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January 09, 2012



OMG. Too much for one family to have to deal with. How sad about little Sparkle, I hope she perks up and starts to sparkle again, quickly! Glad Sugarwings is on the road to recovery, she is young and hopefully will mend quickly, too! Grandma hugs will help with the healing process!

Sue K

What a roller coaster of a day! That is all just too much. Lots of good wishes to all your babies, especially (right now) the four-legged furry ones.


Oh, my, what a lot to happen all at the same time! Poor little Sugarwings - hoping for complete healing! That party play place needs to do some work, I'd say, both structurally & in customer service. So good her mother was right on the spot! Hope your husband's leg is much better by now too. Can you "suggest" he not use the chain saw when you're not at home? Scary! And, then, poor little Sparkle!
Glad you had your good day to build up your strength for all that happened afterwards! Hang in there!


Best to you and your family, Karla!! I know sometimes it seems like when it rains it pours. We all know that too well!!
Take care and keep your chin up!!!

Karla Nathan

My husband has promised to buy chain saw pants!

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Beth Leintz

Oh my gosh....who would thought that while we were fondling French paper and dissing blue paint everything else that was going on.

The picture of your four girls in their glasses cracks me up almost as much as the pictures I took of you drinking bubble tea. You know, Leelee looks a little bit like Kelly Ripa, too. And Caitlen looks like Natalie Maines, Christee looks like Julia Roberts and Mayara looks like her glasses are too big.

Donna Anderson

a (((BIGHUG))) to you Karla xo

sandy o'donovan

Special prayers, special thoughts, special everything sent your way.... It's hard being a grandma... we wrap everything we know into those little blessings. They take over our lives like know one else can. So do the hubby-fellows...All will be well, it will become yet another memory... as they all do. We all live through the same kinds of "trials and tribulations" and some how we make it through. Life throws us curve balls... gives us lemons... makes us think and feel.... it's all apart of what we are suppose to do. Called LIFE. Take care my friend... it will get better. Rest and keep your strength up. THEY NEED YOU! Your friend... xoso Sandy

Cheryl stoneham

Oh my. I'm so glad to hear that both sugar wings and your sweetie are both on the mend! Wow, please be sure to take care of You too! So sorry to hear about sparkles failing health. Hope she improves soon. Our fur babies are also just like our children. Well, I hope you have all this out of your system (lol) and brighter days are ahead for you n your family.
Sending a big hug!!



I am sad about Sparkles... Special hugs...

Terri Gordon

Oh Karla, I am so sorry to hear all that has happened to your beautiful family. I hope Sugar Wings stays calm and heals and that your husband is ok and poor sparkles, wow so much to take in. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Take care. Hugs, Terri


Oh you poor darling Karla - I can feel your pain from here.
Sweet little Sugarwings - what a dreadful experience for everyone.

Take care all of you and God Bless
Hugs great hugs and special prayers coming all the way from New Zealand.

with much love
Shane xox

Laura @ 52 FLEA

That WAS the best and the worst!
Saying a little prayer of thanks that neither Sugarwings or your husband were hurt any worse! Hoping that recovery is quick!

Janet Ghio

OMG--now Sparkle on top of all of this--yikes--so sorry! I hope when the dust settles that someone will contact the owner or manager of that playspace and tell them what happened there. That is not right that Sugarwings mom had to run an obstacle course to get her out of there!!


so relieved that all is well, that healing is taking place and rest and quiet are the doctors orders. Keeping your sweet sparkles in my thoughts and prayers too.


"I desperately needed a day of pure fun."

I TOTALLY know the feeling. I almost ruined a trip to Disneyland because I keep pushing myself more and more and more trying to refill my fun meter. Breaking down crying in The Happiest Place On Earth when one little thing went sour and thus upset everything was one of the most ironic moments of my life.

Except yours downside was much more than a little thing, it was two big disasters. Most have felt ten times worse. I am so proud of you getting through it, and even more so for asking for moral support. It's so hard to ask for help when it is needed most. Prayers that you and your family will continue to find a plethora of fun non-active things like TinTin 3D to keep happy with (and to keep Sugarwings immobile).

Similarly, prayers that Sparkle's remaining time will be as peaceful as possible. It's always sad for a pet who has been as dearly loved as a family member to finish their time. At least you know Sparkle has had the best home ever to know happiness: Your home, Karla. Bless you for being so sincere, caring, emotional, and all good things that a person or pet could possibly dream of. *hug*


SO glad they are doing better! What a day, unbelievable. So glad you family is close and is able to be together when you need them! Hope they all mend quickly!


ohhhh, I'm so sorry about Sparkle. Yes, your family too, but I mentioned that on your early post, so this one is for Sparkle.
Take care Karla.


What a day!
Hugs to you, to precious Sugarwings, and to Special Sparkle.
(Chainsaws scare me too)


oh Karla, my heart just about breaks for you, reading this. It is too horrible how life can just turn on you in the blink of an eye.

Poor Sugarwings, that IS a serious break. My nephew has pins in his leg, so I totally understand how important it is that she does as she's told and takes it easy. Easier said than done at that age.

What to say about the chainsaw. Horrible things, and again, accients can happen so very quickly. Horrid what happened, but I am so glad it wasn't worse.

Thinking of your little Sparkle.


maggie raguse

across the miles and cyberspace, sending you and your loved ones wishes for speedy healing. hang in there.



Oh sweet Karla, I am so deeply sorry to hear about your precious Sugarwings and your husband. Sending healing prayers your way also courage, strength, and quite moments of joy as you tend to your patients.


Blessings and healing wishes to you all and to your little furry one also! xo


Karla you poor thing! Prayers to all for healing,strength,and grace. Your fur child will be heald in the arms of god.


Oh Karla, I am sorry for all of these things happening right now! You and your family are in my prayers!

debbie york

Karla, I never run out of prayers (heaven help me if I ever do...I'd be lost.) and I'm sending one up for all of y'all. I'm sure you feel a bit like Job. I know I would. All in one day...unbelievable. In taking care of all those you love, I would ask you leave a little time for taking care of you...please.
P.S. A special prayer for Sparkle will be said as well.


What a horrible start to the year, hopefully you've had your share of the bad things for the year and nothing but good left in the year! hugs and take care of yourself.


Karla , jut this am read the post --so sorry about family injuries -- those are almost heart stopping moments -- Praying for a full recovery and quick healing -- Hugz to all _ KAthy - ga ♥


Bless your heart. I am so sorry to hear about Sparkle. Fur babies are still your babies and it hurts to lose them or see them suffering. Good luck with keeping Sugarwings down long enough to heal. I'm sure that will be a challenge. I hope that both her and your husband recovery quickly and fully. Sending you a big hug to get through this difficult time.

Kim Budash

Karla: I'm so sorry to hear about everything going on in your life, but you are strong and this will all pass and everyone, hopefully, will be fine. Then I read about Sparkle and my heart sank. These are the friends that we come home to at the end of the day to help us deal with all of life's blessings. I'm praying for family and Sparkle that she can have some peace from her suffering, if she is suffering. I know what you are dealing with as I too had a furry friend that had those troubles, lots of work and work and work and not the way you want to see them spend their last days. Try and remain positive and this will all work out. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.


Oh my gosh. By the time I got to the end after all that and read about Sparkle I burst into tears. I'm so glad Sugarwings is on the mend and your husband too, but I am so sorry about Sparkle. Big hugs.


oh poor Sparkle! *hugs*


I am just reading this now, I am so sorry to hear all of this, but sending my bestest wishes for all of you, your way!!!

Jenny Sellars

You have been in my thoughts every day! Please give extra hugs and kisses to Sugarwings from us all!


you are so right the best and worst of times...maybe the best was needed to help you through the worst.I cringe when hubbie uses the chainsaw, mind you I did use a small one while wearing flip-flops, not too bright of me..sending prayers and love to lil Sparkle....you all look so cute watching Tintin lol

Deborah Woodrow

Oh Karla ! My heart goes out to you... I truly do know the feeling. Only it was our son, Abe who had jumped off of a Jungle Gym at age 7 when we were in Tallahassee at a Kenneth Copeland Convention, my mom was babysitting at the time. And, came home to find he had jumped and broken a huge chunk out of his left elbow. ( The days before cell phones)
Had to go in for surgery and pins were put in.
GOOD NEWS IS : They heal very quickly ! Praying your Hubby heals quick, too and feels better soon.
And, little Sparkle too... but, if its Sparkles time to go ... think of all the days and years she loved you and your family ... our beautiful : " Beau " a gorgeous Black-Spotted Dalmatian w/ Blue eyes, is in Doggie Heaven from Kidney Failure ... if thats her future hope he will meet her there. Hope you feel better, soon too. Get some rest ! Hugs & Prayers.

Zita - Mlle Magpie

My goodness, Karla. That sure is a lot of good and bad going on there. Knowing you though, you'll be putting on your fairy wings and waving around your magic wand and all the bad will surely slowly disappear... :) Hang in there!

Pam Perrella

Oh Karla what a couple of days you have had. I am so glad that Sugarwings and your hubby are on the mend. I am sure you will love them up and they will sail right through. But hearing about Sparkle was just too much... Oh I hope she gets better. Now go get some love from Sparkle, it will be good for both of you. And when you feel up to it go create something beautiful to feed your soul.

Thespoena McLaughlin

That is just so aweful! Poor girl, being the mother of 3, just the thought of a fall like that seizes my heart. And your hubby, and you, oh my gosh. What a whirlwind of bad fortune. But it can only last so long and things will be on the up and up soon. I hope the little darling heals fast. Hugs!


Oh Karla, now that your "people" are on the mend, I'm so sorry to hear about Sparkle. I'll continue my prayers for *everyone* , Sugarwings, hubby, Sparkle, and YOU! xoxo

Patty in Kansas

Oh, Karla....God bless you, and little Sugarwings, and your husband, and little Sparkle (who is a member of the family, I am sure). That's an awful lot for you to bear, but remember your on-line friends are sending up prayers for you and yours. Love, Patty in Kansas

Debbie Juillerat

Oh, dear Karla...I was just sick after reading your post. How horrible! So glad Sugarwings is on the mend, poor lil sweetie. I cringed reading about your hubby--I make mine carry his cell phone w/him when he's out on the tractor or using the chain saw...scares the spit outa me! Hope his accident wasn't too serious, and he's learned not to do such things when you're not home. And poor Sparkle...I'm praying for your lil furbaby, as well as the whole family. May God bless and heal you all.

Celeste Hude

My goodness Karla, I need to check on you more often!
I am so sorry about all the scarry injuries to your family.
I pray going forward a great recovery and healthy new year for all of you, and little Sparkles, I will be thinking of you all!


Oh my heart and soul go out to you. Praying for sweet Sugarwings and peace for you too.


Boy, it always seems like troubles come in a group, doesn't it? I am so sad about Sparkle (you don't have to tell me how dogs are members of the family) - and both of those injuries sound terrifying. I still have my daughter's little pink cast from when she broke her arm when she was 4 - it's awful when they get hurt, but thankfully they do heal quickly. Take care, Karla!

Suzie Q

I hope everyone is feeling better soon, including poor sweet Sparkle. Have you seen the preschool Uno farm game? She may be too old for it, but it's really adorable and is a great little keeping still type of family fun. Good Luck, and may your year get better quickly.


Oh my, Karla! I'm just reading all of this and I am so very sad for you. Just one of those things in your life would've been enough, but your hubby, Sugarwings and Sparkle too??? I am so very sorry you are going through all of this with your beautiful family. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

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