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November 08, 2011


Lisa Bivona

I agree, do what you can and don't fret! Enjoy life and all it offers! Thanks for this post, I think it reminds us all to just do what we can at our pace!



A gal can do only what a gal can do, no worries, bee happy I say! Hugs Karla and enjoy the holidays including the pre-season. Marilou xoxo

Marilyn McIldoon

You still run circles around me Karla! I have a question regarding the bottle brush trees. I bleached a batch of them (some got over processed and melted), and had trouble trying to get them perfectly white. I haven't dyed them as yet, do you just use Rit dye powder? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks Marilyn

Gypsy Rose

Luv the light switch cover and the pink jewelry. Like the no fret rule. I think we all need that. I'm a gal that loves lists, but rarely follow them as I'm easily distracted.

'She was going to save the world today, but something shiny caught her eye.' This pretty much sums me up.
Keep posting often as I luv the distraction.


Karla ~ Girl you are making me smile because I am soooo very much like your list of things about you :)


I'm just where you are. I've got plenty to add to my shop, but haven't had the time...and in some cases, motivation, to do all the necessary work to get them listed. It's alot of time taking pics, organizing, uploading, downloading, front loading!!!

Heidi Meyer

You have encouraged me to try to implement the "no fretting" rule here too. I adore the holidays and I am always chasing my tail anyway, lol. So much of your post I can relate to! Have a beautiful week filled with the good stuff like Sugarwings and dvr love. xxoo Heidi


I share your love of TV/DVR and also spend way too much time with ours. I noticed you missed it when you travel. I have a device called a Sling box that you attach to your DVR and you can watch your DVR anywhere on a computer over the internet. Imagine a little piece of home no matter where you are and less time catching up when you get back. I can't live without mine.

Jenny Sellars

Love the no fretting idea. I do kind of have that philosophy in my life, but I especially like it now during the holidays!!

Red Rose Alley

I visited your blog today - I saw you on 'Cottage and Broome.' Your blog is so lovely, and the picture of the pink diamond is so unique. While I was scrolling down, I noticed the diamond bracelet. My mother had one that was very similar to that, and when she passed away, it was handed down to me. Me and my daughters started a new blog, and we would love it if you could visit us and follow. I would enjoy coming back to visit with you. Your blog is filled with beauty, and I am leaving here today with a smile. I hope to hear from you, and have a lovely week.
~Sheri at Red Rose Alley


Oh Karla, I can SO relate to this post! I wear myself to an absolute frazzle thinking I have to get every single thing done, PLUS get some extra done so I can be ahead of the game when the next big wave of things comes.
I do it at home and at work and did it to the point where it started affecting my physical health to the point I needed medication.
About a month ago I made a decision that I have to just be in the moment and think about this one thing I am doing and not allow my mind to race ahead to the next (dozen) things. It is HARD when you are hard-wired this way but I can feel it making a difference. I am sending you well wishes. NO FRETTING!!!!

Susan Reaney

So sorry you have been sick Karla. I see you are making up for it...;-)

Karen Valentine

Hey Karla! I think we can all relate to that!! Sorry you've been ill though. I HATE being sick! I popped over to your shop and was thrilled to find you had rhinestones by the foot! I promptly made a purchase for 3 feet! Yeah!!! I've been needing some and haven't gotten around to shopping for it! Thanks!!!


Karla, thanks so much for the clever insightful 10 things.
I too sing like I am alone...or maybe I am alone because I sing...has to be some reason everyone was happy I moved to the basement LOL
You really are such an inspiration to so many.
...I can tell by the tone of your post you are relaxing!!!
Okay, sarcasm aside, your posts are some of my favorite.
Take care of you keep smiling and creating


No fretting is a great rule! I am thrilled beyond belief to be the new owner of the cherub light switch plate! I loved it when I saw it at your house!

Folk Heart

I love your blog...your wonderful style with your beautiful house...your attitude about all that is looming overhead...and most importantly, your sense of humor: "Old stuff just gets older, it doesn't rot or start to stink." Ha!


I like these lists! And go, NPR!

I hope by now you are feeling much better, not fretting and life is good once again!


Good for you choosing to enjoy the holidays instead of fretting them away.

Have fun decorating and redecorating during the rest of the year. ;->

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