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July 23, 2011



Wow Karla you are doing a wonderful job .. thank you for all the work you are putting in to give us stunning tag books... I see one of mine on Photo five , row 2 and tag one Wendy from http://blissangels.blogspot .com


Hi Karla. Oh wow so many wonderful tags,,, there are so many talented ladies out there in blog land...how much fun to go through them all....have a great weekend.


Sharon, Morrison Mercantile

I am the late comer so mine is not in the photos.
Thank you for all your hard work Karla.
Hope my box has arrived as well!!!

Linda McMillin

How incredible are these? Divine! I know I will be very happy with whatever I get. Karla, thank your doing this and letting everyone be included. A tremendous amount of work for you! But very much appreciated.


My tag is bottom left in photo 7. It is grouped along with some really lovely tags with lots of pink. Thank you, Karla!


Wonderful. I am Photo 1, row 1, tag 3. Becky from http://becky-handforth.blogspot.com. thank you for all your hard work.

Wanda Contreras

Beautiful tags... I wanted to let you know that I went through all of the blogs from Where Bloggers Create and yours is my favorite... Well it was my favorite last year as well... Thank you so much for inspiring me to create a beautiful place to create and your dress form is the center of it!!!
best regards,

Pam Perrella

I just got my tag book this morning (I don't know how you did this so fast) and it is so beautiful. The cover you made is so pretty and an actual piece of art, I just love it. You are very good at choosing tags I really love all of mine (although I have seen some others that I would love to have also) the ladies are very talented and full of such original ideas, one of my tags is made out of some kind of metal and has a wire nest and the tiniest little locket on it, I love it. So happy.


Karla, I'm blown away by how beautiful all the tags are. There are certainly a lot of talented people out there. I am sure that everyone of them that you put together will be great!!!

Misses Peach

I am speechless over all of this talent that goes into making these tags! Karla I thank you so kindly for holsting this amazing fun swap. It is my first tag swap and I am thrilled that my tag is in the 2 picture, middle tag in the second row...my birdy is looking down at something the flower fairy dropped...maybe it was some fairy dust that fell on it's head?
I can not wait until you have another swap...it will be the creative highlite of my year for sure!
Blessings from another Karla formerly from the Little Apple of Manhattan!

Kat H

I am in photo 2, top left corner - it makes me giddy to see my tag with such beautiful neighbors!! Thank you so much for doing all this Karla! If any readers have a moment to stop by my blog, I would be so appreciative! I'm new in the neighborhood =) http://www.acuriouskat.com/



Oh, I am drooling over all these tags!! You know, I hope, how much we all appreciate your doing this!!!

Donna Reinhart

My oh my....what talent in these tags, I feel humbled that you let this "new be" join in. Thanks so much for doing this!


My tag is photo 8, #2 in top row..the one with the poker chip! Wow! ALL of the tags are GORGEOUS!! I cannot WAIT to get a book!
Once again, you amaze me Karla, with all your energy and efforts you put into these swaps! KUDOS to you!! Thank you so much!!

Terri Gordon

Hi Karla, Oh they are all so beautiful! You have done a wonderful job putting the colors together. I am so excited. This is going to be a wonderful treasure. Thanks again for all your hard work, I can't wait to get my hands on this beautiful book. Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs, Terri

mercedes scott

wow! can't believe you already have 50 out! they are looking beautiful! I spy my tag in Pic #5, Top row, 4th tag from left.... Mercedes @ http://mercedesscott.typepad.com (All Things Pretty)... can't wait to get my tag book in the mail! Thanks, Karla.

Tami Hacker


Whew, this is a big job and you do it so well! You are such a gracious hostess, thank you!

I love your grouping choices.

All the tags are absolutely wonderful!

My tag is in photo 4, bottom row, 2nd from the left and in photo 7, top row, 1st from the left.

Thanks again, Tami


There is not one of those that I would be disappointed to get! Everybody has done a fabulous job! Can't wait for it to get here!!!!

gypsy rose

oh...drooling all over my keyboard! These are great and each a treasure. If this is the appetizer, can you imagine what dessert is going to be like??? WOW! Thanks for being the most divine hostess.


Wow, is all i can say, can't wait to get mine....as you said they are all great....Karla, your the best, so much work. Thank you again for the swap.


Oh my goodness Karla...they're all so beautiful! Love the combinations too. Can't wait to see the pretties that arrive in my mailbox! You're the best, girl!...thanks for all the love and trouble you've gone to.

Stephanie O.

Love the little sneak peek! You are just simply fabulous to continue to host these fabulous tag swaps...

Marilyn McIldoon

So much work! You have done a great job in selecting tag combo's Karla. they are all so beautiful, thanks for sharing these photo's. They are a great source of inspiration, Marilyn


Amazing work! Wish I had had the time to join this one! I still look through my Puppy Love tag book for inspiration!


HI Karla --oh i love them all -
mine is - PHOTO 8-row #2 3rd tag --bird in cage with feather and charm --and the words fly !!
Thank you for hosting this swap -Kathy - GA


the time and artistry that has gone into these tags is incredible. thank you to everyone who has participated ! a treasure for sure.

my little nest tag with pearl eggs is in photo #5, row #2, tag #3 - with some lovely neighbors. (ps - i love the birdhouse next to me ! so genius !



Oh, it is wonderful to see so many of the tags! Mine isn't in any of the photos, but I sent on the last day, so while not late, they weren't amongst the first to arrive, either. I am so looking forward to seeing these in the mail!


Dear Karla, I received my tag book in the mail today and I just love it, thank you so much for doing this for all of us! I see one of my tags in the photos...first photo, top row, first tag on the right with the child, a fish and a bird!

Thanks again! xo


Susan Reaney

Thanks so much for showing us those tags! I love them and wish I could have been in this swap. Every tag is so unique and they are just dazzling. People were really creative in interpreting the theme.
Thanks for doing this and showing them for those of us who weren't in the swap!


The groups look wonderful, I can't wait to receive mine! I spotted mine in group photo # 4 bottom right, the bird has a crown made of vintage sheet music if that helps:)




Whew! Glad I saw one of my tags in there -- it means you have them! I put probably enough postage to send it to China on and left it in the post box when we left for vacation -- then I fretted that there was enough postage. So, I'm relieved -- and also looking forward to my book!

So behind visiting but hope to catch up soon.

Karla Nathan

Yes they arevhere and your book is made and ready to mail, thanks

Sent from my iPad

Debbie McReynolds

Hi Karla. It is so amazing to watch you put your creativity into assembling these books. Just beautiful. This is my first tag swap so I am honored to be in the company of such talented artists. I am learning so much by looking at all your fabulous tags.

Mine is Photo 6, Row 1, Tag 2.

Debbie McReynolds from St. Louis

Linda McMillin

I received my tag book yesterday. It is really nice and I will enjoy it for a long time. Thanks to all who contributed and most of all to you, Karla for your hard work. This is fun , my first and what a good experience.
Blessings Linda


What beautiful tags; the books are going to be lovely!! Mine is in Photo 1, Row 2, Tag 1. My 13-yr old daughter was thrilled to see hers in your last post, too - hers was in the box w/the cash and checks...the tag w/the green background and bird w/the crown. You sure make us feel special, Karla. Thanks for all your hard work!!

Debbie Juillerat, St. Louis area

mary k

Karla, You amaze me! The work that you have done to put these tag books together is wonderful. This must be one of the biggest and best swaps ever. My tags arrived today. I am thrilled! Thanks to you and all the creative participants.


oh I received my beautiful tags!! Thank you so much for hosting. The tag I made is shown in photo 4, top row, far right. Laurie

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