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August 07, 2011


Debra Ganas

The dorkies and Sugarwings. all in one post. looks like fun. Karla you get more done in a month than I do in a year or ten. Take a break , you deserve it.



I think the heat is zapping everyone's productivity. I'm sure once it cools down and fall seems to be in the air you will be back in creative mode again. Just enjoy the down time and these fun summers with Sugarwings. :)


...we are having a be a slug afternoon Sunday...I have a pile of doll orders...two Halloween swaps...and a bucket of various dresses and outfits to finish....sometimes the slug wins...as a recoup then ill hit it again tomorrow...


After all the work you put into the 'Birdsong Tag Swap' I'm not surprise you're feeling "behind the 8 ball"!!!!
I felt tired just looking at all the piles of tags on your work tables!!!! Time for YOU to chill LOL!!!

Your fab parcel arrived Saturday - SO EXCITING - THANKYOU!!
I'm totally "over the moon" with your beautifully co-ordinated collection of tags, each and every one has touched me with the amazing detail.

I can't wait for your next swap.

Sending you some freezing cold temperatures and sunny skies from New Zealand where it's winter just now and I'm sitting on top of the heater - I'd get inside it if I could!!!!!!!!!!!



karla I posted the other day of feeling the same .. it is the heat... I sat at my table and didn't know what to do.. art as always been my escape, my studio my happy place but really i didn't want to go in......luckly I'm starting to come out of the stump... falls will soon be here and hoping some cooler weather... have fun junking... hugs wendy

Beth Leintz

Dang those are two cute dogs and a sweet little girl.

Christa from Chloe Rose

I've been reading about the record heat that most of the country has been suffering with....I know when I get hot, I'm not nearly as efficient as I normally am. I hope you have a wonderful trip!



I really need a dorkie! LOL!


I blame it on the heat here, but after all you put into the wonderful Birdsong Tag Swap, I can well imagine that you need a little break from productivity! With Sugarwings and those two cute pups, why would anyone want to do anything but play?!
Hope your trip & visits are loads of fun!


Hi Karla

Just popping by to say WOW - I just got back from vacation and love my Bird Song Tag book! Soo darn sweet. I have to visit some of the talented ladies.

Lucky you to be off with family having fun. Enjoy!


You are too funny! You don't think 150 Bird Song Tag Books could have anything to do with it? Go enjoy yourself. You deserve it!!!


I'll do the same as Shane from New Zealand and send you some cooler weather from the Blue Mountains in Australia. We've had a few days of lovely spring weather but it's now back to winter temperatures. Go and have a lovely break, you deserve it after all that swapping!



I love it when the puppies visit each other! Sugarwings has the right idea! Another trip! You are having a fun summer!

Susan Reaney

Beautiful dorkies and joyour Sugarwings. Both make me smile! I do know what you mean but, you know, you have been so productive with the retreat, your class online, the tag swap...you probably could use a little break, my friend!

gypsy rose

Oh, girl! It's hot in Indiana too! But seeing family will be great! Enjoy your visit. Oh...and that crazy woman trying to flag you down on the highway...that's just me wanting to say hi as you go by.
btw: Luvin my bird tags!

Jackie, Pearland, TX

Just dropping by to see what's new. Enjoy some create time well deserved. Jealous, I wish I had more 'free' time. Sugarwings is darling, so is the yorkie. Have fun, catch you later.


I soooo know what ya mean...I've been a bum this whole summer. The heat and humidity has sucked out any thought of decorating or productivity...but today it's about 30 degrees cooler than it was 2 days ago...yay!


I do believe it's the heat! We are having these endless hot days that are all beginning to blur together. It seems that I have things started all over the place and nothing finished. I love summer and my swimming pool, but I think I'm starting to dream of cool fall days, working with the windows open.

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