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October 27, 2011



I am in love with your remodel, and especially like the contrast of the floor with the creamy palette. I am a regular follower, and each post leaves me in awe. Everything you touch exudes uniqueness, love, and warmth. Thanks for freely posting and sharing your talents.


Oh Karla, your kitchen remodel is so beautiful. I love how the space is all open now. Enjoy it!


All I can say is, "WOW!" I have never seen a more beautiful and lovely kitchen. The floors are divine!



Karla it is amazing!! I kept looking
over and over at the pictures ~
Thank you for sharing it with us!!



YOWZERS! This is the best makeover I have seen in a long time! amazing!


I'm in love!!! Absolutely fabulous! Thanks for the tour!


It is just fab! I love all of it, bit that tin ceiling - oh my gosh! That glass block window was a great idea! The whole thing is just awesome. Congrats!


Love it. It's so perfectly wonderful! I think I have the same dining table.


You did good. Your new fairy name is 'cheapie'. That sounds like a birds name. Hats off to your knack to re-use, shuffle & find the good deals. My fave part. Ceiling & floor! Beth told me about the floor & said it looks even cooler in person. Hope to see it all for myself someday soon.

Theresa Smith

What a transformation Karla! I love everything about it! I love wide open spaces, and what a difference the removal of that wall made! And the floors, speechless! I know you are gonna enjoy this kitchen for a long time! Thanks for sharing it!

Judy B.

Without doubt, this is a beautiful space and a great transformation! Fit for a magazine layout -- anything in the future on that??

I, too, love that wood floor and would be loathe to put any rugs down on it. The ceiling is fantastic and I love the crystal chandeliers!!

Amazing, Karla!!! Thanks so much for sharing all this with us!


Karla- Beautiful!!! I have not had a moment to browse the blogs lately, but had just a few this morn...ran right to yours and WOW, so beautiful. Glad I started my day off with the fresh charming pictures of your remodel!!! It is really lovely!!

Marsha @ Tattered Chick

*Sigh* absolutely beautiful, Karla!!! Truly beautiful.



Your room is really beautiful! The floors turned out great and I love the ceiling!


It is fantastic! I think it is awesome that you have room for a dining table for big people and for smaller people!!

Celeste Hude

Wow Karla, your remodel is just "stunning", so inviting,
Can I come over? Ha! just kidding, maybe someday we will meet,


Love your new kitchen Karla - it´s SO beautiful.
xo Tina

Debbie Juillerat

Wow, Karla...your kitchen is gorgeous! The ceiling is just fabulous!!! Great job; bet you're glad it's finished. Enjoy!

Jennifer Grenko

It has turned out just gorgeous. I'm in love! You will enjoy it so much during the holidays! hugs, Jennifer G.


Wow!...it's so beautiful, Karla! Perfect for parties. And perfect timing for Thankgiving and your littlest fairy's birthday. Love all the light that comes through the backsplash!

Hope PixiePie doing better this morning.


Forgot the "is". :) Hope PixiePie is doing better this morning. I think I've been out of school too long. :)

Kate garfield

oh, boy! I really love the floor and how it all turned out! The pinks and rose colors do add the perfect amount of color to creams and whites. Lovely job, Karla!


Linda McMillin

it really turned out nicely. i am sure i wouldn't get much sleep because i'm not sure i could stop looking and enjoying. i like the idea of reusing things. i think we might be too quick to throw out stuff and gut every room. i also try to buy what i really like and tend to keep the things i buy a long time. nicely done.


Wow you have yourself an awesome Kitchen, I just know you are going to enjoy every inch of it! Hugs, Diane


Hi dear Karla,- This new kitchen of yours, is so very beautiful, wonderful and feminine looking , with the curtains, and the small rose colloured spots- so fantastic a room. congratulations- I know you will spend many,many happy hours there.


Everything is soooo beautiful and looks so fresh!! I love the glass block window in between the cabinets... what a creative way to solve the problem of losing the light. It all looks so homey and really more functional as our families all seem to get larger. The ceiling is just over the top and looks like it has always been there. You should feel so good that you were able to completely utilize what you already had. Just a wonderful job!!

Thespoena McLaughlin

The phrase "My sakes, I shall swoon" comes to mind. My oh my Karla what a gorgeous space fit for the cover of a magazine. It all came together so nicely. It's amazing! So open and inviting and the most perfect place. I know you are going to enjoy it so. And so glad to hear the little sweetie is doing better, makes me happy to hear that. Thanks for sharing and have a great week! Hugs!


I am so glad little Pixie Pie is home! My niece had menningitis when she was an infant and it was pretty scarey. She came thru it without any side effects.

I adore your new kitchen...live thr glass blocks, it all looks so much lighter and brighter and enormous! Plus I love the tin ceilings. Great job!


So glad to hear that Pixie Pie is doing much better - meningitis is pretty scary!

I'm soo jealous of your re-do - it is so gorgeous and so you. I love the before and the after. I'm ready to re-paint and lighten up our kitchen maybe over Christmas break.

Enjoy your "new" space!


My Blessed Serendipity Life

Karla your new kitchen is awesomely beautiful! I love it! I think even Magnolia Pearl herself would be envious. I am so happy to hear that your little pixie is doing better.



The kitchen redo is amazing! So glad Pixie Pie is home from the hospital.

Sandi ~ A Cottage Muse

What a beautiful space for friends and family to gather!!


LOVE LOVE LOVE it all Karla.
I'm really thinking of putting a glass block for my backsplash too. Thanks for the great idea.
ENJOY every single minute of your transformation.
I adore the romantic feel of your rooms.


Oh I love it so much and I can't wait to visit again!

Saucy Chick Sherry

Great news that Pixie Pie is home and recuperating.
Your kitchen and dining area are fabulous. I see such family comfort in every aspect of your new spaces. Home Sweet Home...

Kay Ellen

Oh the kitchen is beyond charming!! I would have to say....Romantic and Enchanting!!
Glad to hear Pixie Pie is feeling better...

Hugs to you and have a wonderful Halloween!!

Kay Ellen


It turned out absolutely gorgeous. All your hard work certainly paid off and I am sure you are going to love entertaining in that big open space.
Very glad to hear your little Pixie Pie is home and on the mend!!


It's glorious Karla!


Karla, your remodel looks fantastic, so open and still so you! Glad little Pixie Pie is better.


Oh, so beautiful and so well done. Love the openess and lightness. Really Fab.
Thanks for sharing!!!

Carolyn@Sweet Chaos

What a beautiful space! It's my first time here, and there's so much to see. I need to go back through the pictures slowly and take it all in. I love your dining table and chairs, and the floors are fantastic! Nice job :)


Thank you for this post! It's been interesting to watch the remodeling via your posts during the process, and this one really emphasizes how much has changed.

I especially like that while the wall has been removed, it is still noticeably your home because all of your special favorite things are still there.


I was walking through my kitchen today and suddenly wondered how yours had turned out. I havent been up to par on my blogging as life takes over once in a while. I had to do a bit of searching but I found this post. Karla, everything looks lovely. You are right, the ceiling is amazing. What really blows me away is that you saw those tiles and found them to be keepable. I would have not had that eye. I also want you to know that I do truly appreciate the constant inspiration that you have given just by sharing your own antics with me. Much love to you Karla, you are a wonderful person and I enjoy having you be a part of my life through bloggerville.


What is the paint color called? It is soothing and beautiful! The kitchen is absolutely gorgeous! I would love to cook in it!

Karla Nathan

Thank you, Lisa. Im sorry but I dont know the colors name. It is Behr, tho.

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