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September 28, 2011


Elaine L.

Since you want the grain to show through and you don't want the floor turning yellow or orange on you (it's hard to keep pine from doing that) I like the Jacobean brown wiped off. It's just dark enough to keep the floor grounded.

Is your kitchen going to be open to the dining room?


I have no doubt which ever you choose will be just perfect. I think I like the walnut stain as its the brightest of the bunch. but maybe with the brightness of the rest of your kitchen, the darker would be a better contrast. like I said, what ever you decide will be perfect!
have fun


Most of our floors are pine so I guess I'm used to the orangey shade - like the dark walnut - but Jacobean wiped off also or next best. Isn't all stain wiped on and then wiped off? (Seems like I remember my mother doing that). Your photos of the renovation are wonderful - what an amazing job!


Sounds like you already are leaning towards Jacobean and just need a word of encouragement. Please allow me to contribute: "Go for it!" ;->

As for putty, all I know is that it is wise for me to stay away from using it (I make messes with it I try to block from my memory). So here's my help on that front: "Good luck!" :p

It is exciting to see your kitchen evolving so quickly. Your excitement for this project and all the hands-on you get to do too shines through your posts. A couple more words of advice: "Keep having fun!" * thumbs up *


I like the jacobbean wiped off :o)

Beth in NEPA

For what it is worth, I like the Jacobean wiped off. I like the rustic look. But I am sure you will do what is best since you see the colors in the actual room.

Nancy Stone

I,too, like the Jacobean stain rubbed off. I think it gives an older look than the dark stain full strength.

Jennifer Rizzo

For my floors, I had them mix dark brown and red mahogany. It gave it a really rich, warm feeling.


Jacobean wipe is a very nice distressed dark. My personal favorite is the walnut. Not much contrast, but will lend itself to any decor and be more forgiving of scrapes.
The dark will show a scratch imediatley. Try running a nail across to see what color fills better without sanding.
Love those ceiling tiles too. You are going to be so happy in your new LARGE kitchen.

Linda McMillin

i love the jacobean and was glad when i read it was your favorite. gives you the dark look without being too dark and it's a nice warm color. the ceiling tiles make a person want to drool.


Jacobean wiped off, but i know whatever you pick will be perfect!!


I don't have any experience with these things...but I like the look of the walnut myself. I know...I just have to be different!

Sylvia Heacock

I vote for Jacobean wiped off Karla. It will give contrast to your light colors and accents, but it will be a more subtle contrast.

Terri Gordon

Hi Karla, Thanks for sharing your kitchen with us, it is wonderful to see how fast things are taking shape. It looks beautiful already. My favorite stain is the Jacobean full strength. I love that color and being dark will hide so many things. Have a great week and I can't wait to see more pictures. Hugs, Terri

Jennifer Grenko

I like the walnut, the grain is what you want to see. I think the jacobean wiped off is still too dark. The walnut will look good with your creams and white.

Kate garfield

I used to clean homes for a living and I believe the nicest and easiest kitchen floors to clean were the wood floors stained like "Jacobean wiped clean". It doesn't seem to show the dirt as much as others do.

I'm sure whichever one you pick will be perfect for you. And, I love the whole remodel!

Rochelle Gaukel

Wow Karla! It's coming along really pretty! I love those ceiling tiles! Can't wait to see the finished project....and I love the Jacobean finish...


Wow! Wow, wow, wow....that's all I can say. I think I'd go with the jacobean wiped off myself.....no, not really. I'd probably choose something else...and then not like it. But I think your heart has led you in the right direction thus far...just keep listening to it.


Thespoena McLaughlin

That's so funny, I was studying the colors you had done before I read the rest of your post and I was thinking the jocobean wiped off would be just about perfect and then I read that, that was the one you liked. I think it will look good because it will let the character of your wonderful old wood show through while still giving it a wonderful update that will go very nicely with the rest of your kitchen. And I absolutely ADORE your ceiling, have I said before that I'm green with envy that you found so many wonderful old tin tiles? GORGEOUS!

Brenda Kula

And such a nice big kitchen too! I love it, Karla!

lori oles

Black and walnut mixed and wiped off...I think the contrast would be stunning!


Might want to put a clear coat on your samples because that will change the look entirely unless, of course, you aren't going to varnish after you stain. LOVE the ceiling tiles!


I agree with Jewel that you might want to put clear coat on the samples and then decide. Personally I prefer the warmth of the walnut.


Love the ceiling... I'm surprised you are touching it up- I like it a little worn and chippy....and I like the dark dark color... Black and walnut?


Jacobean full strength, fer sure! I have a creamy kitchen...definitely not white....but a warm cream and my floors are similar to the jacobean. I love them and I get lots of compliments...especially from men. Funny! Can't wait to see it all finished.

mercedes scott

Like many others here, I like the wiped off Jacobean... but let's remember that it will fade a bit over time; so maybe full strength would work as well. If you can't decide, you can always pick a couple of different finishes and go with a jacquard or squared pattern on your floors, using the two finishes alternatively! I saw that in a home decor magazine some time ago and it looked gorgeous!


Well, before the end of your post, I thought "I like Jacobean" so it seems like we're thinking on the same lines. Should be quite perfect!


I do love the Jocobean - also as for the putty , usually there is one that when dry is stainable -- Haven't used it in years , so niot too sure now - It will be lovely -- the darker color wioll anchor the room . Blessings -- it will be beautiful Kathy - ga ♥

Dawn @ The Feathered Nest

Woman....this is going to be SO GORGEOUS!!! I'm so in love with that ceiling, I could scream! What do I love for the floor? Jacobean wiped off...not too heavy but just a gorgeous light shade of dark wood :) Does that make any sense at all? I doubt it, but I never do! hugs and love, Dawn


Black wiped off. The darkness of the black will anchor the room and focus the eye to all the beauty of the rest of the room (and not show every little thing on the floor)
BTW the tin is fabulous!

Suzie Q

I vote jacobean wiped off, or another dark color wiped off. I love the dark wood floors with the cremy whites, and you definitely want to show the wood grain, or you could have just painted it.

Karla Nathan

I almost did paint it, but was glad I didnt have to. I like all the dings and distress marks.

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Donna Anderson

I am surprised you didnt choose to do a creamy color wash over it ,all the textures and grain would show through beautifully.

Sandi ~ A Cottage Muse

Before I read your experiments I like the jacobean wiped off!

Sharon, Morrison Mercantile

I would use an aged cream for the floors, like a beach look. Everything is so clean looking in your kitchen now, that I would make the floor a creamy white, and maybe stencil on it.
Just my idea. You will do a beautiful job which ever way you go.
hugs...I love it so far.


First of all I am sooo jealous of your new ceiling!! I LOVE it!! As for the floor I would go with Jacobean full strengeth or wiped off. You have so many wonderful cream colors going on I would offset it with something darker on the floor. And also the dark color won't show as much wear as a light colored one would. Just my opinion, but as I am sure anything you do will look fabulous!


Gosh girl! You have been busy since I was here last! This is going to be so awesome...and you have my dream ceiling too!
No input on floor color...I'm just here to snoop around!

Kathy Carbone

I don't know if you’ve already painted your kitchen floor, but if I were you, I would choose either dark walnut or jacobean wiped off. That way, the brown tone will stand out against the white ceiling and other furniture, thus giving contrast to your kitchen and giving life to the space. I hope either of those two would be your final answer.

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