,
You have a beautiful studio and I would love to be locked inside for a day! There is so much to see and it's all so pretty.


Tricia Fountaine

Oh Karla... you are a girl after my own heart!!!! The H word around our house is actually the S word as in "you have so (too) much Stuff!!!" As this is how we make our living he is actually remarkably, wonderfully tolerant. I have even bought some of your Stuff which became my Stuff... LOL! I adore your magical creative space. It is so beautifully laid out, everywhere you turn a lovely piece of eye candy and so well organized! The vignettes are wonderful, I agree playing with them is like playing with doll houses or just playing like we did when we were young (well I am still young.. that's my story and I am sticking to it!). Good for you! I love what you have done and are doing!! Keep on hoarding.... umm I mean making beautiful spaces and art!
You sister Stuff Hoarder,
P. S. I would love to win anything from you, thank you!


Wow. So many goodies. I'm beside myself! Lovely!


I think your space is in the top 10 of my all time favorites.
Thanks for sharing so much.
All your gorgeous detailed vingettes.
I too get called the'H' word..But, it makes me happy to make things.{I am seriously in denial} and it is totally okay to say Preeccciousss as long as no one hears you LOL.
Thanks for upclose and personal look.
Keep smiling and creating


Your lovely, pretty, amazing, lovely, studio is almost as big as my home! LOL!!! WOW...
Sure enjoyed the tour and would LOVE to create/live in your studio!

Freda Butler

My birds are flying to you. I mailed them Wed. and put in a couple of little things for SugarWings. Hope they arrive safely.

I would love to spend time with you and Beth but with our nomadic life style It will probably never happen. I really enjoyed all your pictures tonight. What wonderful stuff. I guess husbands will never understand us crafters but just put up with it pleasantly - thank goodness.




Karla your studio is a dream. There is so much beauty and inspiration there. It must be a great place to work and play.


Hi Karla,

Oh my goodness - your creative space is just amazing. If that is called H------g, then I would love to be one. I love that you find so many wonderful things at flea markets and garage sales - you have a wonderful eye for finding treasure.

Thank you for sharing your space.
Keep on H------G.


Linda Rice

Karla love your studio tour as well as your mini dress stands I am afairly new crafter but aspire to have the creative talent I see in your creations. Would really be honored to win the tutorial Thanks Linda


I am speechless..such a charming space that evocs the sense of you Karla..such love, caring, artistic style...oh my someday I will come over from faraway to inhale your goodness...thank you dear lady for sharing you made my day !!!!

cindy craine

Adorable, beautiful, wonderful, inspiring, awesome, gorgeous, fabulous..ok I ran out of words. I love it!!!


Karla, Your studio has long been one of my favorites! I could wander for hours {days?} in there and still not be bored. I think it is so special that you have created a space for your little Sugarwings. Your giving nature is so inspiring! Xo, Sue

Stephanie O.

I just have to almost pinch myself to remember that I have actually been in your utterly phenomenal studio!!! One of the most exquisite spaces I have ever set foot in....just so full of love, creativity, and personality!

Dawn Binyon

I forgot how lovely your work is, I bought something on etsy from you long ago. I would love to come over and play. Your studio is swoon worthy. Come stop by my place if you get a chance.


Loved it last year - love it this year - one of my favs. So many lovely things to create with and you have such a talent for displaying your items! I hope you do make it into the magazine eventually! Cheers from Brussels.

Elaine L.

You are so fortunate to have such a huge studio!
It must be so much fun to hang out there with friends.

I love the cut out photo of the newest a baby decked out with the fairy wings. How adorable!



I look forward to your studio tour every year! It is a girl's dreamland. You're right, we in blogland "get" why each and every piece is where it is. I'm in LOVE with all of your floral printed pieces everywhere from the walls to your storage dressers, they're beautiful! I've never come across a wall paper dresser, crossing my fingers to someday find one, in the meantime I settle for the ones I find at Marshalls. Thanks for sharing your wonderful space with all of us!



P.S. please add my name to your giveaway, I'd love to create one of my own. And congrats on their being featured in Somerset, no surprise though:)


I love your studio! ...did you say 1000 sq ft? that is huge! I love how you decorated!
(my husband uses the "H" word too! ....and I watched an episode and got sick...but nah...I not that bad! Have a great weekend...


Wait! Hoarders have houses full of stuff from garbage to collectibles. The difference is, they just pile and pile, no rhyme or reason. This room is so organized and beautiful. Big difference!!

Maija Lepore

Thanks for the tour of your delightful studio! It is jam packed with goodies!!!

Karen B.

What a wonderful place ~ a dream to create in!!
Karen B. ~ Todolwen


Karla, seeing your beautiful studio is always such a treat to the eyes! I could spend hours just staring at every beautiful thing.

Marilyn McIldoon

Karla, your room is a piece of art in itself. It must be a wonderful place to create! I don't think H is a concern here, like you told your husband, "we need lots of this good stuff to create". Thanks for sharing so many wonderful photos, I am getting ideas just looking at your stuff! Marilyn McIldoon


Karla, Memories, like the windmill of my mind.......enjoyed the tour and it brings back all the great inspiration from Bird Song!!!! You could spend a week in your studio and not see it all. It is nice to have seen it and then it all connects the photos together! Thanks again for the memories......


Lovely space. I of course had to zoom in on each photo to see the beautiful touches everywhere. Ignore the hubby and enjoy. That's what I do! :-)


I've said it before and I will say it again - A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!!! I can't even begin to imagine all the wonderfulness in your studio. Wonderful collections, divine inspiration, spectacular art, and so print worthy, I do hope it will be featured some day. Thank you for sharing your creative space and your talents.


Very very beautiful and inspirational. I am aiming for a similar look when the Time comes for my room :)But since I too live with a 'Non believer' it will be a struggle

Lori Oles

It is always a treat to come over and hang in your amazing space! I love everything about it and to me there is not a H throught in my mind when I walk in. Love it all!


Wow so wonderful. I get it and love it. The more I look into the pic the more I see. So fun.


I always have a such a good-time when I get to visit your studio, you inspire me! Thanks for sharing.


So many ideas. I LOVE the light switch. And to doors around your computer desk, but I don't have that much room so I will just remember that idea.
I had not realized all pieces were thrifted. Nice job! I would even love working on the child's table in your creative space...of course I would probably just sit and stare at everything. No, I would not be SITTING - my hands would need to be TOUCHING, lol.


I would love to win the toutorial for the dress form, and your studio is beyond awesome...would love to attend the, b & b art retreat if that ever happens....your amazing as usual, thank you so much for the treat of seeing all your goodies in the studio!

Karla Nathan

Even sugar wings table and chairs were from garage sales. 5 for the set

Sent from my iPad


Wow,wow!!! This room is every creative lovers dreamy! Oh mybso many yummy goodies! My fav..your vintage papered drawers!
Be blessed, Lorena

Lisa H.

Such a nice BIG space!

Karen Valentine

Karla, I enjoyed this tour every bit as much as I knew I would!! There was so much inspiration to soak up I'm overflowing with it!! When I move into my larger studio yours will be one I will think of as I begin to fill it! Thank you so much for joining us again! Enjoy the party!


Okay, Karla. I feel like I'm becoming a serious stalker over here, but I just can't get enough of your style and humor. My favorite thing about your studio is the way you've subdivided it into sections. That cluster of tall furniture with the fabric drawers and stuff towering on top is GENIUS as a space divider, and all 4 sides of it look accessible and functional. Have you worked in retail display before? Also, I am so glad to have caught a glimpse of my tags among the PILES you'll be soon dealing with (a huge job...but I would KILL to help you and go thru each and every one)--glad they arrived there safe and sound. My daughter is in KS right now and loving it (except the heat; it's foreign to her). I want to come and craft with you and your pals when she goes to KU....actually she would DIE (she wants to go FAR from home for a reason)! I am going to start using the phrase "the 'H' word"--it came up a couple times in my own studio tour! The husband thing....I guess it's the old hunter/gatherer, mars/venus, yin/yang thing. Yes, we need our girlfriends who "get it"!


Debbie  Juillerat

Loved all the pic's, Karla. I've never seen the office portion of your studio before! Thanks again!!!

Norma (fairyyellowbug)

Karla I've been waiting to arrive here! I started at the end and am working my way back from Z so to speak. I've been to your studio many times online over the years and it never fails to inspire and amaze. This time I noticed particularly Sugar Wing's pink art desk. Fabby! *smiles* Norma


What a fun space.....o.k., that just doesn't do your space justice. I'm not sure what words would! It's over-the-top-fantastic...there, much better, thanks so much for the inspiration and making me feel better with all the "stuff" I have in mine...
You're so right though, you've gotta have pretty stuff to make pretty stuff!


Wow, so much I want to comment on. I am one of the lucky ones that has spent time in your fairy land. Being there, touching it, well it's pretty amazing.
First of all to have Beth as a BFF has some awesome benefits. Her gifts are the BEST!
I read somewhere in a mag that to be a mixed media artist, we need mixed media. That's what I tell my husband. I love that you have all your collections out & displayed. I also love your analogy of playing with a dollhouse. I get that. Sometimes I spend days in my studio re-arranging, looking at my treasures, playing with it all. So inspiring.
Finally, I have to comment on the fact that your studio & the others that won last year have yet to be featured in WWC. Shame. I have not even bought the last two issues because the studio's just don't appeal to me. Too styled, too rich, they just don't relate to me. This party of Karen's shows the studios I LOVE so I get my fix here.


All I can say is wow! I could certainly get lost in there with all of those lovelies and the charming decor. The office you created is FABULOUS! You are so gifted, Karla.
Your space is so creative and inspiring...I think I must go create something right now!!

Thanks so much for taking the time to show us around! A true delight for sure!
Have a wonderful week!
It hurts seeing all those lovely tags...
Next time for sure!


Your world is inspiring and magic, it gives me hope that my eclectic scattered essence will one day be a thing of beauty. Thank you for the inspiration!

Saucy Chick Sherry

Karla I definitely "Get It!" I love your space with so much to enjoy and use and collect and admire and create with and enjoy and and and...


Gosh, I must have been sitting right where you do during our BirdSong weekend. *sigh* Why didn't you tell me????? ;)

There is no other studio I would rather be in than your's Karla. Your ability to combine functionality, beauty & thrifty is just amazing!!!! And your "clumping" technique is brilliant!!!!

I'm a bit late w/ my tags (I know I know...of course I am!) but I dropped them in the mail today & sent them priority so you'll have them in a couple of days. Sorry!


It's a shame your studio never got in the maz., I can see why you were picked!!! I totally get what you said about having stuff to make stuff. Today my husband said that if I wanted he would organize my craft cottage, I said ok, then he said but it would mean getting rid of stuff!!! I said never mine!!!!!!Nobodies touching my stuff!!!

Jasmine MacDonald

One of your delights was pinned to Pinterest (http://pinterest.com/pin/68112252/) and then I discovered your blog. Do love all your pretties, and your house photos are wonderful!!
Then I followed a link to Magnolia Pearl, and another cold rainy Monday afternoon has vanished!!I will do my blog, and my housework, and my playing tomorrow...
And how lucky are you to have little grandbabies living so close, too. My 5.5 yo Moo is in Hobart (Tasmania) which seems half a world away. (By contrast my baby sister in Queensland has her DD and SIL with two babies living in their downstairs, and her DS and DIL with two babies two blocks away. I have to work so hard at not being
envious (or worse, insanely jealous!!!!).).
Hugs from chilly Oz,

Heidi Meyer

What a dreamy space to create in! I agree - you need to have pretties sprinkled around to be enjoyed and more magic. "H" word? What "H" word? I think "H"appy place is a good "H" word, ha ha. xxoo Heidi


Ok, one word --- WOW!!!!! ok, two words--- BEAUTIFUL!!! Love it ALL!!! Hugs Sandie


OMG, WOW - I'm...speechless to the beauty of you studio! Can I move in? It's heaven! You have everything that I love, the style, the antique-ness of it, the colors, the decor, the everything, I mean, it's gorgeous - and the space! I was showing my husband and asked him if we could bust down a wall so I can have a room like yours. I said, "see, she has more than me" he laughed and said, "sure". Only a bloger/crafter would appreciate the awesome-ness of all that gorgeousness. I want to feel, touch, and stand in your space...LOL. Ok, not a stocker, just a fan ;)


your studio is so girlie.. oh.. why you have to live so far away?

barbara Jean

Love it all. so bright and cheery and so many fun things to look at.

Would so love to win the prize you are offering.
Hope I am in right place to sign up! =)

barbara jean


Wow! I just got lost in your pictures and did not want it to end! What fun you have going on. Keep it up!
The Polka Dot Rose

Terri G.

Your studio is one of my favorites that I have visited so far. So much to see so well displayed. Fantastic tour!!! You are one talented lady! I could go on and on... TFS!!!


Too many wows from me, it is amazing, your studio is just out of this world. You really can loose yourself in your pictures, because there is so much to see.

Tamatha Kaplan

Oh my! You have THE dream studio! I will have to come back again!


Absolutely stunning! I never get tired of seeing all this loveliness. I hope I can attend one of your retreats and get the opportunity to play in here with you!

Deborah Woodrow

Hey Karla, wonderful layout and gorgeous Studio ! Of course you know that. You have such amazing ideas & talent.
If others didn't "Hoard", "Collect" & "Save" you would not have any of your lovlies, to work with.
Someday, I'm going to get mine ( Studio / Craft Room ) done, soon, this year preferrably.
We have been working on our old Army Barracks place for 3 years now, and its slow as molasses ! But, my craft room is NEXT ! I can't wait.
Don't complain about your kitchen, when we moved in here, there was none, no kitchen, no bathrooms, we had to put in the plumbing, and the cabinets, sink everything ! Its still in progress... love the pictures, your home, studio, kitchen is AMAZING ! Can't wait to get my tags.

Crisitna Zinnnia Galliher

I just have one question...would you like to adopt me?
I can move in anytime!
Wow!!!!! How incredibly beautiful. The photos alone are a work of art..


Wow! Jaw dropping.... I'm loving everything about your studio. I could spend days just looking at all your collections. Everything is just so beautiful and feminine. This is one of my favorites. Congrats on a beautiful creative space, it's simply gorgeous!!!!!!


Love your studio! So cute, and I love the idea about grouping furniture and salvage pieces to make rooms. I have started down that path, and now that I see your room, I'm going to continue to build it out further! Thanks for the inspiration.


Aloha karla,
You are so deserving in being chosen to be seen in WCC. I think they would need more than just a couple of pages. You would need to be the featured guest artist/studio.
How lucky to have such a large space; 1000 sq ft?! I love how you use folding screens and vintage doors to define space. And your grouping of the shelves and drawers in the middle brings to mind an island in the middle of the sea. I love it. I love your artwork.
Thank you for sharing your beautiful massive space, thank you for sharing your amazing treasures and trinkets and thanks for giving us a chance to win your dress form tutorial. Yes, please count me in if it's not too late.


what an amazing bed & breakfast your studio would make! a little slice of heaven!

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