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July 15, 2011


Julia / Hope and Joy Home

So gorgeous! This gives me hope as I slog away turning my husband's former workshop (read storage room) into my girlie studio!


Oh my goodness!! what a wonderful "large" space to make magic. Thank you for shareing your photos, such wonderful supplies and treasures! Most excellent!


Tina L.

Absolutely stunning and beautiful!! You so have an eye for shabby chic and I love it! Thanks for sharing!

Elizabeth Maxson

What fun to visit your studio! I would have a hard time working there...I would want to just sit around and enjoy the scenery and snoop around :-) And then see if I could somehow sneak the column out to my truck without you noticing.

Thanks for sharing - love the tags!

Elizabeth :-)


I am sooo inspired with your space!! I've got to know where you got those fabric or paper covered drawer chests...I have a 'thing' currently for boxes and such like those...my eyes just popped when I saw yours!!! Great space..I love all your ideas so much. Your photos are wonderful. I am a new follower and will be catching up with your blog soon.
Blessings, Doni


oh, wow, what a wonderful space you have. Its so pretty, and you have so many beautiful things. Beautiful pieces for storage.

I love all those tags.

Thank you so much for sharing

Debra Disney-Dior

Oh, Karla, I love your studio -- your home -- your hubby --your fur babies -- your grandchildren -I'm NOT saying Sugar Wings is my favorite because Mayara is growing up SO quickly and shines brighter with each and every photo I see --your sons and their delightful, down-to-Earth, spiritual and protectors of other Earth wives -- and the pickup truck that hasn't come home yet -- ot has it? I'm in awe of every thing you create!

Karla Nathan

The pick up is back, but our other pick is out with the kids now....

Thanks, those babies light up my world

Sent from my iPad

Linda Bloom

I'm visiting on Where Bloggers Create, and I love your studio, as well as your blog. I'm signing on as a follower so I can learn lots more neat stuff like your gazebo office with the columns and painted stepping stones. Love, Linda

Angie Gunson

Oh, I've drooled all over my computer and now I'm afraid it will short circut. Absolutely amazing, and soooo inspiring. I love it! MMMMMMM

Lynette Killam

Oh, drool, drool...I simply love your studio! So many beautiful things, so artfully arranged, how could I not? Too clever how you've divided the space up...the faux gazebo is nothing short of brilliant.

I'm always pleased to visit someone who 'gets' why we collect and admire our pretties! My own prosaic menfold have been known to throw thay horrid 'H' word around, too!

So glad I stoppec ny...:)


Your creative space is amazing, absoluity beautiful!!! You have given me so many great ideas. Love it!!! The space you made for Sugar Wings is so cute. I am going to get started on a little creative space for my daughter.
Thanks Rebecca


You know how much I love your studio! I can't wait to come back! I want to sit in the same exact spot!lol I love your style and love you to pieces!!

Mitzi Curi

Unbelievable. Stunning. I'm moving in. I think I'll sleep behind that folding screen, and you won't even notice me.

~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

OMG, I love your space it's so light and bright. I could be there and not come out for days. I adore the flowered rug on your floor it looks antique. If it's new please tell me where you got it???

~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

Karla Nathan

Yes its from an estate sale, thanks.

Sent from my iPad


What a beautiful creative space!! Such pastel lovlinesss!!!!
SO many great ideas and inspiring displays!!

Thanks so much for sharing!!




mary puskar

I just found your room via Pinterest. I am sooooooooo in love with your creations and your style. I'm curioius (since I have my LR and DR for my studio) are these rooms part of your home that used to be something else. I always tell people to use their house as they want to not how other people think it should be used. I just love your pics and will not ever get tired of looking at them.



Such a lovely studio of yours.
It shows your creativity.

Cass from Best Guitar Lessons


OH MY!!!!!! My mouth is hanging open.... in the BEST way possible!!!! i get it, i totally GET IT!!!

Zita - Mlle Magpie

truly a dream studio. Filled with so many vintage treasures, supplies and gorgeous creations of yours - I just swoon every time you show photos of this incredible place!!! p.s. I'm really surprised I haven't seen your studio featured in WWC a long time ago...


First of all- will you come to my apartment?
Second- will you introduce me to Beth... she gives good presents!
Three- Bring the puppies.

Oh My!
I'm drooling.
I'm in the midst of trying to make my LR and art space to flow together... ACK!


All I can say is WOW!great idea of DIY project.Love the aspect you put all through this nice project of yours.

Antonia- de Galicia

Hi, i am Antonia, from Lugo ( Galicia), Spain, i like your internet work, yours photos and all. Thansk of all,salutation.


OMG, can I live with you or at least have a copy of everything you show in your studio so I can make my house look the same. I am sooooooooooo impressed. You are Fantastic!!

Dotty Lightful

Oh my goodness, this is an amazing space, your so talented at putting things together, I know its not a nice trait but I'm so enviuos of your studio, its gorgeous!!!


I couldn't find your 2012 post so I looked through this one. Can I say I would never be able to create here because I would be wandering around in wonder and just looking at all the beautiful "pretties". I want to move in right away, will you adopt me?

Thanks for sharing your space!

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