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November 04, 2011



sounds like someone didn't get her/their flu shot?? Hope your family feels better soon.


Awwww...feel better, Karla. And your guys too.
I was going to buy the tutorial, but lucky me, I was able to snag a kit too. Now if I can just keep my daughter from stealing it. :)


Oh, my! I do hope all of you feel much better real soon! Those awful 'bugs' are no fun at all!

Elaine L.


I don't think that most men see messes. I don't think their brains are wired that way.

Hopefully, the kiddos wont' get it. They've been plenty exposed.

Those cuffs are beautiful!



Glad you are feeling better, Karla! That stuff is NO fun. Men do have "selective" sight!! Love the cuff bracelets!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents


I am so glad you are feeling better! Stomach bugs are the worst, they just stampede through the family like a tidal wave. I hope it is over soon!!


I am reading A dance with Dragons book 5 in the Game of Thrones series have you read them all?Mind you I have waited 5 yrs for this one I think.Have you seen the Mini Series? I love your cuffs may do the course at some time.

Karla Nathan

That is a very polite way to frame it, selective is a good term.

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Suzanne Wingfield

Karla, what a miserable week you have had. I hope that you regain your strength quickly...and those courageous menfolk too.

Saucy Chick Sherry

So sorry the sick bug got to you and the boys. Your cuffs are lovely. Hopefully you will be able to enjoy this busy holiday season without feeling sick.


Hope everyone is feeling better soon. I took care of my little grandaughter while she had it last week.
It does seem to be a nasty strain!!

Karla Nathan

Yes, sherry, good point! I guess Im lucky to have it early and out of the way! No sick tummy over the holidays!

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Karla Nathan

Thanks, Suzanne!

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Oh you poor dear -- I hope you are feeling much better by the time I'm reading this, on Wednesday!


Dew Drop is so irresistibly cute!

Glad you got better. Being sick is no fun, yuck! It's always good to know you are crafting, because when you are to sick to craft it is just sad. Sorry that you had to play nursemaid when you yourself were still on recovery's road.

PS, Your hands and nails look fine. It annoys me when pictures of crafters have unrealistically manicured nails. Crafting is hands-on, not show-off false fashion.

PPS Oh, guys see messes, all right. They see laundry, too. They just don't care, so it doesn't hit the "It matters" radar for them.

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