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October 01, 2011



Well, I for one appreciate the "ugly" side . . we all have them in our homes, well I do, LOL!! Although I don't think your fence is ugly, I think it's charming!

We had to put chicken wire around our fence in our other house when Hannah was still with us. She wasn't tiny like yours but she was a digger and would pull the fence boards away if any of them were just a wee bit loose! She wanted to roam the neighborhood and play! We would find her toys scattered throughout our neighbors yards, LOL

We have a window that needs replacing as it leaks when we get heavy wind and rain and after just typing something about leaky windows and MOLD it's on the ever growing list of things to do in our home!!


Kate garfield

I'm not sure there IS an ugly side to your cottage! Charming and quaint it is!

We are having a paint job done on our house and getting some of the trim re-done, also. I can't wait! The hardest part is deciding what color to paint it. We bought it in 1997 and it hasn't been painted since way before that. Hah! Maybe it will keep the neighbors happy, too!

I love the Dorkies and enjoy the pics when you share them.

Enjoy your weekend and soon all the re-model will be finished!


Sharon, Morrison Mercantile

oh thank you for sharing the truth!
We do all have things that are not finished or leaking or something. I should post the big pile of limbs that need to be hauled off, replace the boards under the guttering above my bedroom windows, re-pour the front porch that has a crack that is growing, finish the ugly floor in the family room that i have lived on for a year now because I can't decide if I want wood or tile or carpet. So...it is just part plywood and part linoleum now. Do I need to go on.

I take a day and look at all my blogs, and I am just amazed at the way all the beautiful people live. Now I can relax and know someone else is just now getting things done. hahahah
Your work is great and the kitchen is a love.

Marilyn Pollock

Boy oh boy can I relate to your posts! We have an old house too and I have yet to show my 'ugly' stuff' in my new blog! Lots of work to do but like you I too believe you have to 'pick your battles' ( a favorite saying of mine as well!) Probably like you I find that work on an old house can be hard, long, frustrating, satisfying, creative, intensive, trying and just plain a joy when you have something you've done yourself and it's like no one other's! Please visit me at

http://lifeinthepiedmontvictorian.blogspot.com/ Hope to see you there and thank you for your posts!

Brenda Kula

We might as well show it. Don't we all have an "ugly side" on our property?


Thanks for sharing... Come over to my blog at oatmeal and whimsy to see my latest battle with nature!!!


Karla, I just see shabby and very chic. :)
I totally understand what you are saying, but when there's time, you will transform the area into something so beautiful. Until then, it's shabby cottage and very chic, Char


it's not ugly...it's character. We all need a little of that!

Pattie @ On Hollyhock Farm

I have a very ugly side! And it's a big side! Thank God you can't see it from the front or the road or the back and the other side! Lol. I think I covered it all?


Nice that you are able to get repairs done as well as remodeling. It's rather more satisfying knowing a spot is well-cared for than being able to ignore it.

Elaine L.

A home is a constant commitment of upkeep. It's seems like something always needs fixing.

Karla Nathan

Even newer homes have issues. But old ones have even more.

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I don't even remember seeing that door! It isn't the one you had the vine around, is it?

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