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September 17, 2011



Karla ~ Your pictures are just beautiful!
It looks like it was such a fun time!


I would LOVE to visit that festival, and yes, I would dress up as well, and prance about, lol, fairy wings and all. Thoroughly enjoyed your beautiful photographs.

Beth Leintz

LOL-It's not wings that make my butt look big- it's brownies.


All the photos are beautiful... But no 1 and the one of sugarwings sitting with the sheep are my favs! Looks like a fun time!


My favorite of this set of pics is also the one of sugarwungs with the sheep. Just beautiful. I havent been to renfest in years. I love all of yor pics.

Sharon, Morrison Mercantile

It looks like so much fun. My Grans would love to come to this. Love your pictures.


Looks like so, so much fun. Sugarwings, is she your daughter, she is exquisite!


What a fun family outing. Your little sugarwings is a bundle of happiness!

Tracy | Screaming Sardine

Ah, I miss the renfest so much. Haven't been in years since I moved to an area that doesn't have one nearby. :(

Thanks for letting me live vicariously through your photos. :)

Glad Sugarwings is settling nicely into her pre-K class.

Saucy Chick Sherry

This is such a magical venue and I have truly enjoyed visiting through your photos and descriptions. Sugarwings is just too cute and I am glad she is happy at preK. There is certainly no rush to have them grow up too fast. Karla you are making so many memories that will be enjoyed for generations...you are the best fairy of them all!

Elaine L.

This looks like such a wonderful place! Your husband looks like he could be Mayara's biological grandfather. There is quite a resemblance there.

I'm happy to hear that you put Sugarwings back in the Pre K Montessori class. Not all kids are ready to start Kindergarten at five. It's better to keep them back, now, that later.


Oh, this looks like the Renaissance Fair that takes place in Hershey, Pa. I haven't been there in almost 20 years and I think it's time to take the kids.

I'm SO HAPPY to hear about Sugarwings. Thanks for taking that sad image of her away and replacing it with a happy little fairy. One more year will make such a difference. If I could put my kids in a Montessori school, I would have. Wish I could have gone to one! Wait...were they even around in the 70s?!


Karla - only you would show us your butt and ask us if it looks bigger with your tiny wings!!!!

I love the name Calliope...and always enjoy seeing pictures of all the beautiful big and little women in your life!

maggie raguse

love the effects you use on your photography. you really have the eye for beautiful compositions. Those costumes in photo 4 are sure amazing. thanks for sharing such a festive experience!


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