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November 12, 2011


Julie H

So sweet! That's kinda how I became a two kitty home again. My Sandy disappeared for a few days this summer. I noticed she was missing on a Thursday evening and by Monday morning I just couldn't stand it any longer. I went to my grandma's house and picked up a new kitten (he was 8wks when I got him). The next morning, my Sandy came home. She is such a happy cat now that she has a playmate. And Abu, the baby, is just as happy with us.

lynn legge

ohh gosh that picture of sugarwings sleeping made my heart melt.. i have two granddaughters and i would give my life for them.. and funny.. my youngest granddaughter is two.. lol and they just got a kitty... you are a wonderful gramma and such a talented lady.. im in awe every time i visit your blog..
have a wonderful weekend... and glad the kitty came home..
we have never let our cats out.. they have always stayed in.. our only cat left is a 15 year old furry monster lol but we do love him..
big ladybug hugs


I have had lots of cats over the years and never had one who didn't figure out the cat box. If you want to keep a cat for a long life, you pretty much have to make them indoor cats. I know you have coons (plus Mean Tom) and maybe coyotes, too. Anyhoo, your kitty came back, and now has a sibling. Maybe it was a tactic?? SugarWings now has 2 furry new babies to spoil.


Ohhhh....that's such a sweet ending!!! We're a kitty lovin' family, too, so that story just make me very happy!!!

A little scrawny kitty found me four years ago....just hours away from drawing her last breathe. I took her to the vets...and they saved her. I kept her isolated from my other cat and gr. dog for a couple of weeks..mainly because she was so sick. Then, I slowly let them get to know each other. In a matter of days, they all had adjusted. BUT each critter has his/her own little personality...sometimes it isn't so easy "blending" them! :)

I saw you like Bottoms Up.....are you attending in Dec.? I can't believe I've only been to those shops once...and I live in the KC area! I know several dealers who have booth spaces in the various shops....and I know Sandee Millett. :)

Have a great weekend...and I LOVE the Dorothy shoes you decorated!! I didn't know they were silver in the original story!



What a sad shame. I pray that kitty is okay. Pets aren't toys. You just lost a follower.


God Bless you for taking in two little kitties :-) I myself have taken in yet another one... I'm up to three indoor cats, 1 indoor/outdoor cat ---and 1 outdoor cat :-)

Now.... I've had to train two cats how to use the litter box... if your interested, this is how I did it. I made a couple of "paper balls" and tossed them into the cat box-- the cats went after them... starting scratching around, and before you know it, they start to dig and "go" Anywho, I did this after I fed them a few times a day and they now use it faithfully. *whew*


So glad to hear that kitty came back.

Sheryl Means

Such sweet faces. My dogs & cats have all been rescues - I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm so happy it all worked out for everyone.


I am a fool. I am so sorry. I misread your post. I thought it ended when you replaced the cat. I didn't see the part where he returned. I am so sorry.


Sugarwings may not be able to appreciate it for many, many years, but being willing to suffer through allergies so that your family can enjoy their favorite pet(s) is a huge sacrifice of love. You are an angel, Karla.


oh my goodness Karla. I have two indoor cats.. but no allergies. but my daughter Jen also has two indoor cats and allergies. She has gotten used to living with her own, but mine bother her! go figure!
I'm glad the other returned. I got a great chuckle out of your story though. you are a perfect grandmother. your grandlittles are very lucky.
enjoy those kitties!

Karla Nathan

Weve done lots of shelter pets over the years and Ive donated to the local shelter too. They deserve a lot of credit for what they do.

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What an adorable pictureof her and her kitty sleeping!


I am so very happy for your new cat-kids, Sugarwings and all of you! Especially now that the first returned. Makes me smile!

Susan Reaney

I am so happy to hear the ending but poor Sugarwings. She looks like she has been crying in the picture that she is holding the two cats. I am so glad you have two. My nose can't tolerate them either, Karla. Sure hope you get better!!!


As the owner of two black and white kitties: Congratulations! My vet swears that black and white cats have the sweetest temperaments, and if my two are any indication, she's right. Looks like the same is true of yours.


oh my goodness..what a sweet "tail" lol of love.....you are a great grandma...give sugerwings a hug for me, as I love kitties and would love to have dozens, but just have 2 old kitties !!!!


I believe there is a song about making plans!

A joyous picture of love!


Hahahahahahahahahaha! That's the best story I've heard in a long time. How did you explain to SugarWings about the other kitty? Too funny!

Loved that pic of the two of them sleeping together.


Lori Anderson

Gorgeous, sweet felines, and a sweet little girl, too!

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