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August 25, 2011


Tami Hacker

Sweet Karla,

Your post brings me tears and smiles - my mom passed away in 2006 and I lost my Papa (dad) March of this year. Oh, how we miss them!!

Hugs, Tami


What a BEAUTIFUL family! You brought tears to my eyes! I hope I am instilling in my son that warmth! He always gives the BEST hugs!!


I am so glad you get to honor your dad's wishes. God Bless


This is such a poignant post. It speaks to the heart of all who have lost a parent.
To be able to fulfill your Dads request with your sisters will be a special time too. Thanks for sharing the Hugs and Hugs right back at you!!

Kim Gillian

Thanks for sharing Carla, such a warm story!!

debbie york

Karla, what a gift to recieve and what an honor. To know that your daddy will continue to be in everything that grows in your garden is such a blessing. He'll always be just a petal away.
Family reunions are a joy to see...especially the food. As a matter of fact...I've got my eye on that chocolate sheet cake.

Laraine Atherton

You are so blessed with such a wonderful large family.


Love never goes out of style! It endures and makes life worthwhile. Glad that you had such a wonderful, hug filled trip!


I am sure you were overwhelmed with emotion getting your dad's ashes! I can imagine how I would feel to be given that gift, my dad has been gone for 22 years.

Curtains in my Tree

ahhhhhhhhhhhhh so glad you get to take care of daddy's wishes.

I wish we didn't have family problems, life would be so much more enjoyable with all the love from our families

it's the step family that gets in the way they just can't accept us

Lisa Russell

What a wonderful time. Blessings to you and your family!


Oh, Karla -- this is exactly where they belong. And you remind me, it's time to spread Iris, my aunt, whose son sent us part of her to share with the lake. I hope your time together, taking care of your dad, will be a beautiful time of reflection and memory.

Patty in Kansas

Karla....very poignant blog today, .... we brought my Mom's ashes back from Pennsylvania recently, and buried them in Atchison County. It does bring a calming sense of closure to a sad situation, doesn't it? Bless you with serenity now that you have your dear Dad with you at your home. Patty in Kansas


we're huggers too...you are right, it is the best legacy!

Karla Nathan

It meant a great deal to my sister to have dads ashes. She visits moms grave and felt awful that she could never visit dads. I mostly felt bad because Id promised to sprinkle his ashes and didnt get to. It will be a relief to fulfill his wishes.

Sent from my iPad


How wonderful. Gosh, I miss those family get-togethers. Methinks it's time for a trip to CA; in fact, it's overdue! You are a fantastic hugger -- you learned well my dear. And I'll never forget Sugarwings running through the screen to get out to the garden quicker! Full speed is right! I hope she keeps that with her all her life.

Lynn @thevintagenest

Oh my.....family get togethers, lots of hugs and look at that food. And I see my favorite cookies....Lofthouse. Yum! We are huggers too and I thank God everyday that Mom, who is 87, is sharp as a tack. :)

Susan Reaney

That's a real life beautiful story. The food looks my church basement in Mitchell, South Dakota! I am so glad you went to visit your stepmother and got your father's ashes. Now you can put him to rest as he wanted,

Bobbie Valentine

Nice article. Hugs to you little sis.


Hugs are essential to happiness. Hugs and multi-generations spending lots of time together. In my family we presently have 4 generations living in the same town. Priceless.

Elaine L.

Wow, Karla! I've been so busy with setting up house projects that it's been at least a week, since I was last here.

I'm glad you showed the pictures of your dad's ashes. My mom has my dad's and we still haven't spread them. I wondered what they would look like, so seeing your dad's really helped me know that I think I can spread them. I was a little worried about it.

Love and Hugs

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