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January 08, 2012


Becky H

Karla so sorry to hear about this. Will keep Sugarwings in my thoughts and prayers today and I hope your husband is doing okay. Men and there toys!

jennifer rizzo

Karla, I am praying for sugarwings and your family.

Jenny Sellars

Oh my goodness! Sending good healing thoughts your way!!

k winch

So sorry to hear about her poor little arm and your husband's leg.. hope they are both on the mend today. You guys be careful out there in Jayhawk land


Big heartfelt hug Karla.... My goodness you must be feeling sick to your stomach with worry. I said a prayer for you grandaughter and your husband to heal fully... I also said a prayer to ease your worries :-)
Again... big hugs Karla

Diana P.

Oh Karla I'm so sorry. I hope they both start to feel better. ::hugs::


Prayers for them to get better and for you too! It's a beautiful photo of Sugarwings though. She reminds me of the sprites that were highlighted in the latest Mary Janes Farm mag. Her face is just the same as theirs. If you don't get it I can send it along to you for Sugarwings to see...

Folk Heart

It hurts so much more when it is someone you adore. Blessings to each of you!


Dear Karla, I`m so sorry for Sugarwings and for you, I send wishes for a quick healing and recovery--
and also for your husbond and his wound.


Yikes...not the way to start the New Year!
They will both be better soon! My Grand had her first broken bone this summer at softball...she is 8 and loved her cast..pretty pink!


So sorry, Sending hugs ~ Rebecca


HOLY SMOKES! I haven't stopped by your blog for a while. Today I do and read this?!! Well, if this is the way 2012 started for you the only place to go is UP!

It's so much worse watching scary things happen to children. AND, husbands.

Take care. All of you.



Oh Karla, praying for you, Sugarwings and your hubby. It's okay to cry - it's hard to see the ones we love sick or hurting and our hearts just break for them. xoxo


Well everyone has to do their part. lol So sorry she is hurt and your poor husband! Hope you have a calm week to recover from your weekend. It is always harder on us than on them. Kids are great that way!
Get well soon to all!
Hugs, Lisa

Tami Hacker

All will be fine - getting through the first couple days is rough. Sugar Wings is such a strong & beautiful girl. She will do fine. My hubby also had a nasty chainsaw accident a few years ago, all is well now. Spending prayers for speedy recoveries to Sugar Wings and your hubby!

Hugs & prayers to all,


Oh, my.... Thinking and saying a special prayer for Sugarwings, your husband....... And for YOU!!!!

Gypsy Rose

Bless her heart! Saying a prayer for you guys and a very speedy recovery to all.


OH, I am sad to hear Sugarwings and your hubby had accidents!
Children are so resilient; she will be fine! It is always hard, to see our loved ones in pain~ Sending you and your family fairy wishes and prayers for a speedy recovery!


Healing wishes to both of them! Completely understand how you feel Karla, the Princess cut her ear open last year, her Daddy and I sat on the floor while she was being stitched up, her Great Aunt had to hold her hand! Lol xo


How awful Karla , I hope everyone will be better soon. I will be sending positive thoughts your way.xxxooo, Sue


poor Sugarwings....poor husband and grammie..She will be up faster than the adults running and being herself...take care good thoughts and prayers are winging their way to you xxx bettyann


sending you a big hug today Karla, It's hard to see any of our family get hurt. I hope both your husband and sugarwings heal up just fine.


I cry too Karla. If my little girl does something and ends up hurt, I just cry. I honestly and truly think it hurts us more to see kids in pain.

I am sending good thoughts. Hope little one is on the mend soon.Your husband too.That sounds nasty.



So sad to see Sugarwings like this when we always see her so lively. Praying she heals real soon and your hubby too!

Kris Pare

Oh, I hope she is feeling better soon.

Laraine Atherton

Prayers go out to you and yours. Halyey (my grandaughter)broke her arm two years ago...thank God I was not there and did not see it. The little ones heal much faster than us...so hopefully she will be better soon. Tell your husband he's grounded.

Janet Ghio

So sorry about Sugarwings!And I hope your husband is more careful with that chainsaw!!

maggie raguse

best wishes for speedy healing for both of your dear ones, Karla. That photo is really precious! She looks like a little quiet angel--with her "good" hand raised as if taking a solemn oath. Her face is exquisite.

Hang in there!!


Oh my goodness! what are they trying to do to you!! HUGS to all!!


Oh my gosh Karla what a day! I would be a bit overwelmed too~ Sending you some Prayers Sweetie!!

Huggs too!


I'm so sorry to hear this! I hope they both have a speedy recovery!


when it rains it pours! Prayers for all! Keep us informaed on the surgery and attempted surgery!


I dont often comment, but I'm alway checking in, I am sooo sorry about the break and gash!!! Hope they all heal very quickly


OMgosh Karla, I'm so sorry for your sweetie girl. My daughter fell and broke both her arms at the same time when she was about that age...she was quite the trooper...I was not! Take care and give everybody some extra lovin'...hugs to you too!


Poor little pea-picker and what a sweetie to be worried about her Grammy. Sending blessings and best wishes your way!!!

Christine N

Sending prayers to Sugar Wings and your entire family!!! Poor little girl!

Judi Storm

What a sweet girl! I pray both recovery's go well, and that your inner strength shines through.

Suzanne Duda

Oh Karla, I am so sorry to read this! Sending love and prayers and best wishes to you and Sugarwings and Rich. Xo suzanne


Hugs and kisses
and get well wishes
to Leandra and Rich.

Aunt Bobbie

Kate G.

So very sorry about your g'daughter! Oh, how I hate to see my g'kids go through these things and we feel so helpless. I am grateful to the Lord Jesus that He brings comfort to you and to me when we lean on Him. He will bring peace to us when we call upon Him.
take care Karla,

Terri Gordon

Oh Karla, I am so sorry to hear this, It is so hard to see our children and grandchildren get hurt, it just breaks my heart. You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers, hope your husband is ok. What a weekend. Take care and Hugs, Terri


I hope everyone is mended quickly!
Even in the hospital, she is a stunning little girl.

Rhonda C.

Oh Karla sending healing wishes to your precious Sugarwings and husband. And peaceful, calming thoughts to you!


I'm adding my thoughts to all of the others who are just cringing at this pain in your family. Oh that precious child hurting is too much to bear. I'd be crying, too.


So sorry to hear Karla sending prayers and well wishes to Sugar Wings and your hubby, may they have a fast recovery...xxxx Kirstie

nancy thompson

I am so sorry Karla to read of your Sugar Wings, and husband's sad accidents. But I know all will be well...your heart is so full of love for them....I can tell...and love heals all.
Hugs from one Gramie to another ....(I worry and cry a lot too when my grandbabies are hurt.)


Hope you are all doing much better by now. Zooming love and prayers your way from TX!

Linda McMillin

i've been gone for a few days-computer in shop. just came by to catch up. my heavens you all have had some bad times lately. so glad to hear both patients are doing fine. so sorry to hear about your little ones health problems. sorry you have to face this. keeping you all in my prayers.

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