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August 09, 2011



Karla those photos are beautiful. I like the slight blurry look sometimes as it adds a bit of mystery and dreamy-ness. Becs

Susan Reaney

I love the soft pictures. To think they may have been lost. The girl's mother is a beauty!
Hope you are having a great trip and please enter me in the drawing!!!

Sheila R

Love those blurred photos on how the soften the feel up. I think I need to rethink my blurred photos.


The pics are gorgeous, you are so right, perfect is overrated!

debbie york

I happen to love blurry photos...maybe 'cause that's how I view life.
Love the fairy baby's photo...very B.P.Gutmann.


I like the dreamy quality of the photos. It is our flaws that make us uniquely beautiful.


Lovely Photos, your are right flawed is just as beautiful and in some cases even more so because of it's flaws.


I think the pictures all look great- I love the soft look of them, so dreamy!


I think the photos are picture perfect!


Love the dreamy quality of the photos! It doesn't hurt one bit that the subjects are all such beauties!
Hope you're having fun!


Hope you are havin FUN!!!! You are right about those photos... Sooooooooooo great! Thanks for the hints on how to change a photo that may not be perfect for post but, perfect for our heart! HUGS!


Just because something is flawed doesn't mean that we can't love it, does it? I love the slightly blurred photos. No everything I do is perfect. I'm so thankful that the Lord loves us anyway!


Your photos are stunning! I will certainly think twice before deleting a photo next time around:)




All the girls in your life are so beautiful!


Love Love Love your photos!


Love the photos and so glad you didn't throw that one out!

I've been so MIA lately and on the road a lot, working when I'm not. So I've missed a good deal, far more than I can catch up on. But I was thrilled when my tag book was waiting for me as I returned home! Made me smile all over -- your cover is beautiful, love how you wrapped it, everything. Thank you for taking all the time to do that.

Mary Albrethsen

I think both pics are precious. When I first looked at the pic (ALWAYS before I read any commentary,) I thought they were really pretty art pics and wanted to know how you got the effect. LOL they were MISTAKES???? Oh well just goes to show ART REALLY IS WHERE EVER YOU FIND IT!! My final comment ~ just keep making such pretty mistakes.

Saucy Chick Sherry

This is a great way to salvage wonderful photos. Very clever of you my dear. I have been told that there are NO mistakes in art and I believe that to be true.
Oh Yes, please enter me in your drawing for the class. Thank you and safe travels...

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