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December 22, 2011



because of you i am working my way into a white office.lol your house is amazing!


All the lights are just magical! And I love the idea of swapping a book! So cool that you got a long lost book that you've been searching for!


I love your house. I have been following your blog for 2 yrs. now. I love the ceiling you have! Please enter me in the drawing. I wish you and your family a very
Merry Christmas!! and A Happy New Year!


Everything looks beautiful Karla - I would love to see it in person! Have a wonderful holiday. J


Your home is gorgeous! Have you ever thought of writing a home decor book? I love your kitchen remodel. A book club sounds fabulous! Where do you find the time to do all these things..
Merry Christmas!


Wow! What a beautiful home, Merry Christmas to you and yours! X


FABULOUS!!!!! That just about says it all!!

Donna Anderson

well i got whatever bug you have , whipped up lots of cookies , antiqued a dresser before going to bed and am now eying more stuff that needs tweaking. \thanks for the inspiration !

Janet Ghio

Beautiful table and I love the ambient light also. Dumb question, but it seems like the sugar scrub would be sticky--even though I know it must not be or people wouldn't want to use it. Merry Christmas karla!

Gypsy Rose

The lights are fantastic! Gorgeousness all around.

Karla Nathan

I thought the same thing about a sugar srub til I tried one from bath an body works. That got me hooked. They really do make your skin feel good. The coconut oil leaves a moisturizing coat on your skin.

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Karla Nathan

Thanks, Kate! Actually I did write a book, but Ive never done a thing with it. I should get it out, reread it, tweak it and see if I still like it.

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Karla Nathan

Well, Julie, soon Ill be having sign ups for classes here, and hope to have multiple dates. Maybe I will see you here in my kitchen for lunch at some event in 2012?

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Tricia k. Johnson

Major book club bonus ~ Heading on over to Karla's Cottage for some Fantastic Winter Frolic!!!!
Those lucky Ladies…if you hosting again next year sign me up…I can read!!!!
Beautiful Kitchen and décor Karla!!! Congrats ~ I'm sure all of the ladies had an amazing time!!!
Tricia K.

Mary Kiczenski

Your house (cottage) is gorgeous...truly magical. I love the tin ceilings...and the lace curtains! Your table and all the glitz looks fabulous. I'll be returning to take another peek from time to time. I just can't get enough of the unique beauty.


Oh, I would have liked to have been there! I love the idea of the little lights under lace on the buffet!

Ruth Flowers

Frohe Weihnachten !! + Frohes NeuesJahr I love all you'r post . You'r Kitchen is so nice . i'm looking at your blog for more then 4 years, love it all. Karla all the best for you + your fam .


Gorgeous!! It looks like a winter wonderland in your home. So warm and inviting. Have a very Merry Christmas! May Santa bring you lots of treasures. Grace xoox


Your home is so beautiful karla. Love All the light and beautiful displayes and decorations.
Wishing you a wonderful Christmas

becky d

Beautiful!! So much romance and bling in your home....and just the right amount of each!

Sharon, Morrison Mercantile

Oh yes, yes!!! Your home is georgous and so Christmasey. I am entering your contest of something beautiful from you!!
I love the popcorn Christmas trees that Hippy Chick made. You are blessed.


Ohh Karla, your house is so wonderful - a winter wonder land. I just love everything you do!!! Thanks for sharing it with us in blog land.

Kim Caldwell

Gorgeousness as always! I guess California is too far to come for a book club! Bummer! ;)




Your house is an artsy Christmas wonderland - something beautiful at every turn! Thanks for sharing the beauty.

Marilyn McIldoon

Karla, such a magical party! You must have had a lot of fairies, elves and the such visiting!


Everything looks wonderful! I never tire of seeing pictures of your new kitchen!!! (I can't wait until I can get mine painted white - it will still be small but at least it won't be so dark!)
I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!

Margie Staniszeski

OMG just simply gorgeous! Your home is truly a Christmas Wonderland. TY for the 'recipes' for the salts and scrubs. I'm going to try them! What fun! Merry Christmas!

Folk Heart

You have such a great eye, and I am always inspired when I visit your blog. You've got what it takes!


It looks like you had a wonderful party! Your home is just beautiful. It was definitely a treat for the eye! Merry Christmas!

Carolyn Simpson

Karla, Just found your blog and love it. So many beautiful things you have. Merry Christmas!!!

Jenny Sellars

how fun! I love relazing baths so I might just have to run to wallyworld tonight to make up some of that bath soak!! I know after this weekend I will need it!! LOL! Merry Christmas to you and yours! Have a very Happy Happy!


Your new kitchen/dining area is just so beautiful!

Karla Nathan

We were all dancing to Xmas music last night, it was great to have the space!

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I have got to change book clubs! Mine didn't do a thing! lol

You have such a lovely home Karla. Reading would be a pleasure here!


Karla, your house with the white holiday theme is just gorgeous. Kim has nothing on your own "pretty"! Love all the lights and sparkle. I'm one of those who doesn't like bright light either. I go around with no lights on until even I realize I may just trip and break my neck if I don't turn on that switch. But when my Christmas trees are up, those lights are on all day long.


Glad that it was a great party and you got to enjoy your new kitchen fully!

Who wrote "The Mirror"? I tried to do a search for it and 1978, but don't think I found the right one at Amazon.com

Tashia Jacques

Hello! I love viewing all your holiday cheer...your house is very festive indeed. It was great seeing you at Kim's and spending the day creating away! Thank you.


So beautiful! Feel free to join our book club anytime! I love the bath salts idea -- I've seen recipes before, never tried them, but what a great party favor. I do the lights under fabric, too. It's so magical! I suspect it's all magical at your house -- the kind of magic that looks like it just happened and took hours (and a great eye!) to create!

Belated Christmas greetings and Happy Boxing Day!

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