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November 26, 2011



Karla that all sounds soooo good!!! We love
to eat healthy so I am going to definitely start
eating Kale raw ~ I never thought of that for some reason :)
It is always fun to see your pictures!!


Karla Nathan

I always thought of it as an ornamental plant for cold weather. Its delicious too!

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Folk Heart

What a delightful and inspiring post. It is my family and their appreciation of all things organic that have encouraged me to take the same route. Both of my boys are professional chefs, and they are also vegetarians, so I do have my challenges. Your feast sounds fantastic and I know fully well how much work that was for you. One more reason I so enjoy your blog. Would also love to try for the cuff tutuorial...many thanks for your generosity!


Karla, Everything (and everyone) looks wonderful. You are making me feel guiltier than ever for going to a restaurant this year! Would love a chance at the tutorial. Your cuff bracelets are always so charming.

Gypsy Rose

Haven't had a completely organic Thanksgiving since I was a teen and while we didn't have an organic Thanksgiving this year, we did have a drama free Thanksgiving and for that I am very thankful!
Love seeing your family in your newly reno'd kitchen. Everything looks great and everyone looks happy. That's what it's all about! tfs


Very expensive to go organic, I don't use mixes for anything always from scratch, can be time consuming but the results are always amazing (most of the time) hehe....you kitchen looks awesome, would love to see it in person, maybe for a class in 2012.....would love to win

thank you


I had to laugh....your story is what being Thankful is all about to me...so much joy...and you always have such lovely tutorials....would love to enter....


Karla, I received the mini bottle brush wreaths I ordered and they are absolutely beautiful! The whole presentation with the picture, tag and little tree..just beautiful. Thank you for making your packages so special.


Dear Karla, your organic meal sounds like the most delicious thing ever- and love the photoes from your kitchen with your family --The decoration with bird and pumpkins are gorgeous.
Your cuffs are so wonderful, and I would love to win one.

nancy thompson

Sounds like a very happy and healthy way to celebrate. I am trying to do the same with our grandkids here in in Illinois. I love shopping the local farmers markets. I must remember to put kale on my list. Love your kitchen...and I would love to win the bracelet tutorial !

Kate garfield

I would love to be included for a cuff tutorial. I love your cuff bracelets!
Your dinner with your family looks like everyone had a wonderful time!
We had a very old fashioned dinner with friends. Both our friends' family and ours live away from here so we got together and had a great day.
I am thankful for your website and all you share with us.
take care,


Love that sweet little child's table!

Karla Nathan

Arent they cute in their play dress up clothes? You cant see her face, but sugar wings had got into my makeup and mascaraed her brows to the extreme

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Elaine L.

It looks like you had a lovely Thanksgiving! It's great that you're teaching the kids how to eat healthy.

I love your new kitchen and how you have opened up the living area of your home. And, the kids table, how cute is that!

I would love to be entered to win the tutorial for the cuff bracelet.


Mary Green

everything looks delicious! any leftovers?


Sounds like a great time with everyone being together. I admire your organic measures. I'm sure it was all yummy. I wasn't 100% but, did most of it from scratch too. Happy Holidays! HUGS!


I'm glad to hear you had such a success with your 24-hour cooking marathon. Only you can say if the effort was worth it, but from your descriptions and the bright photos it looks like the answer is "Yes!"

Happy Thanksgiving, Karla!

My Blessed Serendipity Life

Your dinner sounded fantastic. I have never made a pumpkin pie from a fresh pumpkin before but I bet it was delicious! The dinner always tastes so good when you have your friends and family enjoying it with you.



Wow 3x as much? I knew they were more expensive, but that's a lot. Our market gave free turkeys when you spent $300 in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving. Sounds and looks like you had a wonderful day! And getting kids to eat healthy when they're young is wonderful.

I'd love to win one of your beautiful cuffs - who wouldn't?!

Enjoy the season!


Oh, I know, I know -- about the cost. But I also know your dinner was delicious! It sounds like it was wonderful. How was the color on your pies? 'Just curious.

Suzanne Wingfield

Thanks for sharing your Thanksgiving with all of us! Love the new kitchen and I would like to enter your drawing for the cuff tutorial.


Your Thanksgiving dinner sounds divine. I'm so glad that your kitchen was finished just in time. Please enter me in your drawing for the cuff tutorial. Thanks.

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