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November 18, 2011



Karla I LOVE your ornament makeovers ! What an awesome idea. They are all so adorable . Thanks for the inspiration :o) Sue

Tricia k. Johnson

Karla, You are sooooo incredibly creative!!! What a fabulous idea!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!
Tricia K.


Oh, they are precious and they must have been fun to create!


Love them! You are just too, too clever! I think I have a bunch of those little guys, or similar ones. Might have to try this idea. Thanks for the glitter glue tip too.


So adorable! And thank you for the heads up on the glitter paint.


ooooh how stinkin cute! I love them. You are so creative so cleaver. thank you for sharing this fabulous idea. Grace xoox


those are ADORABLE! amazing how UGLY they started out...you have a great eye!!

Cindy Morris

These are sooo sweet!! Thanks for the inspiration!! I have used the glitter paint from Martha Stewart & I agree. It takes tons of coats & frustrating! I added it to other paint...


How do you come up with all these ideas?!! I've seen these little wooden guys all the time, but they never appeal to me. Then you come along and create something so beautiful!

fairyyellowbug (Norma)

Karla you are a generous soul! THANK YOU FOR THIS POST! Whoever thought of this (you!!) is brilliant. Those garish painted things are everywhere. I've always liked the idea of them but not them themselves. Now I adore them done up this way. And thanks for the tip about the M.S. paint. Gosh she does things right hey? I have to admit I place her glitter top drawer. So I'd of gone for the paint too. Now, not so much. Thanks again Karla! Greetings of the season to you and Sugarwings and your loved ones. *smiles* Norma


What a fun project! I keep saying I am going to re-do my big angel chime because it has a nativity of garishly painted people with Asian features. Doesn't really scream Christmas but it is a nice big wooden one. Something like this just might do the trick.


Yep, when my son was a little boy, we decorated our tree in nothing but these little wooden ornaments. I boxed up a whole huge bag of them recently to take to Goodwill but have not gotten around to it yet. They won't be going anywhere now, that's for sure! So creative...and FUN!

Marilyn McIldoon

These are deliciously sweet Karla, they look like candy!

Misses Peach

Karla you can make nothing into a million dollars just with the wave of your magic wand!
Holiday blessings to you and yours...from the other Karla


Hello Karla!
Those are adorable!
You are so creative .Thanks

Saucy Chick Sherry

How very smart of you to see the potential in those little bright colored wooden cuties. You have given them new life and made them extra adorable with new personalities. Happy selling...


This is the best idea! They are precious.


A darling transformation. I can barely eek out one item a day...on a good day. This dusting and vacuuming is getting in the way of more important stuff.


These are just charming. I've never been a fan of those wooden ornaments, but I really like how you transformed them.


Thanks for stopping by my blog! I just went by to visit yours and let me tell you those ornies you painted are the cutest thing. You are a talent, they look so festive & happy.



These are adorable. I just have to go and play with glitter NOW!

the polka dot closet

Oh, aren't you glad you bought them and had a vision! They are just darling, yep that looks like fun!



Karla, I don't know how I've missed your blog but this is my first time over and your work is so beautiful. I can see a late evening of browsing past posts one night soon. I am going to ask a crafting 101 question but it's something I haven't figured out yet. What is the best way to apply glitter to a non-flat item like these cute figures? Do you use a spray adhesive? If so which one? Thanks, Patty


Soooo absolutely adorable. Love love love!


Too cute! You have got a whole little village of those darling little people! Bet you had a big smile on your face all the time while you were transforming them. They are so adorable.


Oh I can totally tell you had so much fun making those little guys!


Hey, I know those little guys! Had ones just like them on the Christmas tree when I was a kid. I like how you transformed them into white and pink candy critters.

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