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February 16, 2012



Trust me Karla, you are! My Mom sounds a lot like yours and I, too, have learned so much fro her. No matter how long it has been you can always look back on your time with your Mom with pride and love.


Karla, I loved this tribute to your mom. However, I was surprised when you said you could not sew like your mom did...I would have thought you were an amazing seamstress! You had me fooled !

I do believe, from reading so many of your posts, that your kids and grand kiddos believe you are fun because FUN is what I feel when I read your posts!

My mom made it a mission to make a quilt for each of her children (3) and each of her grand children (6)...and she did just that. I, like you, use the quilt she made for me and my hubby. I kept the quilts she made for my boy and girl (now 35 and 32) in a safe place so they would survive their "youth" in tact. Recently, my girl told me how much she loved the quilt that "grandma" made for her and how much it meant to her. :) My mom passed away 7 years ago.....but I am certain she heard what my girl said about the wonderful quilt she created for her so many years ago.

Sugarwings is one lucky little girl!!



lynn legge

karla, i loved your tribute to your mom... i too have lost my mother... i love when i come across an envelope of fussy cut images..that i can see her cutting to use for another day. we will always have our memories and im sure shes smiling at you .. as you are a very talented and wonderful lady.. and look how lucky sugarwings is.. to have such a creative gramma who fills her life with magical moments..
thanks for sharing.. and big ladybug hugs


I'm pretty sure that your grand kids know how special you are! your lucky to have had such a great mom.
beautiful quilts!

Sheila R

What a beautiful tribute to your mom. All the love, magic and fun that you share here about your time with your grandkids, how can they not realize how special you are. I wrap up in my mom's handmade quilt each night, for the past 17 years. Even tho in places it is thread bare I can't bring myself to not keep it on my bed.


Thanks for sharing your mom on her birtdhay! Her crazy quilt is so beautiful!!

debbie york

My mother's birthday would be this coming Monday. Like you, I only hope my grandchildren have the happy memories of me that my children have of her.
Smiling and longing right along with you at the thoughts of the blessings they left in our hearts and minds.


This was a beautiful post and I love the metaphor of the quilt and piecing together bits of hard work until they become something beautiful. Very nice.


Hi Karla, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris


I happened to be here at the 'just perfect' time, having a big project to work on and muuuch work to be done (which sometimes is a bit discouraging)! Many many thanks for the inspiring words, I'll treasure them, Karla!
My best,

Kate garfield

My goodness, Karla your Mother was beautiful! My Moma was too, and boy do I miss her. I see her in the mirror every day and hear her, too. My Moma passed in 1998.
Thanks for sharing your story and giving me another chance to think of her. Your Mother sounds like a peach.

Elaine L.


Such a dear tribute to your mom. It's so nice that you have your mother's quilts out where you can enjoy them.

Now, that I am retired, I have going through keepsakes and finding ways to use them in my decorating. I have one bedroom that is done in cremes and browns. I have some old sepia-toned photos on the wall, my faded pink silk baptismal dress, my dad's baby shoes, daughter's baby shoes, etc. I have a nightgown and a crocheted shawl on a dressform that my great grandmother made for my grandmother when she got married. I love the feeling of love in the room and feel so comforted being in there.

Karla Nathan

Elaine, that sounds like beautiful decor, how wonderful that its not just pretty, its meaningful too.

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This really gets me where I live. My mom was a big crafter and I did things with her -- lots. It was always "there" and I'm sure that's why I'm the way I am today, even if the things we do are much different.

I wish I had inherited her cleaning skills! That leaves a lot to be desired! She did teach me to dust like a CIA agent, though -- putting everything back exactly as it was so no one would know it was moved -- apart from no dust! I remember the lesson well. Application? Well, first it requires the dusting...

Karla Nathan

Yes, I have more knowledge than practical application skills when it comes to cleaning!

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May your mother always warm your memories. *hug*

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