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February 08, 2012



Wow!!! I love it!!! The headboard is beautiful and so chic! Where did you buy the bedding? I love the top piece with the tiny ruffles on the edge!
We have a sleep number and it's wonderful- our backs never hurt!


Karla have you had anyone fighting over your mantel yet? I'm sure it will come. Love your new look but the old one was great too.


Glad that the impulses lead to such happy things. Good luck rearrange furniture to avoid whacking your knees. May both you and Sugarwings enjoy your new sleeping spots!

Karla Nathan

Ill miss that mantel! Id used it for years, as a fake fireplace before it was a head board. But now it doesnt fit any where.

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Suzanne Duda

It looks yummy!
Sweet dreams!
Xo suzanne


Karla your new bed is beautiful! It makes me want to curl up with that beautiful puppy and take a nap! Enjoy!


Gorgeous! Love the new bed, it looks very inviting!
And, if you need a place for the displaced chair to go instead of your studio, just let me know! I can think of a few places in MY HOUSE!!

Beth Leintz

I'm glad you got a bigger bed- if Twinkle is going to have Hudson's pups- you're going to need more room in your bed.

I want to sit in the flowered chair on craft day.

Let me know if you want me to sell your mantel and mirror- I've got the perfect shabby spot in my booth. (I might even vacuum)


Hi Karla, oh you are so right... sometimes we just don't know what we are missing when we get used to having things just the way we like them. Lucky for you, your mattress had to tell you, it was time. This happened to us also a few years back and we couldn't believe the difference a mattress can make. Love the new beautiful bed and you will get used to having a higher bed also... it makes us feel like princesses for sure. I sure would love to know the color of your bedroom. It is such a beautiful blue. Do you still have that information? Everything looks just beautiful. Enjoy!! Have a great day, Linda

Karla Nathan

I might take you p on that Beth. It would be fun to have an excuse to load up the truck and go to the antique mall again! Oh could we repaint and have a verve day!?

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Karla Nathan

Im not sure what the wall colors are, I often tint them a bit myself and change what I buy to suit me just right. I call it pale gray blue green. Its a different color at different times of the day and I love that about it.

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Yay for cozy! I don't have a memory foam mattress but I bought a memory foam topper a couple years ago and would NEVER go back. It upped the cozy factor about 1000% PLUS I don't ever wake up in the morning with my hips hurting from the pressure points. I swear, if there is one place to splurge, it is the place you sleep!

Sharon, Morrison Mercantile

I love, love your new room/bed and especially the headboard.
Twinkle is going to have puppies???? Wonderful.

Gypsy Rose

The best investment I ever made was a 'high end' mattress. I love that it is tall and I need to use a stool (and I'm not a short person). My granny always had a feather bed on top of her mattress but I love my memory foam. Sweet dreams in your new sanctuary.

Lisa in Lawrence

Hi Karla, I look forward to seeing more pics of your room remodels. Glad you got a comfy new bed---we really need one too! I enjoy your blog, the art and craft projects, home transitions/remodels/decorating ideas, puppy pictures/stories, grandbabies and daily life stories. It makes a great blog package for so many of us to enjoy. Thanks for sharing!

p.s. Finally made my 1st blog comments today (you and Beth). :)


Your new bed looks sooo inviting! A fluffy, soft nest that calls to one! I Love what you've done, Karla! Oh! How did you do your ceiling? It looks amazing! I do adore your home and all you've done and all you've created to make it uniquely yours.

Karla Nathan

Thanks, Kimphy! The ceiling is hand painted, with metallic bronze glaze over the same color as the walls.

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What a wonderful room to be in when you choose not to get out of bed! It's simply beautiful, Karla! (And I know that "should have measured" first thing! Lovely and so divinely restful!


Your home is just simply beautiful Karla.


Oh, I know how you feel, truly I do. When we moved to this house we bought a new bed, and for the same reason: Ben would wake up at dawn and then climb in bed with us for 1/2 hour or so until it was time for us to get up, and the bed was too crowded. You will feel so much better every day because you're sleeping so comfortably! A great move!


PS - I have to hop up on my bed, too! Isn't it funny how the new beds are so much taller!

Rebecca P.

I hope you aren't feeling guilty about buying an actual new bed. If there's one place you should splurge, it's definitely your bed! It looks gorgeous, btw. I'm in love with that head board!


Love your bedroom! Would you mind saying what brand/type of bed you bought? We are on the looksie for a new bed and from your description it sounds like what we are looking for!

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