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February 26, 2012



Lovely post Karla! I also adored the "Borrowers" as a child..you have made it come to life for me again!

maggie raguse

You sure do stay busy! Your homage to The Borrowers is enchanting!

Gypsy Rose

I loved the borrowers too and can't wait for granddaughters to go see the movie. Will love hearing all about the movie from them. Your page for Lisa is simply adorable. tfs.

Judy B.

Thank you for introducing me to The Borrowers and Arriety! I have just bought a paperback book of the story for my granddaughter. I will take it with me when I go to visit in April. I am hoping she will like it! I had never heard of it.

Thanks so much for sharing this!

Karla Nathan

She will love it, Judy!

Sent from my iPad

nancy thompson

Thanks for this lovely post. I am taking my grandchildren to see that movie this morning! Now i really can't wait! Love the ideas of your little projects.....you have me thinking now!


I just love your blog posts. Thanks for sharing.


nice goodies from the sales......I need to get out to a few since the weather has been so very nice. As you well know one can never have too many goodies for our crafts!


Oh, so much fun, pretty stuff. I adore the page you made for The Borrowers. I want to read that book now; it sounds vaguely familiar from childhood but I can't recall it exactly.


Dear Karla,- also here I have read the borrowers when a child,- and love it, and my sister as well- I have not yet heard if it will be shown here, but if....there is a grandma, whom will take Mathilde to see this :)
Thankyou-- for telling-
and I can`t help saying, that Beth just is a collector of anything fantastic.
Hugs, Dorthe


I remember that book and an earlier movie with Eddie Albert -love it!!! You may be able to find it on DVD.



I love your Arietty page, Karla. It is suitable for framing. I'm looking forward to seeing this movie. I loved The Borrowers, book when I read it, but I didn't read it, until I was a young adult.

My friend Beth sent me a giant thimble vase, that is a Monopoly piece. I'm not sure, maybe it was created for a Monopoly anniversary? Anyhow, I think it's a wonderful idea, to use a thimble as a vase.

Wouldn't it be fun to create a book of "borrowed things"?

I've purchased a lot of wonderful things from Beth. She has a great eye for old things, and is a great "shopkeeper". I love how she, and you too, package our purchases. It feels like a gift when they arrive.

Best wishes!


It is delightful that you and Sugarwings have a new imaginary best friend to join Ariel and Dorothy in playtime. Even better that you got to draw on and involve some of your real best friends to create that playtime!

Your list will get done eventually. Meanwhile may you continue to discover unexpected happiness. *hug*


I have to see this movie - loved your post!

Karla Nathan

I highly recommend the movie! The same artist did Spirited Away, which was also beautiful to watch.

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Mitzi Curi

Not having children or grandchildren certainly has its drawbacks. I'm going to watch for "Arietty" when it comes out on DVD. It sounds so charming! Thanks for sharing your beautiful images with us!


Oh, Karla -- what a childhood you are sharing with Sugarwings! I always loved the Borrowers, though I didn't discover it till I was an adult! But those little make-do houses for little creatures got me from the day I read Stuart Little for the first time! Just reading this after a long day makes me smile, smile, smile!

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