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October 21, 2011



Really enjoyed your class! Can't believe it's been a week! Loved your booth and I'm enjoying my purchases!! It was really nice meeting you!


Sounds like an awesome event, wish I was there. It also looks like all of you had a blast ! Karla you are just too cute posing on that tractor and yes, I think the guy behind you was taking it all in. I would love to go to a gathering like that some day. It's on my " bucket list " :o) Sue

Karla Nathan

I hope jenn does another event, she is a master! Kim does great ones too. If you want the magical effect from an art event, those are the ones to go to.

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So much fun! I like best that your smiles grew bigger and bigger.

Have fun at the party with Sugarwings and look forward to more fairy/holiday photos from all the fun you do. ;->

Lori oles

I am loving that photo of you and I!


Carla, those are GREAT pics. It shows how much fun you are. I think that guy was looking up your fairy skirt, lol.
Have fun with your daughter. I bet she missed you so much.
I just got back late Wed. night. I'm still unpacking. So many goodies, and yes your class was easy peasy.
Thank you
Love Claudie from Canada

lynn legge

wow i love all the pictures.. and the scenery is splendid.. isnt fall the best time of year?? im so jealous that i couldnt be there to see all you talented ladies and even take a class or two.. im so happy for you all and you will have great memories to last forever.. :)
big ladybug hugs

Karla Nathan

Yes, it was just beyond beautiful every way you looked! What a colorful time of year.

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Karla Nathan

Thanks, claudie! Wasnt it great? Good luck with the unpacking, I still have to get thru all my supplies yet. It feels good to have the rest put away

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Karla Nathan

Yes there were tons of smiles!

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Your posts always make me giggle and smile, you are such a hoot! It must have been a fantastic event.


oh my gosh the look on that man in the backgrounds face is so priceless. (where you are on a tractor in a barn) so funny!

Debbie H. Blatt

I love the look on the that guys face in the third photo down the one with you laying across the tractor!!! It is CLASSIC!!! I'm sure he has never seen such on his farm or tractor!!

Thanks for sharing!!1



Hi Karla,
Just LOVED seeing all the pictures pop up on FB, blogs and now your blog! Such lovely pictures of a magical time. So wished I could have been there with all of you. Looking forward to seeing you in Dec. It will be here soon!

Sonia Crouse

Hi Karla,
Wow, it has been a week already, where does time go?!! I enjoyed your class, and enjoyed your company. You are so down to earth, I love it!!! I hope we can stay in touch. Love the pictures of you and the tractor...lol

Hugs xoxox

Karla Nathan

Yep, he thought his wife was dragging him on some dull tour, didnt know hed get a show too!

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Karla, this is perfect! I knew you'd have a wonderful time -- but this is the best. I didn't realize you were back when I met Beth on Friday -- I thought you were gone through the weekend or some such thing, of I would have touched base. Of course, KC is a lot farther for you than Beth. Still... It was an area I enjoyed so sometime... I'm back!


I love all your skirts, and that lace top! I didn't know you were having a booth! I am glad you sold out but I want to see what you sold! And can't wait to hear more about it all. So much fun!


Your class was so perfect Karla!! The kits were wonderful and those directions are worthy of a frame!! Everything you made was extraordinary- the mushrooms were my favorite!!

Julie Ann

Love your pictures, Karla!! It looks like you had a great time. You make a perfect faerie! :)

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