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August 29, 2011



What a beautiful room! Makes me want a redo on my bedroom!Thanks for sharing this!


Absolutely beautiful! The ceiling looks amazing. It looks like such a wonderful retreat. Can you come help at my house!?!


It is beautiful! I want to move it to California so I don't have to redo my own! You are so good at it! karen...

Linda McMillin

who wouldn't want that bedroom. it's good to have a laugh on monday morning-loved the story about your husband and the magazine. did you tell him?


Hi Karla,

I really like your changes!! It looks so serene. I know it is even more awesome in person as I found out at Bird Song!! You made such wonderful memories for us!! I love the new spread and the netting one is beautiful at the window. The bathroom curtain is so pretty and what a wonderful way to use those vintage linens that we all hold on to. I am really in the mood for some changes at my house too. I have quit my job, so I am hoping to have more time for my creative ventures as I have missed this side of my life sooooo much. Have a wonderful Monday!!!

Vicki Cotnoir

Just amazing! You are an inspiration!


It does look serene! I think it will still look serene, even with tiny muddy footprints on it!


Just beautiful!


Susan Reaney

Beautiful, Karla. I love it and it does feel serene. Where do you get black lights? I am afraid we have some "rogue" dog pee spots.

Love that doggie!!!


Karla Nathan

Suz, I got the black light at petco. Its actually called a Stink Finder. Seriously! It comes with a spray bottle of carpet cleaner for about $20

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Cracking up that your husband showed his Mom pics of a house that wasn't yours! lol Bedroom looks great. Love the curtains.


Ohhhhh, it is serene and calming...lovely! Thanks for the tip on finding puppy pee...makes it easier to clean and a lot nicer than finding it with my bare feet.

Sheila R

Love your redo! So relaxful looking.

Have a great week.

Stephanie O.

I just love your home!


The changes look gorgeous!
I love the way you repurposed everything.
I have a window, over my bath, like the one you have, and I also have a curtain that's too long. I can't seem to find anything I like to replace it, so I guess I need to do what you did and cut something up! Lol!

Patty in Kansas

Oh, Karla...what a wonderful story about your husband showing his Mom the pictures of "your" house....except it wasn't your house...too funny....your new bedroom looks gorgeous, and very serene. You are correct, bleach is our friend when we have our little pets living with us. Great blog..I check it every day. Patty in Kansas

Zita - Mlle Magpie

Karla, all of your redo's look fantastic! You did an amazing job!!!

rich nathan

Karla: You should actually give your wonderful husband more credit than that. I happen to know he always keeps up with your blog when he is on the road and is very proud of all those lacey, frilly, flowery things you do to your house. He actually can't wait to get online and see what you have done to his place next!


Your wonderful husband (see you soon, love you!)

rich nathan

Also, I want to see more pictures of those two gorgeous granddaughters!

Wonderful husband again.


You are INCREDIBLE Karla!! Where do you get all the energy?!? Everything looks so new and pretty!

Karen Valentine

Karla, I LOVE your ceiling!!! I would be too afraid to mess up. Did you paint it yourself???

Karla Nathan

Thanks, Karen! Yep, I painted the ceiling, I used to do faux finishes and murals for a living. Now I just do a few here and there for myself or friends.

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Well, you are motivating me to the max with this one. Much to do/fix/change and not much cash! I'll take before and afters. Well, maybe...


Beautiful Room, love the ceiling painting and the shower curtain.
Very nice job!!!
Thanks for sharing such amazing ideas!!!

Paula Mersing

Please tell me how you did the ceiling in your bedroom. I would like to learn about it.

Karla Nathan

I painted the walls and ceiling the same color, pale blue, then free hand painted vines with bronze glaze. I started around the light fixture, with large swoops of paint, and the swirls got smaller toward the corners. Good luck!

Please tell me how you did the ceiling in your bedroom. I would like to learn about it.

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