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January 26, 2012



Great idea to make a list of GOOD things!! I worry ridiculously about things too especially my family...when I'm all in knots about this or that they are merrily going about their life!! The older we get the more we will worry I'm afraid! I try to tell myself " you can't care more than they do" ( about a situation)
Have a great day Karla!


A little blue makes the susnhine yellow of happy,that much brighter!

Terry Neibaur

It is okay to take a few days off to be blue if needed. I am glad that there are some good to balance the down. Hope things are mostly good and you feel bright and fun again soon. Sorry about your sweet puppy and the doctor visits. Glad both are getting better. I am glad to have such a great sister-in-law and think of you guys often. I am going to try to call this weekend. May the sun shine and life be good to you and your family. Love you.

Other Karla

Wait...chain saw pants? What?


Karla, glad that you're on the rebound. It is good to know that friends care and share your burdens. Have a wonderful day

Sheila R


Just catching up with all my fav blogs. So sorry to hear that you have been a little blue, but hopefully things will be a little brighter soon. I wish I could be there this year for Bird Song! My daughter and I will be getting back from a choir trip to New York, so sad it just isn't in the budget... Hopefully next year!

Wishing you a wonderful day!

Karla Nathan

Oh my, robin, that is just what I do too! They seem to roll with all of their issues (or ignore them) while I fret and worry for them.

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Karla Nathan

Chain saw pants are leather chaps lined with chain mail. Rich will be a combination cowboy/knight in shining amour!

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Sharon, Morrison Mercantile

We are female. We are allowed to have gray days so we can look forward to the pink days.


Hugs and squishes. xoox Grace

Deborah Woodrow

Thanks for sharing your heart, Karla... we all need moral support every now and then. And, good things are a wonderful way, to count your blessings. You have so many friends, aquaintances, and family, the world over who care ! Hope Bird Song, is wonderful, as I now it will be.

Folk Heart

Well, you certainly have it all together, and I never had any doubt about that. Sometimes the art of creative writing takes some turns that others might misinterpret. It's entertainment, and your heart is certainly in the right place. More importantly, your mind is definitely in the right place. We should all be so lucky!

Patty in Kansas

Karla...I am happy to read that you made a wonderful "Happy List" of all the great things in your lives! You have become my "go-to" blog each evening. Keep on writing and sharing with your online friends. Patty in Kansas


Karla? Over-share? Those two do not belong in the same sentence where they are a contradiction.

Please always feel like you can share whatever you want on your blog! This is YOUR space, Karla. If our comments annoy or upset you, turn them off for a while. But please don't censor what you want to express. Be yourself, the Karla we love to love!

"My husband makes me laugh. A lot. He's fun to live with."

This really made me smile. Would that every husband could claim their wife praised them such!

Love you, Karla! *hug*


Boy, you miss a week of blogging, start reading backwards and nothing makes sense! But I love your list and am glad all is going better!

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