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January 06, 2012



Hi Karla
Thank you for another great post on painting furniture. The information is very timely. I have purchased a painted piece and of course I want to change the color. The person that did the painting used the chalk paint that is so popular along with the wax. Any ideas about removing the wax? I can imagine it gumming up sand paper. I was thinking about TSP? Once the wax is removed I was thinking of using the technique you used in this post. I would love any suggestions or ideas. Thank you in advance.


Thanks for the tip on dipping the papers in water before setting them in the glue. I love Mod Podge for it's durrability but always struggle with the bubbles. Good to know!


Karla Girl,,,You won my Giveaway!! Congrats! Email me your Addy will you?

Hugs! Shell

Dawn @ The Feathered Nest

You are absolutely AMAZING girl!!!! The furniture turned out so beautiful...You have a busy spring ahead, don't you? I'm so glad I'm finally going to get to meet you and Beth! I hope you're doing great and the family too....hugs and love, Dawn


That dresser is absolutely amazing!!! I am just amazed every time I come to your blog and see what you are up to, you just blow my mind! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!!

Jenny Mandarin

Those are amazing! Thanks so much for sharing! I wish I could do that! My cousin loves doing those kind of things. She just buys used furniture from http://www.ircahotelservices.com/Showrooms.html and then repaints the stuff and sells it. She makes some profit off of it. But mostly it is for her self so she can have some fun. It is one of her favorite hobbies.

Denise Lanier

I love the addition of the vintage sheet music. In this age of giving gift cards, the idea of personalizing a piece of furniture with a new finish tailored toward the likes of the gift-recipient is really exciting.

Would you alter your approach when redoing antique furniture that has that old matte black finish embellished with gold paint design? I have my aunt's rocking chair and I'd love to repaint it and use pages from The Little Match Girl (my favorite childhood book, which she used to read to me while we rocked in that chair) on the seat and wide head-rest. I just have this feeling that the gold might not be covered over so easily, but since I have no experience with it I could be completely wrong.




Just to let you know on my questions regarding painting my dining room chairs and table without sanding a cream color or off white I must mention there is no carvings or interest that will allow me to have glaze in cracks to show it off or make it more interesting kind of a boring set.

Hope this is a help in your answer

Thank you

dan karanja

Nice blog work for furniture.


Really love the photos! You've done a great job to restore these pieces! I especially love the old music print on the picture of the table above!

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