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September 19, 2011


Marilyn McIldoon

Sounds like a lot of work Karla! You do like to keep busy! Now that the weather is cooling down, I suppose I will have to clear out some junk and get my home in order too. Good luck, I know it will be beautiful when done, Marilyn


I love all of your "stuff"...especially those awesome bluebird dishes. Do you have several ? I've only seen one or two pieces at antique stores and think they're wonderful. LOVE that huge cabinet you have moved to your bedroom, too!

I have to have a big motivation to declutter, too. The last time I did it was 6 years ago when we built this house. Sadly, I have filled it up already....just like I did my other one. I guess I, too, just like my "stuff"! :)

Looking forward to seeing your kitchen progress!



yeah, you're high on dust and talking nonsense! You can't get rid of it!
A vintage pressed tin ceiling? That is going to look superb! lucky you.

I looked at my yahoo email yesterday and found your mails. Thank you so much for them :o) I need to be better about checking my email, I must seem frightfully rude.

have a lovely day xx

Lisa Russell

Your collections are beautiful! It doesn't look like too much to me! ;)


That's the fanciest bathroom I've ever seen! (I mean that in a good way!)

Karla Nathan

Ive found most of my blue bird dishes at garage sales or flea mkts for dirt cheap. Most are chipped, that never bothers me. A couple were gifts from a thoughtful blogger too. I couldnt bear to give them up just because they no longer fit in the dining room!

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Oh, this makes me want to go shopping!! How addicted am I?! I love all your stuff!! Editing -- what is that anyway?!


Yeah, my poor husband once suggested I had too much stuff... so he had to build me a new room LOL...now he doesn't come in much ;)
Can't wait to see your new space. You have such gorgeous pieces and a flair with the collections.


I just had a garage sale and got rid of a lot of stuff that I liked but was not using to its full potential and I did not "love" it. I have decided that needs to be my approach as we get older I think. Our kids really do not want all the stuff we thought was so cool for so many years and I do not want to inflict more on them then they will have someday anyway helping clean out a house as we have done that already twice for family members. After that, you just want to come home and throw everything away!!! But, after a while that feeling sort of passes, ha. Hope it all goes smoothly, you do have some beautiful pieces, and I love the china hutch in the bathroom!!!

Robin Sanchez

Sounds like a lotta work to me!! But Im sure it will be well worth it. I LOVE your bathroom cabinet.

the polka dot closet

You have some fabulous "Stuff" How to choose what to edit???? Oh remodeling tests anyone's sanity, can't wait to see



I soooo identify with you, Karla!! I have to do some editing, too, I love the bluebird dishes! I have a few pieces but need more. When I moved I found out just how many blue and white dishes I have!! A gazillion!! Especially when you start packing it!! Anxious to see what progress you are making in the remodel.


You have a gorgeous home Karla! I love that corner cabinet!


Maybe you don't have too much stuff but a too small house -LOL!-

Celeste Hude

Hi Karla, How have you been? Enjoy your writing about the new kitchen redo. I can identify with moving things from one cupboard to another. Sometimes I feel like that episode with Bert and Ernie, Ernies emptys a jar and has to empty another jar to put the first things to empty in it, and on and on it goes, Ha! Can't wait to see the redo! Celeste, victoriantailor.com


Funny how you have to have it. Once you get it, whadya DO with it all!! LOL Love all of your stuff though. And I like that cabinet in the bathroom. You're right. It looks good.


Mary Albrethsen

Oh what I would give for those cabinets. I am shelf poor for places to put my tea pot collection, and china collections, etc etc. Frankly i like to see the 'too full look', I spend a lot of time looking at the pics to try to discover everything you have in there. Your collections are spectacular!!
Hugs, Mary
Please Say Hi to sugarwings!


Yeah, uh, good luck purging!

Elaine L.

Karla, I empathize with you. Now, that I'm retired we are updating our house. I like the layout of my kitchen, but it really needed to be updated. I had light oak cabinets from the 80's and too much granite. My cabinets are kind of plain, but instead of getting new drawer fronts and doors, I opted to put the money into a new island and granite, with tile back splash. I had my oak cabinets stained "whiskey barrel", which is a reddish color with gold. I have four cabinets with glass doors and the inside back of each is painted yellow with a brown glaze. I found some ranchy looking brass hammered handles with black detailing. The island is a yellow distressed color with a book/display shelves on one side. I put colorful (orange, blue, yellow) Italian pottery on the shelves. Our granite is cream white, black, and gold. Everything has come together so well. I was skeptical about the dark color of the cabinets, until we got the yellow Island. the kitchen is looking very Tuscan or Hacienda. Now, we have a traditional look that goes with the overall style of our home and it will never look dated.

I sent lots of stuff to the Goodwill. I'm cleaning out cabinets and closets and since my husband and I are both collectors, I told him it's time we did something with all our stuff. Too much of a good thing is too much. It's O.K. when it's hidden or has a spot, but once you start moving it . . . Oy Vey!



Thanks for this post, Karla. I am one of the overstuffed cabinet types. I love it all -- that's why I have it (granted, some was inherited, but still, I love it.) But none of it really shows due to the stuffing problem. I'm not sure where to go with it, but seeing how successfully you have tackled things really is motivating. Currently doing that in a way in my art room and will soon be posting photos -- still have much to tidy or conceal! But we're getting there. Thanks again for all your inspiration!

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