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January 11, 2012



Oh goodness....I am a blubbering mess. I am so sorry that this is so long for Sparkle. They are so sweet and loved so well. I am praying for your family, you have been through a lot this last week. my goodness.

I wonder if you truly know how beautiful Sugarwings is....she is lovelier than any model I have seen in a magazine. I am sure she could be famous one day...she is a lovely little girl and has "the look" of a professional model!!

Have a good day, the best day you can. Hoping Sugarwings heals rather quickly. Bless her heart!

Danielle @ Blessed Serendipity

I am sorry that you and your family have been through so much these last few days. So sorry about your dear Sparkle and hoping that Sugar Wings feels better real soon.


Kim Caldwell

You poor thing sweetie ~ what a way to start 2012! I know you are a strong, wonderful woman and will persevere through these difficult days. Wish we could turn back the clock a month and you were here so I could give you a big hug and make you stomp your feet laughing at Starbucks. Love you. . .


Dawn @ The Feathered Nest

Oh Karla, I'm so sorry about your precious Sparkle...these sweet creatures become such wonderful members of our families, always there to love us. That lil' Sugarwings is one tough cookie!!! I remember Noah crying out in the night too with his legs...he had a two rods put inside the bone ~ the pains will gradually decrease. I'm glad the hubs is feeling better too, those things terrify me!!! Hoping now that three bad things have happened...it's time for some great stuff! hugs and love, Dawn


I am so so sorry about your beloved Sparkle. Sending many hugs for you Sugarwings and your husband


I am so sorry about Sparkle! They are such wonderful fur children and always remain in our hearts! Now the rest of 2012 will be smooth sailing!

jeanine mayden

so sorry for your loss. she sure did have some wonderful pups. wish i could have gotten one in the last litter. i know she will be missed. how is agnus rose taking it? praying for speedy recovery for sugarwings and hubby. God bless,jeanine


So sorry abt Sparkle. Its so hard to lose one of our furbabies. I'm glad Sugarwings and your hsb are on the road to recovery...


Oh, Karla. How much more must your sweet family endure? I'm soooo very sorry about Sparkle, but your tribute to her is so sweet and speaks volumes about the love you had for her. So glad hubby and Sugarwings are doing okay. Now take care of yourself, too, hear?!? Love and Prayers.


Your will to be strong balanced by feeling things deeply impresses me, Karla.

Just hearing about this last week breaks my heart. I'm so sorry that Sparkle has had to move on so quickly, even before your family could recover from the double-hospital trip.

It's sappy, but I genuinely hope that the happiness you've had with Sparkle will help keep your own eyes sparkling for the rest of your life. *hug*


So very,very sorry to learn about your little Sparkle..what a darling name...losing a beloved pet is hard.
Glad to hear your hubby and Sugarwings are out and about. Chainsaws are very scary, even the hedge trimmer gives me the "willies"...
Take care.


Oh, dear, I'm so sad about little Sparkle, but glad she's not suffering any more. Hold onto the good memories of what a terrific mom she was to her puppies.
Glad to hear that Sugarwings and your husband are mending!
Hang in there!


Boy Karla I am sure sorry to hear all this crazy stuff you are having to deal with right now. I sure hope things turnaround for you all! Best of Luck with that Grand peep in a cast... that would be very hard. Two of our children had an arm cast when they were young and it's hard. Hugs, Diane

Janet Ghio

So sorry about Sparkle. We love our fur babies so much.

Thespoena McLaughlin

So sorry about your precious pup. Hugs!


So sorry to hear about your fur baby. Hugs.

glad to hear the rest of your crew are improving.

Christine N

I'm so sorry about Sparkle! She was such a precious doggy and it's so hard to lose our little fur babies!!! I'm glad the Sugar Wings is doing well. Maybe she'll even become ambedextorous (sp?) with breaking her arm so young.

Margie Staniszeski

OHH I'm so sorry to hear about your horrible week :( I'm so happy though to know your granddaughter and hubby are okay!!

And my deepest condolences on losing your baby, Sparkie Jo. I am a huge dog lover and I know the pain of losing a pet. May your memories of her always warm your heart.

Things 'run in 3's, they say' so now you can look forward to great things coming your way! Hugs~~~


Hi Karla, I'm sorry to hear of your latest happenings. Sending hugs your way.


Terri Gordon

Hello Karla, I am so sorry to hear about Sparkle, boy what a hard week for you and your family. These things happen in our family and I always think of 3's and am so relieved when it ends. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers, hoping that things get better. Hugs, Terri

Cindy Is Crafty

Karla, I am so sorry to hear of your puppy's passing, but am glad to hear that hubby and Sugarwings are getting better.


Karla I'm so sorry to hear about Sparkle, just brings tears to my eyes thinking about it. I hate to see good-bye post like this but I know they are necessary, my babies are getting old now too and it breaks my heart to see them slow down. Glad your Sugar Wings and Hubby are doing better. Hugs to you and your family and my best to all of you this coming year. love Marilou

Marilyn Parker

Karla ~ I've been so sorry to hear about all your trials during the past week. Yet, during all this, you have continued to be such an inspiration to all of us. Thanks.
Marilyn in Missouri


Ok, you poor thing you have had enough. WOW. So glad your little one is up and about, and your husband is on the mend. My heart breaks a little every time a dog dies. Makes my job as a Vet Asst. hard but, I would rather care than not. From work and personal experience the faster the better and it is never easy on you either way. I hope you can get some rest and peace this weekend.
Hugs and prayers, Lisa

Julia - Vintage with Laces

I'm very sorry for your loss of sweet little Sparkle, Karla. This is so sad. It's good to hear that Sugarwings and your husband are on the mend. I wish you and your family all the best.


she is running around with all the other doggies in heaven! xo


so sorry Karla. Heartbreaking.


Holly Seymour

I am so sorry for the loss of your little angel. It is so sad we only get to have them with us for such a short time. Although, while they are with us they bring such great love. I know she will be sadly missed. My prayers are with you and your family.
Hugs, Holly

Gypsy Rose

So sorry to hear about Sparkles. It sure was a rocky start to the new year. My granny always said things happen in three's. Here's to the worse being behind you. Let the healing begin. Prayers for speedy recoveries.

Mitzi Curi

I'm so glad the humans in your life are on the mend! Dear little Sparkle will be missed, but she's contributed so much happiness to the world with her puppies! I know there will be a time when I will have to say goodbye to my dogs too, and I just don't know if I'll be able to handle it, but it's part of the deal you make when you own a pet, and they're worth it.

P.S. I would like to contribute to the goodie bags this year for the Bird Song event. Let me know the number of guests when your life settles down.

Judi Storm

Isn't it just like a craft diva to want to fix up something. You've got to love that girls spirit! I pray her pain subsides soon. I was thinking about a day under the dinning room table would be fun. Maybe she and grandpa could do that. Seeings as he needs to recoup as well.
As for me, your last posts, I'll be it sad, are what life is all about. So don't think your bring us down. Friends want to help in a time of need, so consider your self's bathed in prayer form this one. Judi in Wahoo

debbie york

First Karla...I just have to say...Sugarwings looks so much like you...beautiful.
Second...my heart truly goes out to you over the loss of Sparkie Jo, but how fortunate you were to have some sparkle in your life for ten years. It does get a little easier in the days to come, but I still miss the feel of Jakie's little head across my feet when I would sit at my desk. They are so much more than just "pets". They are a part of us and us them. (Cat Daddy swore up and down that Jake and I could talk to one another in a language he couldn't understand.) I'll be keeping you, your husband and Sugarwings in my prayers.

Tricia k. Johnson

Oh those darn doggies Karla!!! They just so get the best of you... don’t they!!!! It's truly no different than losing a family member!!
You were blessed to have her and I'm so sure visa versa!!!
Glad to hear the rest are doing well!!!
Tricia K


I am sorry for all the sadness and stress you are going through right now. Sugarwings has the energy and resilience to recover certainly much quicker than those of us at a certain age. Your husband is a lucky man and sometimes those guys need a reminder to be more careful. Sounds like he's learned this lesson. Little Sparkle, what a sweetie. We love them so and they love us even more. May all your sadness for the year be over.
Deb Stuff

Rhonda C.

Oh no I'm so sorry about your special Sparkle, she sounds like she was a wonderful dog. Sugarwings looks like a little trooper, still crafting. She must be grandma's girl!Glad to hear your husband will be safer in in his chainsaw pants.

Only good things for you now Karla!


Iam so sorry Karla!!!


My condolences on all your losses; it's never easy to say good-bye even when it's the right thing to do. There's been too much good-bye in my life lately; will be glad when the tide turns.

Suzie Q

So sorry little Sparkle is gone now. She truly was the sweetest pup. She was older than 10 though. I left March of 2001, ..... with one of her puppies. I'm glad to hear your little fairy isup and doing better too.

Sheila R

So sorry to hear about your little Sparkles! It is so hard to say goodbye. Glad that Sugarwings and your hubby are are the mend.

Debbie Juillerat

So sorry to hear about precious Sparkle, Karla. Those 'lil furbabies are so much a part of our families, aren't they? Poor Sugarwings looks so sad in the pics; hope she gets better real soon!


Oh Karla you sure have been through so much heartache. I'm so sorry about your sweet dog, I'm sure she was like a child to you as are mine. Porr Sugarwings and Hubby ..... time will heal. Yes, it could have been so much worse for both but it was bad enough. I noticed in sugarwing's photo that she is starting to look so mature . It's been fun watching her grow and I feel like I know your little sweetheart after all the things I've read about her and adorable pictures. I'm sure you must be exhausted Karla after all of the emotions you've been though. Take care of yourself and find time to rest a little, I'm sure you need it.
xxx000, Sue

Curtains in my Tree

so sorry to hear another precious doggy , Sparkle has moved onto doggy heaven .

Kate G.

Karla, I'm very sorry to hear about Sparkle. UGH! These times can be so hard. Things must get better for you and yours cause you've had your share, already! Take care,


sweet hugs and kind words winging their way to you and your sweet family xxxxoooo

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