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November 03, 2011



Looks like you had alot of fun Karla and you look great in all your attire! Have a wonderful and creative week! Hugs Marilou


If you were too loud, there is no way to be able to tell from the pictures. Nothing there but excited smiles and happy girls.

Good luck with all the projects, trips, and holiday foofing you have coming up!


Karla, I just love those 2 last posts of yours- such wonderful dayes, you have all had. There are so many fun and sweet photoes- and all you made looks so magic and fantastic. Thanks for showing all us ,---for whom all this events are impossible --- the great fun.
Hugs Dorthe


I thought swaps were all about aprons & fat books, but this one is such a unique idea! I just caught up on your blog & read all the posts about the retreat. It was seriously beautiful & very over the top!
Karla you are so funny.... obnoxiously waiving your wand, snoring your poor roomies into next week, writing class notes in the bar & posing with your leg up in the air!! You are one of a kind, love it.
Really like the Wendy Addison-ish dome class. Very cool idea, love it. I like how you put the fairy in yours.
Thanks for sharing it all.

Jenny Sellars

What about a New Years Fairy Swap? Could be due January 15th or something?
It looks like you guys had so much fun! Wish I had been able to go!

Julie Ann

Karla- everyone's crowns look adorable!! What an awesome swap :) I'm sure no one minded you being "loud and obnoxious"! That always makes it more fun, hehe :)


You had me at Fairy..of course.
I will be watching and waiting for this one Karla.
Everyone looks so happy, amazing how a little crown brings out the fairy princess in everyone. {PS someone has to take charge LOL}
Keep smiling and creating


Loud?? Oh no! You were a very sweet dainty organized Fairy swapper Hostess. lol I was so glad I got to see everyone's. What lovely creations. Everyone was smiling and laughing and fit their personalities. Thank you so much for Hostessing something so fun. You are trully a doll. And I loved Your light up vibrate fairy wand. hahaha We need Fairy wands for our fairy laurels....hmmmmmm. So wonderful meeting you and I hope we get to do this all again soon. Graace xoox


What a fun trip! All the girls creations are gorgeous. Looks like everyone used the "good stuff".
You say obnoxious and loud like it's a bad thing. :)


You, obnoxious? Now that is definitely one word which does NOT apply to you. Completely crackers, eccentric, the bestest granny on the block, fabbydabby artist, yes, but the O-word, nope. I love your posts and if you are ever in France, I am so gonna stalk ya, lol.

Jackie, from TEXAS

What an amazing time. I so wish I was closer so I can be a part of such a fun gathering. You guys all look great and what fun you are all having/had.

Gypsy Rose

The pics of this event just get better and better. But the part about a fairy swap that involves us stalkers out in blogland???? Oh! My! YES! Yes! Yes! Can't wait.

Judi Storm

I was thinking the same thing as Gypsy Rose.
BLOG STALKERS UNITE!!! I would love to do another of your swaps. However I would like to wait until after the Holidays. I know beggars can't be choosers. Thinking about Fairy land after the Holiday let down would be just the thing for us mid west folk, don't ya think? :)
Thanks for your consideration to this long, wordy, poorly written comment. All the best. Judi in Wahoo

Karla Nathan

I think you are right, Judi, a post holiday swap would be better for most of us. Im overwhelmed just thinking about it, because November and December are such busy times. I just lost most of a week of work time in my bed with the flu too

Sent from my iPad

Karla Nathan

Yep, you saw the loud me in person, Grace! I hope jenn wasnt horrified, she is so ladylike and delightful.

Gosh, it was a great swap, wasnt it? Thanks for joining. Im glad we got to meet, hope to see you at more events! Especially if there is a bonfire to bond over.

Sent from my iPad

Susan Reaney

Ah, what fun! So many great art things going on! Looks like you had a wonderful time,

Andrea Villarreal

Such a fun swap!! My best one:) And I see the back of my head in there lol! Just signed up for the cuff tutorial thank you!!


I can't wait for your next swap!

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