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July 25, 2011


Debra Ganas

That Sugarwings is the CUTEST pirate girl I have EVER seen. Love the look. Stuff some cotton balls into those boots and they will fit much better.
And that close up. Such a beauty.

Thanks for sharing. But where was your outfit, Karla?



She looks amazing!!! great dress up xx

Thespoena McLaughlin

Darn coons, hate those awnry things. We just got one very big one run off with the prodding of a .22 (it needed it, I think it was diseased, kept coming out during the day time and wasn't looking too great) But now there is another little one coming up on the porch at night for the cat food. They sure do make a big mess. Hugs!


Sugarwings looks quite the pirate princess... I love it.. Coons are a real problem right now. My friend's home was vandalized by them for a bit of catfood, too... on more than one night.. She wasn't home, and when she came home, they charged at her sister!!! They have trapped 14. A little retired schoolteacher lives down the road from us... She is 87, and she has personally trapped and (killed) 24 coons around her precious garden.. at last count... She is a force to be reckoned with... no wonder those sixth graders knew their capitals and multiplication tables, huh?

Diana Connell

I agree with Debra; Sugarwings is an AMAZING beauty!! She makes an absolutely gorgeous cowgirl-princess-fairy-pirate!
But of course, the lovely little jewel-filled pouch complete with lifesavers is the piece-de-resistance! Karla, you have so many enviable talents!! In addition to being a creative artist, an innovative photographer, and a fun & loving grandmother, you are really a fascinating writer with a knack for using a play on words. I love love love reading what you write!

Susan Reaney

Oh, that Sugarwings...just getting prettier all the time. She honestly could be a child model (but she needs a childhood and gets to model for you). I just get such a kick out of her, partly because she reminds me of my own Katie. We have had coons at our house, right in the middle of Saint Paul. I had to chuckle thinking of Jud trying to have a stare down with an enormous coon. When that didn't work he clapped his hands. The coon hissed and charged at him and Jud ran into the house! They are pretty nasty little creatures.
Love your two fur babies just standing there. They are adorable!!!


Miss Karla... Sugarwings makes a very cute pirate... and thank you my tag book arrived this morning.. thank you it is so pretty.. thank you to you for hosting and to all the wonderful artists who's tags I now have in my studio....
hugs Wendy


Your dogs have such great expressions on their faces! They're all, "Um. Sorry. We just couldn't face those coons. It's not so bad, is it? It is? Well, let me just distract you with my cuteness."

Sugarwings made a cute little pirate! What a fun day!!

Tami Hacker

Sugarwings is a beauty & has a kindred soul like her grandma Karla. Karla, you are such an awesome grandma!

I raised orphaned raccoons from infancy to adult. With their razor-sharp claws and their natural instincts, they can tear apart anything. I had mine in a steel cage with a three-part interlocking lock. One night I walked into our kitchen to find them in the upstairs hallway... how? I know I had locked them up for the night. Some how they managed to open that lock. They apparently wanted to be with me their mama(me), they climbed into the basement celing rafters to get under the upstairs bathtub, chewed a large hole in the wall just to come and hang out with me. They were real proud of themselves too.

Grrr, Karla Matey where is your costume photo?

Marilyn McIldoon

Sugarwings is the cutest pirate! You whipped that up in minutes, I'd be scrambling around for days! Probably a good thing your dogs didn't hear the invasion, the raccoon could have done some real damage to those cuties!


You are a rocking Grandma!!


I can't believe the RACCOONS!

Karla Nathan

Im ready to get some traps before they decide to come thru the house windows or the doggie doors!

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Sugarwings looks so gorgeous!!
Hope the racoons dont visit again maybe its why Daniel Boone and Davy crocket made them into hats?

Karla Nathan

That is a much better use of coons!

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Karla Nathan

She has an overflowing dress up closet with lots of garage sale finds in it, so we had lots to chose from!

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when I come back in my next life I would love to be one of your grand-daughters.


Wow! What a great costume you conjured up! Sugarwings made a great pirate. Racoons are exceptionally fond of cat food. I have a friend who lives out in the woods in Washington state and they put out dry food for the racoons every night, she asures me that cat food is better than dog food. Sorry that they made such a wreck of your breezeway but luckily no one got hurt or bitten. I'm with you I like soft colors, too. Good luck with your hunt for the right color!

Elaine L.

Sugarwings gets more precious every day. You are a fun grandma!

I don't know how you handle the snow in the winter and the humidity in the summer. Too bad you can't put metal screens on the window during the summer.



Oh no! Glad they did not do more damage than they did. We have the same critter problem here. We have a big fat one that sits in a tree outside our dining room window watching us. He sometimes scratches on the back door trying to get in and then goes around and tries the front door. I have had to touch up his scratches on my doors so many times but at least he is not eating up my curtains!

Karla Nathan

We might have to add some chicken wire. I hate to do it, but it will keep them out at least.

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Sugarwings is the sweetest little pirate I've ever seen! What fun that you have each other to play make-believe with!
I'm sorry about all the problems with the racoons ~ pesky little critters!

cottage and broome

Love her cowboy boots! She is just the sweetest little girl.

Lisa Russell

Yes, Sugarwings should have won that contest! She is such a doll when she dresses up. Sorry about the racoons! They would scare me as well -- ugh!

Karla Nathan

Well, she is sure she won. She called out her own name when the winners were announced

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