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September 26, 2011


Amanda Howard

Wow!! What an interesting post, so much redecoration going on in your home, can't wait to see the finished results. Mandy x


It's looking great! Love the way the floors are looking... and those guys working on them, too! It would be hard to stay busy with the eye candy all around!! Can't wait to see your finished rooms, I am sure they will be to-die-for!

Thespoena McLaughlin

Three weeks? Really? Sure doesn't seem like it's been that long, of course I haven't had to live with the construction, lol. And that's really not long when you consider all you are having done.

UNDER? budget? That contractor is a keeper!

Love all your old tins, love the different patterns. I've been looking for some for so long it doesn't seem like I'll ever find my own but I keep trying. They are going to look great on your ceiling! Also the floors are looking awesome, love all the character in them.


I adore the tea set, its just wonderful.
Any chance of borrowing the work crew for a little while, lol? They are, ermm, rather handsome. I am sure I could find plenty of work for them.


a friend of mine would say he was a "fine piece of art" - Rachaelxo


Love the glass block at counter height! Great idea!

Suzie Q

I LOVE it!!! Your kitchen was always pretty, but it was also small. This looks like it will feel so airy and open. I can't wait to see the finished pics!


I've recently rediscovered the childhood joy of popsicles. Think I've been getting more fruit and less sugar every day because of them.

So that is a new tea set! You have so many delightful piece sometime I'm not sure if it is something new or just new to me because I missed when you mentioned it before. Those bright greens and pinks will be great pick-me-ups during the chill months ahead.

It is great that Sugarwings was feeling better. Here's hoping she stays healthy. You two do seems to be ideal companions when playing with your own toys.

And yes, I consider you painting as part of a remolding a toy, because your whole house is one big, fun, endless project. congratulations on getting the tins and grates prepared instead of having to wait until after they were installed. Here's hoping the project continues in a timely manner and under budget!

It's also great that you're willing to share tips along the way of how you do your projects so other people can try it out if they want, too. Do you ever re-read your old blog posts to remember how to do a specific type of project, like getting the black stains out, or are you so experienced that you make it up as you go?

PS I'm not a fan of basements, either. It is pretty much a buffer in case the house ever floods. My own personal "never-neverland", as I prefer to avoid mine as much as possible. (Not to be mixed up with Tinkerbell's home where children never grow up.)


It is going great! It helps that you really knew what you wanted. Wow that green tin tea set is so cute -- I would have bought that in a heartbeat. But I'm glad it went to a little girl instead I sometimes feel guilty about buying cute stuff and literally will leave it behind for the kiddos! You're lucky you have someone to enjoy it with!


It's looking great -- and so nice the weather was perfect for a tea party with Sugarwings! That would make me feel better!

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