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January 17, 2012



What fun to have a snuggle-trip to the yurt. Fingers crossed that your own restocked chicken coop helps keep the bugs down this summer!

Gypsy Rose

Those fairy grandbabies are adorable! I'm envious of sugarwings fluffy pink jacket! I want one.
Is your son blogging about yurt living? I would love to hear about the day-to-day, the trials, the tribulations.
Sounds like big plans and a busy future for you. Good luck.


Your class will most definitely be a fantastic day for all, I will have to put one on my 'bucket list' and have a great day of creating with all of you talented ladies! The photos of the mushroom and charlotte fairy are so sweet, I can't wait to see what you put together with the jewels you are gathering. I purchased a cuff tutorial from you a few weeks ago and still haven't gotten around to making one. I have some ideas though, so thank you for the inspiration and the lesson!
The chicks with your chicks are adorable! Bug free sounds good to me!
Have a fabulous week!

Karla Nathan

They do need a blog, they do have a unique life out in the woods and off the grid!

That cute jacket is from a thrift store for $3, I just love it.

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Marilyn Parker

Karla ~ Love the pics of those fluffy chicks. I got my first chickens last March. I love them. They are also free range as we live in the country. Free range means they eat where they want, it also means they poop where they want!!

Marilyn in Missouri

Heidi Meyer

Your chicks, human and feathered, are all so sweet!! So glad to hear little Sugarwings is on the mend. (forts with sheets are among the very best kind). I been popping in and out of blog/fb and did not know what had happened. Have a great week! xxoo Heidi

Susan Reaney

Your grandchildren are so adorable! I didn't think there would be a baby as cute as Sugarwings but you have another...totally herself and just precious. Oh, how I wish I could come to Birdsong 2. You must have a Birdsong 3!!!
Big hugs,


I want to hide under the table on pillows and watch movies! minus the chicken and plus an adult beverage..


Oh, I just want to run up there on the 28th! Gosh I wish there was some way I could!


I love the chickens! What fun for the kiddos!


Those chicks are WAY too adorable. Great photos.

Rebecca P.

If only I lived closer! I would LOVE to be at one of your gatherings! I'm putting it on my wish list to be able to travel to a future one.


i sent you an in box on facebook. i was wondering if you could give me your mailing address. i have a little something i would like to send you. just a little blessing nothing bad or wanting to sell you anything. :)

Mitzi Curi

I just can't get over the blue eyes your fairy grandbabies have. So beautiful!

Peggy Perez

Hello Karla,
My friend Wendy told me about your blog and here I am. We live in CA. I must tell you, I so enjoyed everything you've done. There's so much to see!!! It was the best morning I've had in a long time.
Keep up the good work, I'll visit you again!


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