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November 10, 2011



I LOVE your shoes!! They came out so pretty and I bet Sugarwings loves them!


Oh I have to go visit Lisa when I'm finished here. Love the idea of using the old shoes. I'll have to see if my nieces kept any of their old ballet slippers!

The goodies for the shop are dreamy!

And one last thing - What the heck was your Dad thinking? :D

Enjoy your day!

Julie Ann

So much loveliness!! First off, I love the ballet slippers! I have been wanting to make a pair myself, but I will have to find the time next month! Congrats on filling your stores! :) Just in time for the holidays... I'll have to sneak a peak and make a list for the hubby :) And that is such a cool story about your name!

Nancy Stone

I can't wait to see pictures of the kitten!


I love, love, love the shoes! I can't wait to make some using my daughter's shoes. As always you do a beautiful job. I'm glad to know that your store is filling up for the holidays. I will have to put a few items on my wish list and tell my hubby.

Cute story about your name. Sugarwings might like to watch a movie called "The Pebble and the Penguin". It's about a penguin named Hubie and is voiced by Martin Short. My son loves it.


I Love the Shoes!! and the Cuffs! I am so glad you don't go by Hubie either!

Huggs, Nancy

PS Love, Love Love your New Kitchen!! Lucky Girl~

mercedes scott

Oh, Karla, those shoes are fabulous! I'll need to stop by Lisa's for a look! And it looks like you've been super busy photographing and listing... I'm heading over to purchse the cuff tutorial; they might be fun to try. Have a lovely weekend with the new kitten :)


Okay Karkie it is!!! I know what you mean about names, I get called Pamela all the time {I was only ever called that when I was in trouble LOL} What are you going to do with the signature you found?
You know everytime you discover something fantastic to make, it goes on my increasing list of things I must do.
Forget the traveling bucket list, I am going to have to start a "Muse 't' create list"
Thanks for sharing keep smiling and creating


Such wonderful things- and LOVE the shoes Karla-

Kate garfield

I love the slippers!
And, Karkie such a fun name, too! All I was ever nicknamed was stuff like "Chatty Cathy", "four-eyes" and "Freckle face Strawberry"..... oh, the memories! Maybe you could go with Karkie-Hubie? wink, wink ;-)
How will the Dorkies do with the new kitten?

take care,


I will always be Deet to me and to the few family members I have left! Lots of pretties here -- I've missed blog time for a few weeks and much to catch up on!

lynn legge

aww karla those red slippers are adorable... and what more special it is that your little angel wore them ... such a treasure.. i can picture them in a little shadowbox...
and such pretties you have in your shop... im gonna have to put some on my wish list for christmas... mebbe santa will hear...
have a wonderful weekend.. big ladybug hugs

Randy Nathan

Hey HUBIE!!!!!

Great Slippers, I love my mantle decor so much I am not changing it until Christmas! I will sprinkle a few Fall leaves and some pumpkins ( A Magic White Pumpkin )and call it a day! What a special Mantle it is from my sister "KARKIE" Love ya sis!
Baby Bro -


Good luck keeping up with your shops!

I think it's wonderful that Sugarwings gets to help you do the bottle brush Christmas trees again this year.

Yeah, it's a nice quirk that family nicknames stick for life. Karkie, huh? But if that's what you want to be called, why is it Karla's Cottage?

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