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August 17, 2011



Such wonderful moments to spend Karla.....such beautiful memories. Sugar wings is getting more beautiful with each passing day . :o) Sue


Oh Karla, So many memories for me, too. My grandboy just turned 5 also, and what an amazing trip it's been so far. Bittersweet...
Thanks again for a walk through time.


How sweet and what wonderful memories she will have of her Grammy! You don't spoil her, you shower her with Love! What can be better than that? And she is BEAUTIFUL!!

Sharon, Morrison Mercantile

Karla you are every little girls dream. Life is hard and to create a place of magic while she is little, will carry her through the hard times when she reflects back. You will no doubt be a part of her wedding planning.
Leslee, my 34 yo daughter called last night crying because our Joey starts Kindergarten tomorrow. She just didn't know how she would get through taking and leaving him there. I told her I knew how that felt, because when she was 22 and moved to Manhattan Ks to attend KS, I cried like a baby when I left her apartment, and was just sick for days. She was my last one to leave the nest.
So I guess we Mom's and Grandmums just cry when our little ones leave this stage and go to another one.
I would just love to stay in fairy land!!


What a sweet nostalgic post. She is a darling fae child for sure. You are not in your dottage yet. That would involve high round red dots for your cheeks and alot more powder. You are an inspiration to Grandmas everywhere.
Well done enjoy!! PS Go to the school and shed a few tears of love. Without the tears, the joy would not be as precious.

Terri Gordon

Hi Karla, Oh Happy Birthday Sugarwings!, what a beautiful post and she is so lucky to have such a wonderful grandma, you are such an inspiration. She is just the cutest fairy. I don't have any grandchildren yet but you make it look so fun. I hope some day to do just some of the things you do, you are an amazing person Karla. Time does go by just too darn fast, enjoy them. Have a wonderful August. Hugs, Terri

Patty in Kansas

Good Morning, Karla....what a sweet, tender tribute to your little Sugarwings, and you are correct, they do grow up much too soon. It is good that you recognize that and make every moment special with her. Our grands are 22 and 16, and I'm not sure where the years went. Yesterday, they were 8 and 2, weren't they? Have a wonderful week-end with them all! Patty

Saucy Chick Sherry

Oh Yes! Being a grammy is the best and I truly think we should be Grandmas before parents as we would be able to enjoy our children so much more and realize life is short. Happy Birthday Sugarwings...FIve is a very lucky number! Karla you are a wonderful grammy...


Beautiful post, Karla! That little fairy is so lucky to have you! It's amazing how we do worry about things when our children are little and it sure does zoom by, sadly. I have not been blessed with grandchildren yet (soon enough!), but I will certainly treasure every moment as you do. What beautiful memories for both of you!!


Oh, I got a lump in my throat just remembering how quickly it goes! You are both so blessed to have each other, and it's so great that you know it! It looks like it was a lovely party. My favorite part was Sugarwings' outfit!


So fun!! I need to loosen up a little with my little guy too! I love that Sugarwings is going to marry the blue M&M.


oh how lovely, made me cry! She is so precious. I can remember her as a baby on your blog! My granny was the most special, beautiful and important person in my life, grandparents are special. You can NEVER over indulge children with love! Rachaelxo


Karla, You brought tears to my eyes. I can identify with being the single mom. I remember when we couldn't afford to spend 50 cents for a coke (needless to say that has been a while back, where could you get a coke for 50 cents now a days!!!) It's great that you can give Sugarwings so much fun, she will have so many memories to look back on.
Don't stop!! I'm sure that you did a lot with your boys but granddaughters are a little different. Besides I can't see Adam or Ryan in high heels!!LOL


Thank you for sharing you beautiful granddaughter's fifth Birthday with all of us. She is the most photogenic child - she never takes a bad photo. Your photos of her must be awesome!
Yes, she is so lucky to have you in her life. Your every girl's little dream of a fantastic grandmother. I know you have spent many wonderful hours together and oh, the memories you have made.
Keep those stories and pictures coming - we all love them.

Vicki Cotnoir

Memories for you both


Sheila R

Sugarwings is so lucky to have you as her grammy! She is such a cutie. Wishing you many more wonderful times together.

Dawn @ The Feathered Nest

WHAT!???? Sugarwings is FIVE now??? Oh Karla...how fast the time flies girl! I know that I can't even believe my grandbaby is now 2 1/2.....you are such a wonderful g-mama....and this babe of yours is so beautiful to me ~ each and every day she's more precious!!! hugs and love, Dawn


Cutest little Pixie I have ever seen. She's growing up and what a great party you gave her Grandma!

Karla Nathan

I know I am building wonderful memories for myself. I hope she isnt too little to remember all of our fun when she is grown up

Sent from my iPad

Karla Nathan

Thank you so much. I think the reason she takes good photos is because she is so unaware of the camera that she never poses. Her pictures are natural since she is so used to Grammy having a camera pointed at her, she ignores it.

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Amy Bauer

Thank you for sharing most wonderful Grammy. You're right to lavish your attentions on little ones so precious. These wee ones will grow up knowing they are loved, and I know your boys are too. That's the most wonderful gift of all! - Amy Bauer


Awwww...I got all choked up reading this one. I was broke when my kids were little too, but it sure brings back sweet memories to think back on all the freebie fun we had. :) I asked them recently if they realized just how broke we were and they had no idea. It really is the time and love you put into them that they remember, and that's what you're giving to your little Sugarwings. She doesn't seem spoiled at all.

Mary Albrethsen

Sugarwing and her friends are adorable. The pic of them coming down the steps with heels on (10 times too big) and living to tell about it takes my breath away. I can't even walk on flat ground with 1 inch heels anymore without saying a prayer and holding on to something. Ahhhh childhood, to be young again (and have good knees). The girls are precious. Wish her a very happy birthday from me.


That little girl is not overindulged with anything but love time and creativity and you can never indulge anyone too much in that. She is the luckiest little girl in the world!

Karla Nathan

She sure is loved! Thanks!

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It has been fun to walk with you on your journey through the past couple of years with Sugarwings -- she remains a gorgeous child and I'm glad she also remains a sweet and unspoiled one! Belated birthday greetings to her.

And thanks, too, for the picnik tips.I am just discovering picnik and these are good ones!

Elaine L.

Not from experience, but from watching my parents, being grandparents is the best. You have a philosophy of life, usually less stress, and have learned to relax and not sweat the small stuff.

I always did a lot with my daughter and indulged her fantasies and she was always appreciative and had no problems sharing. I think she felt secure.

I think Sugarwings is an old soul.


Elaine L.

Speaking not from experience, but by watching my parents, being grandparents is the best. You have a philosophy of life, usually less stress, and have learned to relax and not sweat the small stuff.

I always did a lot with my daughter and indulged her fantasies and she was always appreciative and never selfish. I think she felt secure.

I think Sugarwings is an old soul.


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